Sanitary Toilet Paper Tablets / Wipes That Actually Work! Perfect BOB Item!

One question, why are these things NOT advertised?? I’ve been on numerous survival, prepping and hunting websites and I’ve NEVER heard anything about this little wonder!  Is it a peppermint? It looks like peppermint, but no, it’s a sanitary wipe that is so compressed that it looks just like a white pellet in the shape of a peppermint!

Toilet paper tablets / sanitary wipe pellet should be a key component for any types of survival kits. After looking at dozens of pre-made kits, bug out bags and 72-hour packs it seems they all lack one essential item, toilet paper. And that’s for a good reason too; it’s big and bulky, but it indeed doesn’t have to be after discovering this product!

What would you use out of your survival kit or bug out bag if you had to go to the toilet for a number two? Gauze, bandages, leaves would work, but it’s not the best at absorbing anything! I’ve seen many people making a toilet paper holder out of an old coffee can, but that’s also very bulky while traveling by foot. It does seem the designers of many of these survival kits or bug out bags get lost in the fantasy of survival and fail to realize the one thing they use in their daily toilet breaks, or when they wipe their hands and face after a meal.

For me, I enjoy having fresh, clean wipes when I am outdoors, traveling, or even as an emergency supply in the house. I also mountain bike a lot in the wilderness and these are perfect since you only need a few drops of water to activate these toilet paper capsules / sanitary wipe pellets. At home, it is easy to keep stockpiles of clean baby wipes and toilet paper, but in that’s a different story when the goal is to travel light.

So let’s look at why these should be added to the inventory of your bug out bag, survival kit, or travel bag by looking at five ways you can use this weird but convenient toilet paper pellets!

1. Traveling Overseas With Toilet Paper Tablets

When I’m visiting in different countries, there have been numerous times when cultural and societal trends would affect the way daily hygiene is carried out. If you’ve traveled to Asian countries in the Southeast, you would be all too familiar with the situation of going to the washroom and not being able to access any toilet paper when you most need it.

A big part of that, especially in countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, is that there is no toilet paper as their infrastructure has plumbing that does not meet western standards and cannot handle the passage of toilet paper. This means that quite often, you can go to a toilet and find there is no toilet paper in sight.

There are also countries that simply do not use face cloths. I’ve traveled to Cuba recently and found that there were no facecloths in the washroom. These multi-purpose sanitary pellets are not only perfect as a toilet paper pellet, but they also make an excellent facecloth to wash your entire body. They are sturdy and durable enough while taking a shower.

The same problem occurs in restaurants and eateries where paper napkins to wipe your fingers can be as tricky to find.

This is why it pays to carry a pack of these in your travel bag, and in the worst case, if you haven’t got any water you can always spit on one since it requires such little water.

2. Toilet Paper Tablets / Sanitary Wipe Tablets In disaster Situations

It doesn’t just include bugging out that you might need these useful sanitary items, they also come in useful when you’re bugging in after any disaster. I would certainly keep a box of 500 in my prepper pantry or my emergency shelter. If your prepper pantry is small or you live in a tiny apartment, these are perfect to tuck away in a corner until you need one of these toilet paper tablets!

For my family and me, I have a box of 500 of toilet paper capsules in a cupboard and the bathroom as they take less space than toilet paper (for stockpiling) and are usable during a flood to keep yourself clean.

3. Sanitary Tablets For Your Bug Out Bag And Survival Bag

As these toilet paper pellets / sanitary wipe pellets are so compact, it makes sense to keep some in the bug out bag or survival kit. It’s certainly so much better than rolls of toilet paper or even folded pieces of toilet paper in a ziplock bag.

I keep these sanitary wipe pellets in a small cylinder match container so that they all stay in one place and don’t come into contact with water if it rains. I just pop the bottle cap and add tablespoon amount of water, and it is ready to go.

The tablets also make a great addition to any first-aid kit as they are compact when expanded, strong enough use as wound dressings and to help with cleaning minor wounds.

4. Toilet Paper Tablets As A Baby Diaper / Wipe

Since these tablets are free of chemicals, they are safe to use on a baby’s sensitive skin. If you’re in a bind, they can act as a perfect disposable and DIY baby diaper if you run out. This is a big thing for families who are caught up in floods as just like toilet paper, diapers also run out (unless you are using re-washables). But even if you’re using washable, if there’s no way to wash them due to the electrical grid being down, Re-washable diapers would become unsanitary and useless.

5. The Perfect Fire Fuel

I have used these before as fuel for a fire, you can keep it in the solid tablet form and use it as a fire bead with your lighter, or you can dry it out and use it just like you would use toilet paper as a thin tinder accelerant for the fire. Almost like using a cotton ball with petroleum jelly (vaseline) as a fire making hack, you can use these tablets. It does say on the bag and in its name that they are multi-purpose sanitary tablets right? Might as well think outside the box and use these as multipurpose as you possibly can.

A Much Bigger Option With The LightLoad Beach Tower Tablet

As I was looking further into our product, I came across something that is just as awesome! It’s called a Lightload beach towel tablet! It is mostly the same thing as the toilet paper tablet but on a much much bigger scale. The slogan is to fit a full-size beach towel in your pocket.

If you spend a lot of time in the outdoors as we do; hiking, biking and much more, then you know how significant the weight and size of your backpack is. These water absorbent Lightload beach towels weigh practically nothing and take up no space. At the size of a hockey puck but half the thickness the weight (4.5oz) of two bandannas you’ll be able to save for more important stuff like food and water. The outer packaging is waterproof and rugged and withstands lots of abuse.

These water absorbent beach towel tablets can be reused 100 times over! Its made from Lyocell, which has received numerous awards, including the “European Award for the Environment” by the European Union.” The ultimate outdoor survival towel whether you spend your holidays on a long distance hike, camping in the backcountry or just wanting to re-stock your bug out bag, a multi-purpose survival tool like this can quite literally save your life. You can also use beach towel tabs for washing, water collection, first aid, kindling, sun protecting, insulating, etc. These towels are so versatile that you can swim across the lake, with it in your pocket (in their sealed packets of course), open it up and start a fire.

Final Thoughts On The Toilet Paper Capsules And Lightload Compressed Beach Towels

Even if you’re hesitant about these things, give at least a few a try and see how they work. You’ll soon wonder why you haven’t heard of these products before.  For a lot of people, the primary concern is that once you’ve expanded the towel, it is still wet. Since using these I have found it isn’t an issue as the towelette material is quite porous and with a minute of waving the towel in the air, it’s dry.
Toilet Paper tablets are something everyone should have because the uses for these little tablets are endless!
I’m impressed and I highly recommend it! Click here for more information and price on Amazon!

You can buy a box of 12 Lightload compressed Beach Towels for less than you would expect! Certainly much cheaper than buying twelve conventional beach towels! I highly recommend this product!  Click here for more information and price from Amazon!

Please Comment if you have ever used any of these for different types of purposes! Don’t forget to share and subscribe!

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