How to Make a Radioactive Fallout Hazmat Suit

Is a Hazmat Suit useful from Radioactive Fallout?

If you go into a radioactive hazard area, there are two kinds of danger. One is the radiation flying around in that area. The other is contamination by small particles of the radioactive source material, which you could accidentally carry away with you.

The latter is what a hazmat suit mostly protects against.  If you’re standing in the path of an oncoming radioactive fallout, then the hazmat suit will NOT shield you against the radiation. It will, however, give you some protection against small bits of radioactive particles that would otherwise get on your clothes or your skin.  That would mean carrying them away with you and spreading the danger out into safe areas like your home or public shelters. Worse, breathing the radioactive dust into your lungs, where they can live for years, giving you a constant dose of radiation directly into your vital organs.

We recommend following our guide on how to survive a nuclear blast and the radioactive fallout by clicking HERE.

How to Make a Radioactive Fallout Hazmat Suit

This guide is to teach you how to make your very own radioactive fallout suit.  You would want this outfit for when you feel it safe to go outside and check things out, or to move to a more sheltered location.

What We Will Need

How To Proceed

Hazmat Suit Shirt

First, you will need to lay out one of the shower curtain liners on the floor.  Place a long sleeve shirt on the shower curtain liner and draw an outline of the shirt.  After you’re done outlining the shirt, fold the shower curtain in half so when you cut the outline of the shower curtain you will result in having two shirts cut out.

Now that you have a front and back tape both sides together with the duct tape around the outline of the entire shirt cut out.  Check if it fits and make sure there are no openings where the duct tape joins the two sides of the suit.

Hazmat Suit Pants

Go on and take your second shower curtain cover and fold it in half.  Place a pair of pants on top of it and draw the outline of your pants.  Cut out the pants outline and tape both pieces together just like you did with the hazmat shirt.  Try it on and see if it fits.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to leave a bit of space for your pants and shirt when you’re drawing the outline.  By doing this you make sure the end results are big enough, so it fits.

When you’re wearing both hazmat shirt and pants, tape them together so there are no gaps where dust particles could get inside the hazmat suit.

Head Gear, Breathing Mask & Foot Shield

The third shower curtain cover will be used to make the head and foot shields.  Fold the curtain in half and cut a section that is the shape of a head and neck.  Make it big enough so it covers your entire neck and that you have enough space to take it to the shirt.

Make incisions for your eyes and mouth.  You will need to buy a breathing mask that protects against tiny particles.  I would recommend a full face mask, so you don’t have to have goggles as well.  Make sure the breathing cartridges defend you against gas and particulates. They don’t cost that much more money to cover all your basis.
Cut out a piece of the curtain, so it covers your shoes as well and tape them to your pants.  You should also buy gloves that are cut resistant.  Kevlar gloves are your best bet to prevent cuts that would contaminate your body with harmful radiation particles.
Making your hazmat suit can be fun but If anyone is serious about protecting themselves, buying one is far more efficient.  Making a few hazmat suits as spares in case you need to help others in an emergency situation is a great idea.  You can never be too prepared because when the dust settles, you still need to protect yourself and your family if you need to change locations.

There are nuclear bunkers all over the United States that are free for anyone to use in case of a nuclear strike or even other types of disasters. Click here to find out where the closest bunker is from your home.

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