23 Dangerous Survival Tips that could Get you Killed!

23 Dangerous Survival Tips that could Get you Killed!

We all hear so many survival tips that could potentially hurt us or even get us killed.  These old wives tails should be exposed, and we have compiled a list of 23 dangerous survival tips that could get you killed.  Make some coffee, sit back and enjoy.

1 – Punch a Shark on the Nose!

Punching a shark on the nose will probably get you killed!

Have you ever heard that punching a shark on the nose is a great survival tip? Well sorry to break it to you, it’s not, and it will probably get you killed.  Let’s just say that your punch will be in slow motion underwater compared to the shark’s bite!  If a shark is attacking you, try clawing at his eyes or gills.  It’s more likely to hurt the shark by doing this than clobbering his nose.


2 – Drink Your Urine, It’s Sterile!

If you’re dying of dehydration, the last thing you should consider doing is drinking your urine.  The chances are that your urine will be thoroughly dehydrated and all that will be left is the toxic waste your body is rejecting by the time you’re ready to drink it.

The US Military handbook points explicitly out that urine has a high sodium concentration that will result in speeding your dehydration.  If you’re warm and dehydrated, the last thing you will want to drink is a glass of warm urine.  The temperature of the urine could bring your core body temperature over the edge by shutting down your body entirely.  I’ve heard that you can pee on your bandana and wear it,  this method could cool your down.  I still wouldn’t do it…

3 – Emergency Tracheotomy

Sticking a pen through someone’s throat is a bad survival tip!

We’ve all heard that sticking a pen in someones through when their chocking will save their life by opening their airways.  Well, you need to realize that most of us are not surgeons.  In 2016, German researchers had ten people try the procedure on cadavers.  9 of them managed to jab a major artery that would probably result in death.  There was only one person got it right and could’ve potentially saved the victims life.  When a doctor performs a tracheotomy, they’ll use specialized tools and tubes to make the procedure’s success rate much higher.

4 – Stick Your Fingers in the Mouth of a Seizing Person

Touching a seazing person is a dangerous survival tip.

With thirty-nine million people worldwide suffering from epilepsy, it’s highly likely that you will someday witness someone having a seizure.  Please, do not put your fingers in their mouth for fear they will swallow their tong. It’s not likely that someone would even be capable of swallowing their tong and you will only result in injuring the victim or yourself by doing so.  You should instead let the person have their seizure and keep them safe and comfortable without touching them.

5 – Drink Water From a Cactus

Drinking water from cactus can poison you!

You might’ve heard that when a desert survivalist is dehydrated, they will dring water from a cactus by cutting them open.  Well people, that’s just an old myth.  An ordinary person like you and I should not try this because cactuses have some defense mechanism to combat the threat we create.  One of these defense mechanisms is releasing a deadly mix of acid that will poison the water inside them resulting in vomiting and could also lead to paralysis.

6 – Build a Camp Fire in Cave

Camp fire inside a cave can be very dangerous!

If igniting a campfire in caves were good enough for cave dwellers then it should be good enough for us to do the same right? Wrong!  The heat emitted from your campfire will cause the cave ceiling to expand and could potentially cause a  collapse resulting in injury or death.

In 2009, a British group were camping in a cave and made a campfire.  A while later the cave ceiling collapsed resulting in the death of one teen. It’s always best to keep your fire in the open air and not in the confines of a cave.

7 – Drink Alcohol  to Warm Up

Never drink alcohol to stay warm if you’re stranded in the winter.

It’s highly recommended to avoid consuming alcohol when trying to survive a cold night outside.  Drinking alcohol makes the body lose its heat quicker because the blood vessels will become dilated and will divert its core heat towards the skin.  You will feel warmer, but you’re not.  Try sticking to water when stuck outdoors on a cold, lonely night.

8 – You can Outrun a Bear

We know that the average person would have the instinctual reaction to run when coming face to face with a bear.  No one can outrun a bear because the typical grisly can efficiently run upwards of 55 kilometers per hour.  Your best option is to calmly walk away and hoping the bear will either ignore you or not see you as a threat.

9 – Play Dead when Confronted by a Bear

We’ve all heard the dangerous survival tip in which you should play dead if you’re in proximity to a bear; however, this one is a bit tricky because it depends on the type of bear while applying this tip.  If you encounter a grizzly bear, your best bet is to stand your ground, even if the bear charges you.

If the grizzly makes contact, drop down, cover your major organs and play dead.  This method will not work when encountering a black bear.  If you encounter a black bear, you should make yourself appear more prominent and more threatening.  You should also make a lot of noise resulting in the bear retreating.  This method will work most of the time.

 10 – Remove a Knife when Stabbed

You might have heard or seen somewhere that you should remove a knife or a bullet from an injured person.  Doing this will most likely result in massive internal bleeding.  Leave the blade or bullet where it is until the proper medics arrive.

 11 – Make Finding Food Your Number One Priority

Finding food should NOT be your first survival priority.

