20 Out of The Box Survival Facts If You’re In Danger

We’ve compiled a list of 20 Out of The Box Survival facts that could save your life.  Some of these facts might sound familiar to you, but others might surprise you.

#1 – How To Spot a Venomous Snake

If you look on the ventral side of a snake, a poisonous snake will have non-bifurcated scales.  Bifurcated scales are scales that do not look like they are split in half.  A non-poisonous snake scales look separate as if they split in half.  I’m going to have to put a disclaimer on this one though; There are a few exceptions to the rule so don’t get too cocky and go on fighting what you think is a non-venomous snake but ends up killing you with its fatal venom! Watch the video below to learn more and to learn how to spot a venomous snake by looking at its tail.

#2 – How to Deal With A Knife Wound

Do you know what the best thing to do in the unfortunate event of a stabbing is?  The best thing you can do might not be what you expect, and of course, this is after you’ve called 911!  You should not try to remove the knife from the wound.  The position of the blade could be holding blood in and trying to remove it could, therefore, lead to more bleeding and more tissue damage.  The best thing you should do is to try to keep it in the same place as the incident until seen by a medical professional.

#3- Use Aspirin During a Heart Attack

Here’s one that might not surprise a lot of you since its now a well-known fact. We decided to add it to the list because its a potentially life-saving trick that maybe some people never heard.  If you or someone around you has a heart attack, did you know that one potential cure or at least a way of lessening the effects is to swallow an aspirin?  Aspirin can stop blood clots and thin the blood.  Of course, its not as simple as taking aspirin and everything being perfectly fine, make sure to immediately get the heart attack victim to a hospital as soon as possible.

#4 – Ask Specific People For Help

This tip could help you in a wide variety of situations.  There are lots of times when you may need some help in public areas.  Of course, we would all like to believe that in an emergency everyone around will run to our assistance.  However, not everyone has the same mindset to come to peoples aid.  As you think that everyone will try to help you, everyone else in the crowd thinks everyone else is going to help you, so they don’t need to.  This practice is called the bystander effect.  Whats the best way to get around this is by calling on a specific person to help you.  Call them out by their clothing or hairstyle, so they know you’re addressing them.  Its a shame to have to resort to this kind of method but sometimes you have to force people to be nice.

5 – How to Hold Your Keys Correctly

Here is the fact that many people know but that most people are not doing correctly.  If you feel someone following you, one of the best weapons you’re likely to have on you is your keys.  Most people think the best thing to do is make some brass knuckle with several keys between several fingers.  This method is not particularly efficient, and you could end up breaking a finger in the process of defending yourself.

You will need to hold them more firmly than that to allow you to apply proper pressure.  It’s best to hold the key holder or the end of the key firmly in your hand and just leave the point of the key sticking out.  Holding the key this way will give you a much better grip.  Maybe you shouldn’t practice this method on a person until you’re being attacked but try practicing on a pillow, and you will notice how effective this method can become.

6 – What To Do In a Chip Pan Fire

You maybe remember this one from school, or maybe you forgot what to do in the case of a chip pan or an oil pan fire. Unlike other types of fires, you should never try to pour water on the fire.  The water particles will go directly to the bottom of the pan and evaporate, making the flames stronger or even leading to an explosion.  The best thing to do to cut off the fires oxygen source by smothering the flames with a lid or with a damp but NOT a dripping wet cloth.  Maybe you remember that from school, but a reminder certainly doesn’t hurt.

7 – Use Your Pants As a Float

Everyone from Boy Scouts to Marines uses this trick.  If you find yourself struggling to keep afloat in deep water, you can make your life jacket.  Begin by floating out of your pants and tying the legs of your pants together.  Next, swing the pants over your head quickly, capturing as much air possible, and the put them back in the water.  Placing this around your neck makes a surprisingly effective float.

8 – Remeber The Rule of Three

In extreme conditions, always try to remember the rule of three.  Generally, people can live,

  • 3 Minutes without air
  • 3 Hours without shelter in extreme weather
  • 3 Days without water
  • 3 weeks without food

Now you will need to prioritize.  Of course, we don’t recommend you try pushing yourself to the limit of these rules if you don’t have to. You need however to be aware of these rules if you find yourself in a survival situation.

9 – Don’t Eat Snow When Dehydrated

Here’s a rumor I want to expose.  Many believe that if you become stranded in freezing temperatures, you should eat snow to rehydrate.  This method of hydration will do more harm than good.  Snow is so cold that when you ingest it, your core body temperature will begin to drop.  If your body temperature begins to fall, you will expend vital energy trying to warm up.  The best method if you’re lost in an area where there’s snow, heat it up, so it melts to water before drinking it.

