50 Easy Survival Tips With Video Tutorials! Part 2 Survival Hacks

Here are our Part 2 of 50 easy survival tips. Almost every one of these survival tips includes a video tutorial. Among this list, also include some very useful survival hacks that can keep you alive in many survival situations!

#52- How to Deal with Motion Sickness

If you’re prone to motion sickness, need some morning sickness relief, or are dealing with nausea for another reason, try this quick acupressure technique.  Press between the two tendons on the inside of your wrist, about three finger breadths below the base of your palm and relax your arms and shoulders.  Try it for about 30 seconds and you may feel immediately better, but some people may need several minutes. This technique may also help relieve anxiety and is an easy survival hack that can help almost anyone!

#53- Feeling Sleepy Behind the Wheel?

If you’re driving and start feeling tired, there are a few tricks you can do to help you stay awake and temporarily boost your energy levels.  One method is to take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds and then profoundly exhale.  Do this continuously until you’re no longer falling asleep.  Pull over and rest if this exercise doesn’t work for you.

#54- Defending Yourself Against a Shark

If a shark is attacking you-you should fight back by jabbing at their eyes and claiming at their gills.  Don’t try to punch their nose since the force from your punch will be significantly lower due to water resistance.

#55- What to do in the Event of a Dog Attack

Many people may find this easy survival tip useful! If you’re in a situation where a dog is going to attack, you should slow down and stay calm.  Use whatever you can to defend yourself and don’t look in the dog’s eyes since this will agitate him even more.  Try to act fearlessly against the dog and command him to STAY BACK.  You can also try to distract the dog by throwing something in hopes that they will fetch it for you.  Walk away slowly without making any sudden moves.

#56- How to Correctly Sit in the Driver Seat of Your Car when Facing an Emergency?

If you’re facing a dangerous situation behind the wheel, the correct seating position will allow you to react much faster.  You should adjust your posture so your back is pressing against the seat and that your legs should almost be straight while pressing on the brakes.  The positioning of your head should be nearly vertical, and your wrist should rest freely on the steering wheel at the ten and two o’clock positions.  The steering wheel shouldn’t cover the dashboard, and your mirrors should always be adjusted, so you have the optimal vision from behind.  These driving tips should be visible to everyone yet a significant number of people do not bother with them.

#57- Survival Tip on How to Recognise Appendicitis Critical Survival Tips

When the appendix is inflamed, the pain will increase if you lay on a hard surface and raise your legs and then lower them sharply.  Pain will also be felt if you lie flat with your legs straighten out, relaxing your stomach and press on the area then abruptly remove your hand.  Your stomach will also hurt when your appendix is inflamed.  When you cough the pain will be felt on the right side of your stomach.  You should see a doctor if you have even the slightest suspicion that you might have appendicitis.

#58- What to do if your child Swallows a Battery

This survival tip is crucial if your child swallows a battery because this emergency is much more dangerous than you might think.  If the battery becomes stuck in the esophagus, the electrolyte fluid will burn the mucous membrane within two hours and will cause significant damage to the esophagus walls.  When you become aware of the fact that your child swallowed a battery you need to see a doctor immediately and have them do an X-ray. If they discover the battery stuck in the esophagus, they will attempt to remove it promptly.  If the battery has passed the esophagus and is now in the stomach, it will naturally remove itself, but the child must be observed by a medical professional.

#59- How to Survive a Spider Bite

In the world of spiders, there’s a handful of them that are very dangerous to humans. From the  Reclus to the Black Widow, these small spiders can deliver some potent bites that could prove life-threatening.  For the most part, there’s a good chance you may not know you’ve been bitten until you start experiencing pain and redness at the location of the bite.  Severe symptoms will typically begin within fifteen minutes of the bite so use this little time to seek medical attention.  Experts suggest to wash the bite and apply ice as soon as possible.  Applying Ice is very important since it can significantly slow down the effects of the venom.  Most spiders are not fatal for healthy adults, but drugs and antivenoms can ensure they won’t be any long-lasting effects.

#60- Falling from a Plane with a Malfunctioned Parachute.

Many people skydive and never encounter this problem, but if you’re skydiving and your parachute doesn’t work, there might be a chance of survival.  Even if this survival tip might not seem legit, there are cases of people surviving a fall upwards of ten thousand feet, and there are things you can do to raise your odds of making it out alive.

The first thing you should do is face the earth, arch your back, stretch your arms and fold your knees and elbows.  Doing this will provide you a bit more stability and increase your drag resulting in slowing you down and being able to steer yourself through the air.  Now that you’re ready to control your trajectory look for a safe place to land including snow, freshly tilled fields and especially, sloping hills. Forest and thick brush can also be ok but will increase your chances of being impaled. Avoid water, rocks, and concrete because this would be the hardest surfaces you could fall on.  In the end, relax your body and position yourself in a vertical position and enjoy your life flashing before your eyes. Another survival tip that could save your life that we all hope to never have to use! What a way to go!

