Are Fish Antibiotics Safe for Humans in Emergency Prepping? Maybe Not!

Are fish antibiotics safe for humans in emergency Prepping? Should preppers stockpile fish antibiotics? That’s a good question because I’m only your average prepper that is learning day to day about emergency preparedness and its importance. I’ve just recently discovered fish antibiotics, and it’s safety concerns. I’m sure there’s a lot of preppers that already have a stockpile of these capsules in their emergency stockpile; But is it everything its cracked up to be? Let’s dive into it and find out!

My Research on the Safety of Fish Antibiotics

I’ve been doing some research and found out a great deal about this product from different sources. One of these sources is from Dr. Joe Alton M.D. “AKA Dr. Bones.”

Dr. Joe Alton is a co-author of “The Survival Medicine Handbook.” According to many survivalists and preppers, it is a highly recommended read for anyone serious about being healthy in an uncertain future. Dr. Alton has also written the NY Times bestseller in health “The Ebola Survival Handbook,“ “The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide,“ and the timely “The Zika Virus Handbook.“

Stockpiling Fish antibiotics for emergency prepping is essential, says Dr. Alton. He was interviewed recently by “The Canadian Prepper” and had interesting things to say about fish antibiotics for humans. I will point out some excerpts of this interview. You can view the interview in its entirety by scrolling down to the end of this article.

Fish Antibiotics For Humans In Emergency Prepping

Dr. Alton was asked about fish antibiotics and if they are safe for humans. “We’ve been roundly criticized for being the first medical people to write about fish antibiotics in survival settings as for recommending against throwing out pills and capsules. Now that’s even after we showed that many and bird antibiotics are produced only in human dosages and are identical to the human version, even down to the identification numbers on the drug. 

Also, the US Department of Defense and the FDA has shown that a lot of these drugs are often a hundred percent potent even years after the expiration dates. Our critics don’t understand that the decision related to survival medicine is pretty basic. What’s the problem, do you have medicine whether human or aquatic that will treat it, if you do, are you going to withhold that medicine because it was bottled for fish? Or because its past its expiration date, or worse, because some professor or some survival medicine writers said you shouldn’t use them? Well, that’s fine in normal times but do you think they truly believe that there might ever be a time when they’re your only option?”

One thing I found interesting and what I find surprising is the fact that the dosage and identification numbers are in most cases the same on certain animal antibiotics, he mentioned bird antibiotics, they produce to treat humans.

But keep on reading because his opinion does change after further research on his part.

Are Fish Antibiotics for humans?

Are Fish Antibiotics Safe For Humans To Consume?

First, we can start with a few general tips for humans using animal drugs. If you get your hands on antibiotics that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in animals, would they also work as intended on humans?

One thing that is of utmost importance is to do your homework and find out if the fish or any other animal antibiotic is the same as the human antibiotic of the same name. Some antibiotics for animals are the same as for humans but have different names and also different dosage because of the size of the animal compared to a full grown human.

You should also make sure that the fish antibiotic is not full of fillers and additives. Some of these fillers and additives are not allowed in human medications. The FDA has different guidelines for animal vs. human antibiotics.

If you’re satisfied with that answer and you’ve done you’re homework, would you still take it? Well, I needed to know for sure.  I probably won’t be the only one that will require antibiotics, so I want to make sure its safe. And that it won’t harm anyone else, especially my wife and children.

Upon looking further, I found the answer through journals written by a pharmacist by the name of Jim Budde. Jim Budde is not only an ordinary pharmacist; he’s a former president of the society of veterinary hospital pharmacist. Pharmacist Jim Budde’s answer was a simple one, YES!  He states that if the animal antibiotic is safe for dogs or cats, and it was safe for people, he would feel comfortable taking the animal antibiotic. Wouldnt it be nice if every question were that simple?

Fish Antibiotics for preppers.

The Pharmacist  Jim Budde said that animal antibiotics in certain circumstances would be safe for human consumption. He does state that fish antibiotics has no FDA scrutiny and is therefore not approved by the FDA. Basically what that means is that what the bottle says the ingredients are might not be precisely accurate to whats inside one of those guppy capsules. There could also be filled with impurities that could be harmful to humans.

Some survivalist does not trust the government, no surprise there but the FDA’s purpose is to ensure the safety and effectiveness of medications. The entire pharmaceutical industry is dependent on the FDA to ensure the purity of medicines before they anyone picks up a prescription.

Are Fish Antibiotics Pharmaceutical grade Manufacturing?

So are these fish antibiotics pharmaceutical grade manufacturing? OK, what does that even mean? Remember, fish antibiotics are not prescribed to people, its an “over the counter medication” which sort of make it a “supplement” since it is not FDA approved. I found this interesting little quote about “Pharmaceutical Grade” manufacturing on

There is no such thing as “Pharmaceutical Grade” Supplement Manufacturing.

“In light of this most recent turn of events, many dietary supplement brand owners are looking to manufacture “pharmaceutical grade” supplements. The phrase, which has served as the fuel for a considerable amount of industry chatter, is built upon the notion that there are standards for manufacturing dietary supplements that are comparable to pharmaceutical manufacturing standards. The question becomes: Are there any facts supporting this buzz-creating idea of “pharmaceutical grade” supplement manufacturing? The answer might surprise you…

In reality, the understanding of “Pharmaceutical Grade” Manufacturing that has permeated the dietary supplement industry is nothing if not misleading. Supplement manufacturers and contract manufacturers who boast “pharmaceutical grade” capabilities are likely misinformed as to how the term can and cannot be applied to dietary supplements.

Let’s take a look at what pharmaceutical grade manufacturing really means — keeping in mind the fact that “pharmaceutical grade” can only be used in the context of the pharmaceutical industry, never for the dietary supplement industry.”

So there you have it, Pharmaceutical grade is hogwash and a shady business practice when not approved by the FDA.

Bottom Line, Should humans Take Fish Antibiotics?

Aqua-Mox Fish Antibiotics for preppers.

So here’s the bottom line as I see it; After reading many resources and watching different interviews from the medical field about fish antibiotics, I would NOT stock them, and I would indeed not consume them!

It’s a gamble that I’m not willing to take.  I don’t know for sure if the medication I’m consuming is what it’s claiming to be. Antibiotics are certainly not something you want to gamble your life or your families life. Of course, it’s easy to make these types of choices in the kind of world we live in today, but if a doomsday type scenario happens then, we might have a different outlook into these types of medications.

What I’ve been doing is stock pilling antibiotics that have my name on the prescription. Most of the time I won’t go through an entire round of antibiotics. In those cases, I store the remaining pills in my emergency preparatives stockpile. Another way to stockpile these types of meds is if a doctor prescribes them to you in a “just in case” situation. If you don’t end up taking them, you have a full round ready for prepping. I want to make it clear that my personal stash of antibiotics is only for a last resort situation after the end of the world happens. In this geopolitical climate, you just never know.






I hope you found this information helpful and that I was able to answer most, if not all your question regarding the human consumption of fish antibiotics. If you have a different opinion or you found something interesting about this topic while conducting research, please don’t hesitate to comment below. I love hearing and interacting with fellow preppers.

And finally, some great advice from Dr. Alton about survivalist and preppers. 

“Unless you’ve stored up a good supply of antibiotics, Identified ways to sterilize water and pay strict attention to hygiene and safe waste disposal, there’ll be a lot of avoidable death in a long-term survival scenario.”

Here is the full interview of Dr. Alton by The Canadian Prepper.

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