17 DIY Must For Long Term Emergency Food Supply

The geopolitical climate is becoming more unstable.  We have more and more ordinary individuals making sure they are preparing for a worst-case scenario situation.  Gone are the days where it was only crazy paranoid conspiracy theorist preparing for an alien invasion that got ready. You need to be prepared a long-term emergency food supply to be ready for whatever happens.

If a significant catastrophe happens in your area, would you have enough food for you to survive for up to two weeks?  Remember, grocery stores only have approximately three days worth of food until their stock depletes. It is also possible the catastrophe will prohibit you from leaving your home or basement.  That might be due to radiation fallout created from a nuclear blast.  If this is the case, you should have an emergency food supply kit on hand and ready to go.  Help might not be as easy to come by as people might think in the event of a crisis.

Fema recommends having a long-term emergency food supply kit that should last you and your family at least 72 hours.  The types of food we recommend are typically things you would already have in your pantry;  and would also be accustomed to eating on a regular basis.  You could go out and buy cases of beans and a few gallons of water,  but come on, we can do better than that?

 1 – Rice 20lb
20lb white rice for long-term emergency storage.

Even if you hate rice, It’s still one of the best survival food to have in your stock.  You just need to know how to store it, so the rice doesn’t go bad.  You also do not want it to becomes infested with maggots, That would be an unpleasant surprise!  Like potatoes, pasta and white bread, rice are packing with all the carbs you’ll need to stay energized.  Rice is also quite filling.

Augason Farms Long Grain White Rice Emergency Food Storage 28 Pound Pail

The best rice to store for the long term is white rice.  You can save white rice in Mylar bags inside 5-gallon buckets with o2 absorbers for over 20 years; while brown rice can only be stored for approximately six months until it starts to go rancid.  The reason for this is because the fats, oils, and bran the brown rice contain will go rancid fairly quickly.  All in all, stick with white rice, it’s easy to find and cheaper than the alternative. Click here for current price from Amazon for Augason Farm long grain white rice emergency food storage.

2 – Beans 5lbs (6 pack)
Augason Farms Pinto Beans Emergency Food Storage

It’s a great idea to stock up on beans due to their richness in protein, and it’s ability to preserve itself well.  You can either get them as a dry bean or in canned beans.  I would recommend you go with what you like the most.  Personly, I prefer black beans over any other types.  Black beans contain 21g of protein per 100g,  That alone makes it a vital food source to have in your survival food stock.

Augason Farms Pinto Beans Emergency Food Storage 6 Pack

If you opt for can beans, the shelf life of these would be in the area of three to five years.  Although, it will usually remain safe to use after that if you keep them in a cool, dry place.  Dry beans are categorized as having an “indefinite” shelf life.  They do however start losing their internal moisture after a couple of years.

You can also choose dried pinto beans.  They are high in fiber, iron, and protein.  You can even buy pinto beans from Amazon, Click here for current Price.  It comes prepared to last upwards of 30 years in an airtight bucket.

3 – Freeze Dried Canned Meat
Augason Farms can freeze dried meat

Buying a large volume of food is a serious investment in your survival. It can also be a lousy investment if no emergency comes and you are stuck with hundreds of meals that you necessarily like. There are plenty of food storage options out there for purchase, but we found freeze-dried to be the most efficient even if the upfront cost is a bit more substantial.

We recommend the Augason Farms can freeze dried meat from Amazon, with a shelf life of OVER 25 YEARS!  You get the best of both worlds because if you buy Freeze dried meet stored in bags, mice or rats might be able to get into it.  This type of food is also perfect if you know the temperature will dip below freezing.  It’s easy to prepare, just open the can and add water to rehydrate the meat, no cooking necessary.

4 – Freeze Dried Fruits and Vegetable
Valley Food Storage Freeze Dried Fruits and Vegetables perfect For Emergency Preparedness.

You can opt for the can fruit & vegetables or the freeze-dried alternative.  We found that again, the freeze-dried is the best because it retains all of its nutritional properties and has a storage life of over 25 years.  We recommend a one-month supply of Valley Food Supplies, click here for current Amazon price. It is usually under $100.

I’m a picky guy, and the quality and price are second to none.  You can buy this directly from Amazon for fast shipping.  You might pay a bit more to buy food that has gone through the freeze-drying process, but once you buy it, you can forget it for a quarter of a century!  Make sure to store your food in an airtight bucket if it comes in a sealed bag to avoid anything tampering with it.