10 – Use Sanitary Pads As a Bandage

Another little trick that comes in handy if you have a wound but don’t have platers or bandages with you are sanitary pads.  Of course, these pads are hygienic and absorbent, so they make the perfect bandage.  It’s no coincidence that we mention this since they were used in the 19th-century battlefield hospitals when treating bullet wounds.  It’s only after the end of World War 1 that they have been using these pads for their current purpose.

11 – Use Super Glue On a Wound

This one is about dealing with wounds that look like they might need stitching.  If you don’t have any stitches on hand or don’t feel comfortable performing this type of first aid procedure on yourself, then one option is to use superglue.  Super glue will seal the wound and prevent infection, giving you the time to seek medical attention.

12 – Give Yourself The Heimlich Manoeuver

If you find yourself chocking in public, you’re probably hoping someone around you knows how to perform the Heimlich manoeuver.  What if you’re by yourself when you start chocking? It’s simple, give yourself the Heimlich manoeuver. Stay calm and find a chair or another surface that you can easily press against your stomach.  Push yourself firmly against that surface several times, a couple of inches above your belly button, this will allow you to do the same abdominal thrusts someone might give you with their arms. Try it on yourself and remember how to do it, it could become a real lifesaver someday.

13 – Jellyfish Stings

Portuguese Man O’ War stings are particularly nasty, and they like to hang out in groups.  Sometimes a thousand or more at a time throughout the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans.  They also have huge tentacles, which is why its vital for you to know how to react to a sting.  We know you’ve heard the old advice about urinating on the sting. In reality, however, this doesn’t help at all.  The best thing to do is to simply remove any remaining tentacles and then wash the affected area with sea water. You should still, however, contact a doctor if your symptoms are particularly severe.

14 – Escape a Crocodile

This one is hopefully a situation you will never encounter but read on, just in case.  You would be forgiven for thinking the best thing to do if you see a crocodile or an alligator is to run away in a straight line as fast as you can. If that’s what you would have done, but you would be wrong.  The best way of escaping a crocodile or alligator is to run away in a zigzag motion.  They are far slower when they have to make turns.  Once you’re doing the zigzag you can turn around and tell them, “see you later alligator”.

15 – Make a Knife From a Cigarette (watch video below for a tutorial)

In some emergencies you may need a knife but not have one on hand.  Did you know that you can make a knife out of a cigarette?  Simply light the filter and let it burn for a couple of seconds, then wet your fingers and pinch the cigarette at the end to make it flat.  The fiberglass filter will be sharp after doing this.  Don’t believe me? Just try it, and you’ll see for yourself.

16 – Where People’s Weak Spots Are

You know those scary bits in a movie when a character is being chased and has no way out, what would you do in a situation like that?  Some of you might have some type of martial arts training but some of you might not. The important thing is to know where peoples weak spots are if someone is attacking you.  If you need to defend yourself, go for their groin or their eyes or even in their ears.  Hitting them in these spots, where it hurts, will give a much better chance of success.

17 – Call Emergency Services From Lock Screen

If you’re in a life-threatening situation, it’s important to call emergency services. Sometimes though, you might not have your phone on you or you might forget your passcode in a panic, we have a tip for you!  You don’t need to unlock your or someone else’s phone before calling emergency services.  Nearly all phones have the option to make a call directly from the lock screen.  If you have IOS 11 or higher on your Apple iPhone, you can make an emergency call more discreetly if you need to.  The is a new function called the Emergency SOS Function when this function is enabled, you’ll simply need to tap the sleep/wake button on the top right-hand side of your phone five times, and it will call emergency services for you automatically.

18 – What To Do In A Fire

Of course, we all know that the first thing you should do is call the fire department if there’s a fire in your home.  Did you know that one of the most important things you can do in a fire is to stay close to the ground? People are more likely to be harmed by inhaling smoke than by the flames themselves.  Smoke rises, so if you’re on the floor, on your hands and knees crawling to escape, rather than running, you’re far less likely to inhale smoke.

19 – How To Escape Rip Current

If you feel yourself being dragged out to sea, your natural instincts will tell you to battle against the tide and swim towards the shore.  Swimming against the tide is not the best method because you’ll get very exhausted, very quickly.  The best thing to do is to swim parallel to the shore, this way you’re not going directly against the tide.  Most riptides aren’t very wide so by swimming parallel to is you will soon find the ending.

20 – Make a Fire From a Phone Battery (watch this video to learn more.)

If you’re one of those people, who would go hiking or camping and remember the essentials like your mobile phone but forget other essentials like a box of matches, this one is for you!  If you pierce your phone’s battery with a knife, the lithium inside will ignite as soon as it’s exposed to the air. All you need is to have some dry tinder ready before you attempt this little trick! CAUTION: Do not breath in the fumes coming out of the lithium-ion battery, they are extremely toxic and harmful to your health.

I hope you find this list of survival facts to be of benefit to you. Please share and leave a comment, We always like to hear what our readers have to say.


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