#61- Escaping a Burning House

We all learn about fire safety in school, and we all seem to know what to do yet thousands of people die in a house or building fires every year.

This first survival tip is to have working smoke detectors and have an escape pre-planned.  Step number two is to follow these steps if you’re caught in a house fire.  Get out of the house as safely and as quickly as possible by staying low to the ground and if possible, have a wet cloth to place over your mouth and nose. Make sure to feel the doors before opening them to ensure their not hot and that you’re not going to be face to face with the fire.   If you’re going to escape from a window, you will need to shut the room door behind you so you’re not creating a surge of air that would result in a massive fire surge.  Lastly, if you’re successful in escaping the burning house, do NOT go back in!

#62- Don’t Do This with an Aggressive Dog!

If you’re facing an aggressive dog, one thing you should never do is to show your teeth by smiling.  Smiling to a dog is like giving the middle finger to a human and the dog will take it as an ultimate aggression and will most likely attack you because of it.   Just remember, DO NOT SMILE, even if you’re nervous.


#63- Quick Way to Avoid a Nuclear Shockwave

If you’re witnessing a nuclear explosion a few miles/km away, you will have to immediately get to a safe area to avoid the initial shockwave.  If you’re in the wilderness, try to find a ditch and huddle inside it. A shovel will prove useful if you have one with you so you can dig yourself a trench as fast as you can and hide to avoid the dangerous shockwave.

#64- Last Minute Way to Avoid Most of The Nuclear Radiation

If did not prepare yourself for a nuclear attack, there are still some last minute things you can do to protect yourself.  If you realize that an atomic bomb is detonating near your location, then you need to act fast to avoid massive radiation poisoning.  Quickly go to the middle of your house and build the thickest fort you can with the furniture in the room. Use anything to cover yourself and have as many layers on you to try to avoid the initial wave of radiation.


#65- One of the Best Survival Hacks SOS Signal in the Wilderness.

If you’re lost in the wilderness and need to create an SOS signal without a flare, then hope might not be lost entirely.  This survival hack will only work after nightfall. You will just need two items that you most likely already have in your survival backpack, a glow stick and some string.  Tie the glowstick to a piece of string and swing it in the air like a helicopter propeller.  If you’re out in the open, there is no chance that they will not see you from a search and rescue helicopter. This is a survival thacks that would be very useful to someone lost in the wilderness at night!

#66- How to Survive an AI Attack

This kind of world extinction event is becoming more and more realistic according to Stephen Hawkins, and to some degree, we agree with him. If our robotic creation decided to exterminate every one of their gods (I’m talking about us when I say god’s, you knew that right?) you need to stay off the grid.  The only way to survive this is to disappear for good by staying offline and living entirely off the grid and have a self-sufficient life. Either way, you’ll eventually be found and killed, sorry.

#67- Personal Water Filters are CHEAP! BUY ONE!

In recent years I’ve come to realize that carrying water while on a wilderness trek is no longer a survival necessity. You can now buy personal water filters like the LifeStraw and the Sawyer for approximately twenty-five dollars.  These survival gadgets transform almost any source of water into clean and safe drinking water.  If that’s not a great survival tip, then I don’t know what is!

#68- Your Bras can Save Your Life!

If you’re in a house or building that’s on fire, and the smoke makes it hard for you to breath, transform your bras into a respirator. If you ‘re wearing bras, take it off and fold it, so both cups are now doubling as one thick cup. Place the cup of the bra over your mouth and nose creating a makeshift respirator.

#69- Aluminum Foil to Replace a Battery!

We’ve mentioned a few times that carrying some aluminum foil with you in your survival pack is a useful tip that can also transform into a battery.  If you lose a battery and now only have one cell to power a two battery position flashlight, you can use some foil to overcome this obstacle.  Cut a piece of aluminum foil the same length of a battery and roll it, so it’s almost as thick as the battery your matting it with.  Place the battery and the rolled up foil in the flashlight, and you should now have a temporary working flashlight to get you out a jam.

#70- Nail Polish and Matches

Nail polish can be used to prevent your matches from becoming useless after being contaminated with water.  Paint the top half of the matches with nail polish creating a flammable yet waterproof barrier between the igniter and water.  Works every time!

#71- Survival Tips To Getting out of Restraints made from Zip Ties

There’s a great survival tips if someone kidnaps you and tie your hands together with zip ties.  Grab the end of the zip tie with your mouth and pull as hard as you can to tighten them.  You will be able to set yourself free by spreading your arms in a fast jerking motion.

