Out Of The Box Small Apartment Prepping Storage Tips!

It can be a challenge to achieve a proper prepping stock when you’re living in a small apartment with no yard.  There are many innovative ways to overcome this challenge, with a bit of imagination of course.  One of our readers asked us to think of ways he could prep in his small suburban apartment. I personally have never had this challenge, so I reached out to a couple of prepper friends that are currently living in a small city apartment.  They gave us some great small apartment prepping storage tips.

I asked my prepper friend these simple questions.

Where Should I Store My Prepping Supplies If I Live In A Small Apartment With No Yard Or Storage?

I was happy with how quickly he responded. He told me that he’s lived in both condos and apartments with near-no storage room. It indeed won’t be a sustainable “long-term” bug out storage, but anyone can easily pack away several months of supplies to cover things like storms, social unrest, grid shutdown, supply stoppage, or job loss. For the improbable event of long-term chaos, you might need to find a bug out location; Either on some property or even a friend with land willing to let you crash in trade for helping out with your prepping supplies.

There are lots of ways to extend your storage space with these small apartment prepping storage tips:

  1. Freeze dried food in boxes stacks very well.
  2. Stand-alone cabinets and wardrobes can add storage to any room.
  3. 20-gallon water barrels are relatively small and hold a 10-day water supply for one person.
  4. A water bladder for the bathtub will be able to store even more water in case of an emergency. Same as your water heater.
  5. Appropriate shelving is the difference between the partial and complete use of closet space.
  6. Honda inverter generators are tiny and MUCH quieter than other types of conventional generators. The Inverter Honda generators are also easy to store in a closet or cabinet. Fuel storage is more of a problem, but usually, you can find a solution with a balcony and an appropriate container.
  7. Storing water brick containers under tables and beds are great. You can use a tablecloth to keep the water bricks out of eyesight.

What Are The Best Types of Food For Long Term Storage In A Small Apartment, DIY Food Storage or Premade Emergency Food containers?

I personally only tried a few premade emergency food rations, and I was impressed. I tried a few different packets from a company called Auguston Farm, Click here to check it out on Amazon. The most prominent pros, in my opinion with the premade emergency food, is its 25-year shelf life. If you make your very own emergency food storage, you will need to rotate it from time to time before it expires.

In a small apartment, my friend told me that he purchased a few sealed buckets of premade emergency dried food from a company called “Wise Company.”  I’ve never tried anything from Wise Company before, but my friend stands behind that product.

The reason why he chose these buckets is that he can place them in the corner of a small closet. The containers don’t take much space in relation to how much food you receive. He recommends the Wise Company Emergency Food Variety Pack with 104 Servings (See Picture).

I did notice that its currently an “Amazon’s Choice” product because of its positive reception and the reasonable price. Click here for current Amazon Price.


What Kind And Size Of Rubber Or Plastic Totes Do You Use in You Small Apartment?

You can certainly buy many different rubber totes but what would be the best one for someone prepping in a small apartment. He said that he’s used the bigger totes in the past but found they wasted too much space. The ones he buys are the longer and shorter plastic containers. You can slide these containers under a bed and forget about them.

You can buy expensive and fancy containers for hundreds of dollars, but we prefer something simpler and cheaper. The totes that my friend uses are the “Sterilite 41 quart/39 Liter Underbed Storage Box”. I would, however, wait until they come on sale. If you catch a deal, you can usually buy them as a pack of 6 for the price of 2 containers on Amazon. Click here to check the current Amazon price. 

How Do You Store Water Long Term In A Small Apartment?

Water is something else that needs careful storing. It can be challenging to have long-term water storage in a small apartment because of the significant amount of space required.

My friend told me that the BEST containers concerning small apartment water storage are the Water Bricks. Water bricks are great to have, and they remind me of Tetris blocks because of how great they all fit together.  He went on saying;

“They’re slightly more expensive but way more durable and easy to stack on top of one another. Plus, when full, a 5-gallon container weighs 40lbs, whereas the waterbrick’s 3.5-gallon capacity is lighter and much more manageable and portable for the average person. I invested in 10x of the Water Bricks; I’m super happy with them. I feel like they’re going to last 100 years.”

He has a coffee table in his living room made from four water blocks with a wooden table top, much like the one in the picture. You can even make a dining room table out of them and place a tablecloth to hide the water blocks.  Click Here to check Amazon Price for The Water Brick.

Of course, you can use a water drum but that takes way too much space. Another recommendation that replaces a water drum that many people never think about is their hot water tank. Once the power is out, let the hot water cool down and use it for drinking and cooking.

There are also “water blatters” you can place in your bathtub that works relatively well. One important thing you have to remember is if you’re living in rural areas and pumping water from a well if the grid goes down and you have no generator, you will have no way of filling your water blatter, making it completely useless.  If you’re in an urban area, however, you shouldn’t have a problem. You should still have water flowing long enough to fill the water blatter. Click here to check current Amazon price for a Bathtub Water Blatters.

It’s important to note that water does indeed have an expiration date. Be mindful of that. I would suggest a LifeStraw Water Filtration straw (cheap on Amazon), or at the very least water purification tablets (also cheap on Amazon) Even bleach would do the trick.  Make sure you know what you’re doing when mixing a tiny amount of bleach to purify water.

So What About Cooking? Do You Have something That An Average Small Apartment Prepper Could Use That Won’t Break The Bank?

There are multitudes of choices online that you can buy that won’t break the bank. The average small apartment prepper should use a stove that can run on multitude fuel sources. You never know what type of fuel you would be able to get your hands on if SHTF. So I ask him, what stove do you use?
“As for a stove, it’s hard to beat a multi-fuel MSR stove. I have the Dragonfly, and their new series is called “WhisperLite,” it’s not very expensive, and they will last a lifetime. You can run an MSR WhisperLite or Dragonfly on basically any fuel type. A multi-fuel stove reduces your overall fuel stockpile, as you can just stockpile gasoline instead of a particular type of cooking fuel, like propane. If you do however stockpile propane, you’re in luck because this stove also works on propane.”  Click here for current Amazon MSR multi-fuel stoves.
Here is a video below talking about the WhisperLite Multi-fuel MSR stove.

And Finally, I Ask About Closet Organisers, Another Thing People Often Fail To Mention When Prepping In A Small Apartment.

Here is an example of an organized preppers closet.

Closet organizers can be expensive, but they can also be cheap when you go the DIY route.  If you’re a prepper living in a small apartment, closet organizers can become your best friend regarding your prepping.

He responded that he built a few shelves but never felt the need to construct an elaborate food storage closet organizer. The reason for that is because of the premade pales of dried food. That was one of the many reasons why he went that route. The premade pales of dried food are easy to stack on top of each other and made building shelves mostly irrelevant.

He might have paid a bit more for the premade dried food supply, but he saved so much storage space and also money since he didn’t have to buy or build closet organizers. That’s also something most people don’t think about when considering premade emergency rations.


I hope you learned as much reading this article as I did when researching and writing it. Please share to all the preppers you know that lives in a small apartment or condo.

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