5 – Canned or dry Soup

Soup is an excellent food choice for long-term food storage.  It’s easy to prepare and cook with little to no preparation.  You can either chose the regular canned soup or a dried soup; you just add water to the dry stuff.  Canned soup has an expiry date of three to five years but could be safe to eat for a bit longer than that in most cases;  As long it’s kept in a cool, dry place.  The dried soup has a shelf life of well over 25 years but can be a bit more expensive.

6 – Powdered Milk
Augason Farms Country Fresh 100% Real Instant Nonfat Dry Milk Emergency Food Storage 14 Pound Pail

Powdered Milk contains all of its twenty-one standard amino acids, the building block of proteins.  Milk powder is easy to store and will last upwards of 20 years if kept in a cool, dry place.   We recommend buying it from a sealed airtight bucket of powdered milk.  Follow this Amazon link for some buying options from Augason Farms.

7 – Cereal
Oat cereal keeps well for long-term storage.

Cereal makes for a leisurely breakfast or any other meal for that matter.  Combining this with your powdered milk to create a meal that’s full of protein and carbs.  Make sure to pack something that’s not full of sugar.

We recommend oat cereal that you can easily purchase from your local grocery store.  Rolled Oats can be eaten cold as cereal with powdered milk or warm as oatmeal.  You can even make granola out of it.

8 – Powdered Peanut Butter
Powdered peanut butter, perfect for long-term emergency storage.

Powdered peanut butter is an excellent alternative to regular peanut butter.  The reason for this is its long shelf life.  The average shelf life for peanut butter is only a year, or so yet powdered peanut butter has a shelf life of up to 10 years is it’s kept unopened in a cool, dry and dark place.

It’s only good for a year after it’s been opened.  The reason that the powdered stuff last longer is because all the oils have been removed preventing it from becoming rancid.

9 – Pancake Mix (From a Reputable Long Term Food Storage Company)
Augason Farms Pancake mix, safe for longterm emergency storage.

Pancake mix can be an excellent, cost-effective item to have in your emergency long term food storage stock. Make sure it’s from a reputable company that specializes in long-term food storage. The reason is that you have no idea or control of what goes into the mixture.

Many pancake mix on the market today have ingredients that will spoil relatively quickly, like oils or dairy.  Remember, its a combination, and the one ingredient that has a short-term shelf life will make the entire mix go bad prematurely.  Some people have reported being sick after eating

Some people have reported illness after eating pancake mix that had been stored in a survival food stock; that had gone beyond their expiry date.  Not all mix is the same, but you never know since the labels don’t always indicate all ingredients. Click here for current Amazon pricing from a safe and reputable company.

10 – Maple Syrup and Honey
Maple Syrup for long-term emergency food storage.

Maple syrup, if in a glass bottle has a shelf life of well over fifty years.  Make sure you buy it in glass bottle form as plastic only has a recommended shelf life of eighteen months to two years.  If you have some in tin cans, they will just last you around six months.  Maple syrup is a bit more expensive, but after half a century, you can still pour it on your pancakes and not get violently ill.

Honey for long-term emergency food storage.

Honey is the only food on earth that doesn’t spoil.  It will eventually solidify and be ready to transform into liquid after being exposed to heat.  Honey is a great condiment to sweeten your food. It also has terrific nutritional properties.

11 – Pasta

Pasta is considered one of the best comfort food to a significant number of people.  It’s also great for your emergency food stock because it will last a very long time if properly stored.  The best way to save pasta is in an airtight container.  It’s a great idea to throw in a few moisture absorber pouches in there also to keep it fresh for many years.  Twenty pounds of this wonderful carbohydrate should suffice.  It’s inexpensive and easy to cook!

12 – Pasta Sauce

A tomato-based pasta sauce usually has a one-year shelf life since the majority of them doesn’t contain any preservatives.  Make sure its stored in a cool, dry place and that the lid isn’t poped or raised indicating that it’s no longer sealed.  If there’s no crisis on the horizon, merely eat it before the year is up and replace.

13 – Salt

You may not have a lot of processed foods in your emergency food supply so the salt you keep in your stock might be your primary salt intake.  It’s important to know what kind of salt is best to store for your family. Iodine was added to salt to prevent goiters.