#72- Strengthening Windows From Hurricanes

You will need to strengthen your windows, so they don’t shatter all over the place in case of an oncoming hurricane. If you didn’t have the resources to board your windows, you could strengthen them by using duct tape.  Tape all four sides of the window and the tape from corner to corner creating an X.  Doing this could prevent severe injuries if the window shattered.

#73- Breaking a Lock

Look for a couple of wrenches if you’re being held captive and a padlock is used to lock you in a room.  Hitting the lock with a wrench will prove useless, but you can use two wrenches to break the latch easily.   Place both wrenches in the loop of the padlock with one tip on the inside and one tip on the outside of each wrench and then separate two inner tips in a motion that would be like closing a pair of plyers.

#74- Another Way to Filter Water

Another way to filter water is by cutting the bottom off a plastic bottle and wrapping a cloth around the opening (the other end).  Place the plastic bottle upside down and fill it with charcoal, sand, stones, more sand, and more stones.  This layered combination is all you need to filter your water, just do not forget to boil it since the filtration process will not kill bacteria.

#75- Escaping from a Crocodile

Crocodiles are clumsy creatures and running away from them can be very successful if done the right way.  Run away from the Crocodile using zigzag movements since they will have trouble turning and will end up slowing them down considerably.

#76- Use Super Glue on a Wound

Some would say that this method is dangerous because of the toxins inside the glue, but if this is the difference between bleeding to death and having a low amount of toxins enter your bloodstream, then I will choose the second option.  Close the wound and apply the glue, that simple.

#77- Don’t Eat Snow When Trying to Survive the Cold

Eating snow when thirsty will not rehydrate you and will only cause your body to become colder and use more energy to keep you warm.  Always melt the snow before drinking it, and it’s not a bad idea to warm it up a bit if you can if you’re trying to survive in sub-zero temperatures.

#78- Survival Tips on What to do With a Deep Wound?

If you find yourself with a deep wound resulting from a piece of glass, do not pull it out.  Get medical attention as soon as possible and be careful not to move the object because you could cause irreversible damage. This is a survival tips that most people would already know but crucial to remember in times of crisis.

#79- Hide your Childs Name in Their Backpack

You see many parents place their child’s name on the outside of their backpack in case it becomes lost, but this is a mistake.  Only have one parent phone number on the pack in case they lose it because if a kidnapper sees the child’s name, they will use it to lure the child and act as they know them.

#80- Making an SOS Torch

Take your knife and split the tip of a stick down the middle about 6 inches deep and stuff as much birch bark between the two sections as you can.  Building yourself a torch is not only great for lighting your path but also to quickly light it up to signal for help from air crafts or vehicles.

#81- Birch Bark Powder

Birch bark powder is an excellent fuel to quickly and easily ignite your fire.  You can make birch bark powder by scrapping the inside of the bark with a sharp knife. This is an easy survival hack that anyone could learn how to do, with a sharp knife of course.

#82- Feather Spark

While trekking in the wilderness, you might walk by bird feathers without giving it much thought.  These feathers can be used as fuel since they are easily ignitable with a single spark.  Pick up the fallen feathers and place them in a ziplock bag in case you need some dry tinder along your travels.

#83- Condoms Survival Hacks

A good condom survival hacks can be used for things other than lovemaking; they can also be used to carry water while in the wilderness.  A pack of condoms takes little to no space in your survival pack and will hold a significant amount of water. Make sure the condoms are unscented and unlubricated.

#84- Moss Full of Rain Water

Another great way to collect water is through the moss.  If there was a recent rainfall and you’re in need of water, find some moss and squeeze out the water inside it.  You can gather as much as a liter of water within twenty minutes. It will do the job even though the taste might not be the greatest.


#85-  Waterproof your Compass

Waterproofing your matches isn’t the only thing you should keep away from water, you should waterproof your compass as well.  If these even a single drop of water that makes its way into your compass it could make the needle stick and give you an inaccurate reading.


#86- Boiling Water in Aluminum Foil

Another excellent aluminum foil tip is to use it as a canteen for boiling water. Grab a piece of foiling the size of a square foot and place your fist in the center and wrap the sides around your arm creating a bowl.  Pour some water into your foil Boal and set it by the fire to bring the water to a boil.

#87- Building a Fire Reflector Wall from your Space Blanket

You can make use of your reflective space blanket by using it as a fire reflector wall to make sure you get the most out of the heat from your fire.  Wrap the edges of the space blanket around two stakes and drive it into the ground next to your fire.  The fire reflector wall will make it, so you’re not losing as much heat due to the wind.

