11 Clever Money Hiding Tips and Hacks You / Thieves Never Knew Existed

Hiding your valuables, like cash and jewelry from thieves can be an easy task if you know how to go about it. If burglars do enter your home, you’ll want to have your most precious valuables safely hidden away.  Here are our 11 Clever Money Hiding Tips and Hacks You and Thieves Never Knew Existed. Some of these money hiding tips and hacks will be DIY projects, and some will be items you can easily buy on Amazon. These products and tips will fool even the most cunning burglars. Remember, when someone breaks into your home, they want to be in and out of there as fast as they can.  These great hacks will make it almost impossible for someone to find whatever it is your hiding!

1 – False Stair Thread

Harry Potter has taught us that there’s a lot of empty space beneath a staircase. In fact, his entire room was underneath one. Wouldnt it be a great idea to make use of your staircase to store all your valuables. If you have a two-story house, then this is a perfect hiding spot for your things.

You can accomplish this by removing a stair tread and cut a hole in the landing or hollow out an entire step. The best part is, its so discreet, no one will ever know its even there.

Another creative hiding hack is to make a stair drawer. Instead of hollowing it out on the top, you can cut out the bottom instead and make a drawer! I favor this one over a room underneath the staircase because there’s a chance a burglar would check to see if there’s a room there; however, it’s doubtful that anyone would ever think to look at each step to see if ones been converted into a drawer. Am I wrong?

You can even build a drawer underneath your cabinets. Most people do this because they want to maximize storage space in a small apartment, but you could also use these smart space-saving ideas to hide things from a burglar.

2 – Air Vent Secret Stash

Even though it’s in plain sight, it still does a fantastic job of keeping your belongings safe from thieves. Air vents are so standard that an air vent style safe would blend well in any office or home.

Instead of cutting out an actual vent in your home, you can purchase this product directly from Amazon to keep your cash safely stowed away in one space. The air vent safe comes with a faceplate that resembles a standard vent that you would find on any HVAC system.  For a few dollars more you can even buy an air vent safe equipped with RFID technology to open and close the safe with an access card. Pretty cool stuff!

The concept is pretty elementary as well. Inside is a steel box that can fit inside a wall. It also comes with a white grill to cover up your stuff. There are also optional items like magnets for a smoother release.  Even though it’s not a vast space, it does an excellent job of concealing a few stacks of cash, a couple of handguns and your passports. Click Here to check the current price on Amazon. 

3 – Hollowed Out Books

Its the oldest trick in the book, pun intended, but it does actually work! I personally am a bit skeptical of this one, but the statistics show that this trick does indeed work. It tends to work because the majority of burglars are in your house for less than 10 minutes.

A hollowed out book would work great if you have a huge bookcase with hundreds of books since a burglar wouldn’t want to waste time rummaging through all your books. Also, I think the BEST way to achieve this hiding life hack is to place the hollowed book on a coffee table in your living room. A burglar wouldn’t even notice the book, or would never think someone would hide their cash beside a bowl of popcorn while watching a movie!

4 – Hidden Electrical Outlet Box / Safe

For less than $10 on Amazon, a hidden electrical outlet box / safe makes the perfect spot to store your valuables and other small goods. Not only does it look exactly like a wall outlet, it’s also easy to assemble.

Personally, I would skip this item if you’re going to be into it all the time, but if its to store something you’re not going to use very often, then it might not be such a bad thing to have. Some reviews stated that the build quality was cheap, but others said that it was perfect for the low price. Read some reviews before buying this one to make sure its right for what you will need.

Even though it might not be the most prominent space to store your things, a hidden electrical outlet box / safe still does an excellent job of keeping your belongings covered. We’re all told to stay away from electric outlets, so robbers aren’t going to spend too much time looking through every single outlet to see if there’s anything stored inside.

Click Here to check out the Hidden Electrical Outlet on Amazon!

5 – Diversion Safes

There are so many diversion safes out there; Anything from a container of gum, a can of beer or soda and even a stick of underarm deodorant. These diversion safes are precisely weighted to feel exactly like the product its imitating. Also, if a robber picks up one of these diversion safes, they will just push it aside and never know what’s inside.