Making finding food your number one priority in the wilderness is a BAD idea in most of the survival situation you’ll suffer.  You’ve most likely heard that you can live without food a lot longer than you can live without water.  You should always make finding water your number one priority and be building a fire your second preference so you can purify the water you’ve collected.  You will also need fire to cook the food you’ve gathered or killed.   Just remember this, most people will never die of starvation in the wilderness, they die of thirst and other things before hunger.

12 – You Should Suck the Venom From a Snake Bike

The University of Arizona has proven that applying suction to a snake bite will do more harm than good. A tourniquet, ice, and compression wrap will also do more damage than good. Your best bet for survival is to wash the wound if possible, apply a bandage and seek medical treatment as fast as you possibly can.  A dead snake still has their bite reflex after a few hours of death and could again bite you if you get too close.  All in all, this is undoubtedly one of many survival tips that could get you killed!

13 – find water immediately in the Desert to Survive

When lost in the desert,  finding water should not be your number one priority.  It’s better to find a shaded area and sit, trying not to sweat too much so you can prevent dehydration.  Finding water after the sun goes down makes much more sense because the desert night will be much colder than a hot desert day.  A significant number of people have died in their journey to find food in the desert from dehydration after a short time due to lack of water in their system.


14 – You Don’t Need a Survival kit For Short Trips

No No No!!! Always be prepared, especially if your short trip takes you in the wilderness. You never know what can happen if you find yourself stuck in the wild for an extended period.  Always pack a small survival kit with you for any length of trips.

15 – Boiling water will make water 100% clean

Wrong! Boiling water before drinking it will kill bacteria but will not filter out the dirt and debris that you could end up swallowing. Filter your water before boiling it, even if it’s by just pouring the water through your t-shirt into a canister. That will make the lager sediments stay on the t-shirt and not end up in your tummy.


16 – Eating Snow Is Great for Rehydration

Nope, It’s not good for you at all.  Eating snow will require your body to expend valuable energy to heat it up.  It’s way better to melt it first and then drink it.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea to boil the melted snow before drinking it if you already have a fire going.


17 – Shelter Means Having a Roof Over Your Head

Most people think the first thing that needs doing is building a shelter with a roof over their head.  Most survival experts would say that Its best to prioritize your refuge from making it the ground up.  Meaning, the base of your shelter is much more critical than its roof.  It’s better to have a bed and no roof than a roof with no foundation.   Your first order of business when it comes to shelter is constructing a bed that will prevent you from losing valuable heat into the ground, then if you have time, focus on the roof.

18 – Use a Tourniquet If You’re Bleeding

I’m sure you’ve heard this bad survival tip about making a tourniquet when someone is bleeding will save their life, right?  The real answer to that is to only use a tourniquet as a last resort if it becomes likely that you will lose your limb.  If you do end up applying a tourniquet, do not remove it under any circumstance.   If you remove the tourniquet,  that could result in releasing deadly toxins back into your bloodstream that the body might not be able to handle.  A doctor at a hospital should be the one removing it.

Tip – Mark the time that you implemented the tourniquet, the doctors will need this information to ensure proper removal.


19 – Stand in a Doorway During an Earth Quake

This is another tricky one because we first have to look at the age of the building.  In the past, the door frames were statistically more sturdy, but not so much in modern structures.  The new generation advice for this scenario is to hide under a sturdy table or desk.  The key word here is sturdy since you have to assume parts of the ceiling will collapse over you. Make sure whatever your underneath can absorb the impact enough not to crush you like a pancake!


20 – Eating Plants to Survive is a Sure Bet

Unless you’re familiar with the types of plants that are safe to ingest, this could become one of many dangerous survival tips.  Most plants are not going to kill you, but they could make you sick, and the nutrients in plants are just not worth the energy to harvest and cook to make it worth it.  Its advised to carry with you a book about which plants you should and shouldn’t eat if you decide to venture off into the wild.

21 – If the Valley Floor is Cold, Move to Higher Ground

You will have to use your discretion on this one because sometimes you should follow this advice but not always.  If you decide to move to higher ground on a windy day, you will have more trouble starting a fire.  The wind chill factor is something people not always think when outside in the cold weather.  Your thermometer is not able to read the windchill, only living tissue can feel it, so your thermostat might say its minus five, but to you, it could feel like minus 20.


22 – Always Swim Diagonal to Shore while Caught in a Rip Current

While this is true in most cases, the rip current is not always diagonal to shore.  Some are diagonal, and some are longshore. Rule number one is you should swim perpendicular to the rip current.  Make sure you’re also swimming in the same direction as the wind or current flow.  If you feel at any point that you’re moving upstream, you are not swimming in the right direction and should turn until you are.


23 – Survival is About Knowing What to Do in Any Survival Situation

Nope, I would have to disagree with this one entirely.  Survival experts will tell you that surviving is not about being Mcgiver and being able to get yourself out of any situation.  Ok, sometimes it is about that but the majority of the time its only about prevention.  Try always to use common sense and not be foolish or complacent.   To survive a deadly scenario is not to get yourself into a deadly scenario.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our list of 23 survival tips that could get you killed!   Please leave a comment if you disagree with any of these references as im sure some “survivalist” will.  Also, share with us any other bad survival tips that you find potentially dangerous to apply in a dangerous survival situation.

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