#88- Building a Fire Reflector Wall out of Natural Material

Building a fire reflector wall out of natural material is quite simple since all you need are things you will most likely be items surrounding you in the wilderness.   Palant two stakes into the ground in a rectangle pater beside your fire.  Stack green branches on top of one another between the support stakes. This will reflect the heat back to you which would have otherwise been lost in the wind.

#89- Space Blanket SOS

Roll up your space blanket around a couple of sticks resulting in a giant mirror that you can hold up in the air and use it to reflect the sunlight.  Doing this will make impossible for any aircraft to miss your SOS sign.

#90- A Crab Apple a Day Can Keep the Doctor Away!

Crab apples, which are also known as wild apples, are fruits that are tangy and tart. They look beautiful with their pink or red skins.  Unripe crab apples can even cure wounds. Place the fruit on the open wound to help it close and heal faster. Meanwhile, ripe crab apples can be useful for your digestive system and can help prevent piles and diarrhea.

#91- Charcoal to Prevent Snow Blindness

Snow blindness is a painful, temporary loss of vision due to overexposure to the sun’s UV rays. The medical term for snow blindness is photokeratitis. Essentially, snow blindness is caused by a sunburned eye — or more specifically, a sunburned cornea.  If you don’t have any UV protected goggles or glasses you can prevent snow blindness by smearing some charcoal under your eyes; it also absorbs a lot of light.


#92-Survival  Hacks Duct Tape Or Birch Bark to Prevent Snow Blindness

You can also make an ancient pair of goggles using birch bark.  The Native Americans used to make these to prevent snow blindness by cutting some bark in the shape of glasses and slicing two small rectangular eye holes. You can also make snow goggles using duct tape or other material around you. Using a little twig to keep the goggles on your face is a remarkable fashion statement in the wilderness! Awesome survival hacks that could save your vision!

#93- Pain Relieving Willow Bark

Stripping the inner bark of a willow tree then steeping it in water or chewing on it will provide you with an efficient way to help you alleviate the cold and flu symptoms and is also an active pain reliever.  The bark of white willow contains salicin, which is a chemical similar to aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid). In combination with the herb’s potent anti-inflammatory plant compounds (called flavonoids), salicin is thought to be responsible for the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects of the herb.

#94- Bring Some Trash Bags with you in the Wilderness

Bringing a few trash bags with you and stuffing them in your survival backpack is worth its weight in gold and will take very little space.  You can use a trash bag to collect all sorts of dry tinder in the event of an oncoming rainfall. You can also transform a trash bag into an emergency shelter, ponchos, and many more useful things by using your imagination.


#95- Always Have a Bandana With You in the Wilderness

You should never overlook the importance of carrying a bandana on your travels through the wilderness. I  always carry a bandana, but you’ll never see me wearing one because of the different things you can use it for.  You can use the bandana as a tourniquet, bandage, water filter, sunshade, firewood carrier and a bug net.  You’ll realize just how useful these things are and they are weightless and take little space in your survival backpack.

#96- Reflective Blacket to Keep you Cool

You can use a reflective blanket not only to keep you warm but to also keep you cool under the hot sun.  Placing the reflective side facing outwards will reflect the suns heat outwards and keep everything underneath the blanket a bit cooler.


#97- Survival Condom Hacks as an Ignition

You can use a condom to ignite dry tinder on a sunny day by filling it up with water and using it as a magnifying glass under the hot sun.  Let’s just say that there are many survival hacks regarding condoms.

#98-  Toilet Paper Protector / Holder

One thing you won’t want to lose due to wet weather is your toilet paper. Using dry pine cones to wipe your butt is no fun at all so you will want to keep your toilet paper dry by placing it into an old coffee can and slicing a line the width of the tissue.

#99- Do NOT Spread the Word

Don’t brag and advertise around your neighborhood that you’re building an emergency shelter in case of a crisis.  If people know about your secret shelter, It won’t be too long until you have dozens of people knocking at your door and using up all the resources you would typically have kept for you and your family. Only tell the people you would want to help or that you can afford to help. This is a very important SHTF survival Tip.

#100- Load up on Survival Books

If you buy survival books, it would be a great habit to place them in your emergency shelter after you’re done reading them. This way if there is a crisis you will have a lot of information at your fingertips.  If you read books on an e-reader, you should never delete your survival books since they take little space and you can always have them with you in case an emergency situation should arise.

#101- Prepare for Multiple Emergency Events

An enormous amount of “survivalist” will only prepare for specific disasters they think would just be the ones that would affect them.  Some will only prepare for hurricanes while others would prepare for significant power outages.  If you’re going through the process of building an emergency shelter, you should prepare for not only one disaster but multiple disasters.  You never know what unknown crisis could be coming your way.  Finally, my last survival tip for you is NEVER to place all your eggs in one basket.

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