Bellow is our Amazon picks for Diversion Safes. We looked through them all, and some seemed terrible. I own the Clorox and soda (mine is Pepsi) diversion safe. I almost bought the beer can, but I figured if a burglar saw my diversion safe beer can he probably would try to drink it, so Pepsi it was!

6 – DIY Diversion Safe

Another unique way to hide your belongings is by creating a compartment inside a soda bottle. All you will need is:

  • A plastic bottle of soda.
  • A small empty container that will fit inside your soda bottle.
  • Knife.
  • Hot Glue Gun.

Begin by draining a bottle of soda and cutting it in half. Place the small container inside the bottle. Hot glue the jar so it fits snugly inside the bottle so it won’t float to the top after you fill it back up with soda. After the small bottle is stuck inside, join the two halves of your bottle of soda back together and seal it with glue.  Make sure there are no leaks after you refill your bottle with soda. And finally, reattach the label around the bottle of soda with some glue.

These types of diversion safes, whether you buy them or build them yourself are the perfect place to hide your things while in plain sight. You can store it in your refrigerator or the back of your pantry and will most certainly go unnoticed. I would bet that most people won’t try to pry open a bottle of warm soda, so even if you let it collect dust, burglars will merely think that its old and will make it less appealing to wandering eyes.

8 – Kids Room

What better place to store your valuables than your kid’s room? Most burglars wouldn’t think of going into a kids room to find anything of great value.  Plus, the most important thing to a child is their toys and video games.

You can stash your belongings in the kids closet for safekeeping or even camouflage it within their clothes or toys to be sure. As we mentioned in the article “44 Burglary Prevention Tips …” When a robber breaks into your home, they waste no time and head straight for the master bedroom. So by leaving your most valuable items in a kid’s room, you should reduce the chances of a burglar taking whatever it is you’re trying to hide.

#7 – Tile Wall Storage

You can make a hidden storage space in your bathroom by removing a tile or two in the shower and making a small hole.  Then just replace the tile, and you have the ideal spot to store whatever you want.

What a creative idea! How many burglars are going to head straight to the bathroom when they enter your house. Now the only important part is you have to remember which tile is the secret hiding spot.


#8 – Computer Keyboard Secret Storage

Some assembly might be required for this one, but a hallow keyboard makes the perfect hidden storage safe for cash and other small items.  This is especially useful in the office to store the small office items that your coworkers continuously steal from you and never replace.

No one would suspect that a keyboard has been converted into a hidden safe, and no one will even think to check underneath it.  However, the big downfall on this one is if an identity-stealing thief or a hacker broke into your home and turned on the computer and finds out the keyboard isn’t working, then they might catch on that somethings up. They would especially catch on if they pick up the hollow keyboard and hears the items inside move around.

10 – Hidden sliding Vehicle box

You’ve probably heard of people hiding things in their vehicle, whether it’s under the car seat or tucked away in the trunk, these are prominent places that are easy to find. If you want to hide things effectively, you have to think outside the box and look for the most discreet areas in your car.

You can now buy a hidden sliding vehicle box / safe that locks under the passenger seat. It’s attached to a slider to make it much easier to access the box. You can buy them equipped with either a lock and key, combination lock, or you can even pay a bit extra to have the hidden sliding vehicle box fitted with a biometric fingerprint scanning lock.


Click here to check it out on Amazon!

11 – DIY Door Top Safe

Would you ever think of hiding something on the inside of your doors? Well, Im sure a burglar wouldn’t suspect that either. The DIY door top safe is perfect money hiding tip / hack to protect a smaller stash.

All you need is a wooden door and the ability to hollow out a hole on the top edge. Once the hole is complete, use a metal container to keep your small valuables and slide it in the hole.  You can later retrieve your belongings with a magnet and feel a bit like MacGyver while doing so!



To Conclude

We hope you found these 11 Clever Money Hiding Tips and Hacks you or thieves never knew existed helpful! I’m sure you’ve heard of a few we have on our list, but we hope you also learned something new. Please comment if you have any secret money hiding tips that we haven’t covered!  Share this article so all your friends and family can have their belongings a bit more protected from burglars.

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