How to Survive Bear Attacks in North America / Survival Tips Facing Bears

Survival Tips Facing Bears in North America

Last week I posted a link on Facebook describing how an American hunted a bear with zucchini.  That article validates a personal intuition that whispers to me that bears do not like vegetables. The article was met with some success, and I propose to detail here how to survive if a bear attacks you (if you like this type of articles, or if you like this site, sign up immediately on the facebook page of TeamHackLife).

Every year, campers die as a result of wild bear attacks when they have the misfortune of crossing paths with them in the forest. Fortunately, some people have developed techniques to deal with this deadly predator, which is sometimes up to two meters tall, climbs trees and can run up to thirty miles an hour.

Advice From a Bear Specialist

A bear is rarely aggressive towards humans and would instead try to deviate from their path as much as possible. You should know that you are more likely to get hit by a lightning bolt than being attacked by a bear in the wilderness.  Avoid, however, to surprise a bear by making noise while walking, talking with your loved ones, clapping your hands, sing or even whistle; especially in low-visibility areas where a bear may not have seen your approach. Avoid regions identified as “DANGER” and if possible, walk around in groups.

If you’re aware that you’re within a bears territory, you should try to leave and go somewhere safer.  Be on your guard if you notice footprints that are caused by bears, big claw marks on tree trunks and displaced rocks.

It’s critical that wild bears do not become accustomed to humans.  You must never intentionally feed them or leave odors from your food around your camp or on your body.  If he smells food odors on you, then he might lose his natural apprehension and might instead attack you.  For example, throw out your biodegradable food waste in the river for the fish to gobble up.
If your dog is keeping you company, make sure to have him on a leash if you have any indications that there might be dangerous animals around.  If you stumble upon a group of cubs, walk away as fast as you can without running.  The Cubs might be cute, but the mother wouldn’t be far away, and she indeed wouldn’t be as adorable as her babies.

Tips In Case of Confrontations With a Wild Bear

  • Keep calm and stay grouped.
  • Avoid annoying him: There have never been any reports mentioning people slipping behind a bear and shouting “BOOM.” The reason for that is because no one ever came back alive to brag about it!
  • If you see the bear first, walk away immediately, discreetly and without abrupt gestures in the bear’s opposite direction.
  • Do not turn your back on a wild bear and always keep watching him when walking away.
  • If the bear has seen you, avoid making direct eye contact. Stroll backward while talking to him in a soft voice.
  • Do your best so that the bear can quickly get out of your way. Do not leave him cornered because in that case, he will attack.
  • If he charges you, stand up straight and do NOT run away. You are more likely to see him stop in its tracks than to distance yourself by running away.


Tips In Case a Bear Attacks You

Fold in a fetal position face down and play dead, while protecting your head with your arms. Stay still until the bear gets tired and wait for his departure.  You will have to be patient and careful, this option is not recommended with black bears in North America or if the attack lasts more than 2 minutes. If this is the case, the bear will consider you a prey so you will need to defend yourself.
Some experts recommend instead, to fight with everything that comes to hand like a stick, zucchini or the arm of a friend that’s already been devoured.  Shout and aim for the bear’s nose!

Equip yourself with bear spray (Strong pepper spray) and learn how to use it properly.  The stress of an attack could make you spray yourself instead of the bear.  At least if you spray yourself, the bear probably won’t eat you since you’d become way too spicy him!

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