The only down-side to saving salt with iodine is that it will turn yellow over time; however, it’s still safe to eat and will store indefinitely. Sea salt and mineral salt will also save well but not forever. They could deteriorate depending on the other minerals they might contain.  Reading the labels and doing an internet search on the minerals contained in sea salt should give you an idea of its shelf life.

14 – Cooking Oil
Peanut oil for emergency food storage.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil for long-term emergency storage.

Cooking Oil is an excellent item for food prepping.  The shelf life of most oils isn’t very long, ranging from three months to three years unopened.  The oils that have the most extended unopened shelf life is Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Peanut Oil.

Peanut oil’s unopened shelf life is three years, and it can last for up to two years after it’s been opened.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s unopened shelf life is two to three years and its the same after it’s been opened.  It might not be as flavorful, but it’s still safe to ingest.

15 – Coffee or Tea
Instant coffee doesn’t go rancid in long-term food storage.

Ok, you know as well as I do that this should be NUMBER ONE on our list but since we’re not going by the number of importance, it ended at number fifteen.  Sure, coffee is not a necessity, but I would simply not have any survival ambition if I wouldn’t have my morning cup of java.  You feel the same way, don’t lie!  Plus, it will help to avoid getting wicked headaches from caffeine withdrawals symptoms.

Make sure to keep it well sealed, and it should last for nine months to a year.  You might want to think about having instant coffee in your emergency food storage stock;  instant coffee has a shelf life of well over two decades.

 16 – Spices

Spices are great for giving you and your family a variety of different flavors when eating the same stored food day in and day out.  It’s not a necessity per say, but I certainly have it in my emergency food storage stock.  Even Tabasco sauce is great to spice things up while the planet is beginning to freeze due to an impending nuclear winter.  You never how long you might be in your basement, might as well make your food flavourful!

17 – In Shelled Almonds
Shelled almonds are great to keep long-term.

Nuts are an easy snack to take with you while you go scavenge the wasteland out and figure out what’s going on in the world.  Its high in fat and protein and will give you sufficient amounts of energy.  Nuts aren’t known for their long-term shelf life.  The oil inside nuts will make them go rancid within a year.

The best nuts that we recommend is shelled almonds.  You can store almonds for years if the shell is fully intact and in a cool, dry area.  If they are deshelled, they will typically last no longer than a year.


If you follow these steps in preparation for some sort of crisis, you should be good food wise for a few weeks;  depending on a number of each food items you decide to store.  You can choose to increase the quantity of food from time to time, so your emergency food storage stock would sustain you for a more extended period.

Lots and Lots of WATER!

The most important thing you need is water!  You’ve seen it time and time again on the news when major natural disaster hits.  The grocery stores are out of water sometimes days before the storm makes landfall.  Most of the food items on our list require water so you should keep plenty of it your storage room.

Think of buying a fifty-gallon barrel and filling it in case of an emergency.  Everyone should stock up on water because you don’t need a major catastrophe to realize that you can’t live without it.  Especially if you live in the country, where its impossible to extract your well water during a power outage.

Premade Food Storage Survival Kits

If you find this task a bit overwhelming, then you should consider buying an already premade emergency food kit.  They have several food survival kits to chose from on Amazon but the one I like the most is Augason Farm 30 – day emergency food storage pail.

Each of these pails contains 307 servings, that’s enough food for one person to last one month.  With this product, you will have 1822 calories per day.  The shelf life of an unopened pail is upwards of twenty years and around one year after it’s opened, stated by the company.
This emergency pail would take approximately 18 gallons of water to rehydrate all of the included food items.

 Humidity Absorber Packs

It’s a great idea to purchase a bunch of humidity absorber packets to keep your emergency food supply.  We recommend pharmaceutical grade silica gel packs, they are inexpensive and could save your food from premature spoiling.   You can throw these anywhere without harming or contaminating your emergency food supply.  Its great to even have a pack in each spice jar to keep it from clumping. Click here for some great deals on a bulk pack of humidity absorbers from Amazon.


Long-term emergency food storage is no longer exclusive to paranoid doomsday preppers; everyone should do it and have at the very least a 72hr emergency food and water stock. We don’t need to go through a nuclear war to need this type of preparations, a flood or a hurricane will have you in need of food and clean water. It doesn’t have to be expensive, do this in increments from your local grocery store or buy things from Amazon from time to time to build your food stock up.

Thank you for chi=ecking us out and please us a comment to let us know what you would do differently or if you found our advice helpful.

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