Best 15 End Times Tips on How to Stop Worrying About the End of the World!

Today, I don’t worry too much about a full-on apocalypse. I believe in prepping for natural disasters, blackouts, job loss. Those are things that have a high chance of happening to most people. In this article, I will talk about 15 tips & lifehacks on how to stop worrying about the end of the world and your doomsday anxiety.

As I’m writing this article, I remember the first time I became aware of the doomsday hysteria. I was in 7th grade in the mid 90’s, and I had borrowed a VHS recording of “Ancient Prophecies.”  When I was watching this end times documentary, I became aware of how many different possibilities and also how little time we have before a doomsday apocalypse.

I never really thought of end times and doomsday anxiety, but the more I watch some prepper YouTube videos, the more I realize how some people honestly believe the end it just around the corner. There’s of course nothing wrong with that, and I encourage people to prepare for such events because you never know. Better to be fully equipped when SHTF or if it’s as simple as a weeklong blackout after a massive storm.

How My Doomsday Anxiety Began

As I was saying, my doomsday anxiety began in 1994 while I was in 7th grade. Have you ever watched the Ancient Prophecies documentary? Something to jog your memory would be the creepy guy (and his voice) narrating the doc while walking through the halls of the great pyramids of Egypt.

The most significant doomsday prediction was the December 2012 Mayan calendar prophecy. That one scared me until I got a bit older and informed myself about what this prediction was all about.

That 2012 end times prophecy alone generated millions of dollars in movie ticket and book sales. Doomsday predictions are very lucrative, and that’s the reason people want to keep them alive right up to the next day of the supposed end of the world.

That documentary was when I became interested in this topic, and I am even more interested in it today but for different reasons.  Let me know in the comment section at the end of the article what your first end of the world awakening began.

Here is the full 90-minute video of the first Ancient Prophecies. I just finished watching it and what I find so exciting this time around is how many predictions simply never happened.

That alone should be the beginning of alleviating your doomsday anxieties. It is much easier for people to find past events in prophecies. It is much more challenging to figure out future events in those same predictions.

Tips and Life Hacks to Help Stop Worrying About the End of the World and the End Times

It is understandable that many of you would be worrying about the end of the world. The world we live in today is filled with uncertainty and escalating tensions between individual nations. So it’s no wonder some people begin to have doomsday anxiety.

When you begin to feel overly afraid of the end times, and what may happen you can rely on some of these tips to help you get through your day.

I sometimes have anxiety, but my anxiety is for different reasons. Whether your fear is because of a doomsday scenario or anything else going on in your life, these tips should have you covered.

Some of these tips might seem like common sense, but I am confident that there will be at least one that should help you.

These are my tips and life hacks that I’ve learned through my life on how to cope with my anxiety. There are also many great resources on the subject of anxiety in general. Click here for more information.

1 – Write all your Worries Down

One of the most common effects of worrying is sleepless nights. If you’re laying in bed and can’t sleep, you should get up and go somewhere private and calm where you can write all of your worries down on a piece of paper.

I suggest paper because the white light of an Ipad or computer will send a signal to your brain that it’s daytime. You don’t need your mind thinking it’s morning if you’re already having trouble sleeping.

When you write things down on a piece of paper, it lets your brain relax because it doesn’t have to keep remembering all the details of what is worrying you. In the journal “Anxiety, Stress and Coping” scientist confirmed that chronic worriers are also problem avoiders.

2 – Chewing Gum

Chewing gum might be a simple thing we do every day but did you know that chewing gum sends a signal to your brain that you’re eating?

When the brain senses that you’re eating something, it knows that you’re not in danger, so it begins to relax. Let’s face it, if you’re in immediate danger of some uncertain future, the last thing on your mind would be enjoying a nice meal or a piece of gum. So give it a shot!

3 – Excercise

Exercise helps with anxiety.

We should all know that exercise is good for the body, but it’s also great for the mind! (Harvard studies how exercise changes your brain.)

You don’t need to go to the gym or run a marathon, all you need to do is go for a walk. If you’re feeling anxious, walking can help calm you down, especially if you’re close to nature. Being close to nature will give you an extra boost of energy, especially If you can hear the birds and smell the forest.

I like exercising when Im feeling stressed out or anxious, and it is amazing how my mood changes from anxious to feeling good in that short period.

4 – Have a Look In the Mirror

I heard of this tip a long time ago, and even though it was never something I did, I do know some people that found this tactic useful, especially if you imagine things.

If you feel that your throat is closing up on you, take a look in the mirror, and you’ll soon find out that you look completely normal; and that it was just your mind playing tricks on you. Simple yet useful for those of you that might imagine adverse health symptoms or even some sort of hallucination.

5 – Carry Food and Water Wherever You Go

Lack of food and water in your system can trigger anxiety. You should always carry a small snack and some water with you wherever you go so you can avoid this anxious trigger. I usually take a protein bar on me if I go to a place where I know I might not be able to eat for a while.

Some people can feel dizzy when hungry, and that would be reason enough to feel anxious if out in public.

6 – Carry a Grounding Object

No, not an object to discharge your static electricity, more like an object that will keep you grounded and bring your mind back to the present instead of focusing on the future.

A picture of loved ones is my favorite grounding object. I have a picture of my wife and three boys, and I have it on me at all times. I have tons of pictures on my phone of course, like most of you also im sure. But print an image that when looking at it brings you back to a happy time.

Works for me, I know, it sounds ridiculous, but give it a try, you don’t have to tell anyone.

7 – Ground Yourself

Déja Vu huh? This time around, the tip of grounding yourself is all about using your senses.

Pick out these five things around your environment when you begin to feel anxious;

  • 5 Things you can see.
  • 4 Things you can touch.
  • 3 Things you can hear.
  • 2 Things you can smell.
  • 1 Things you can taste.

This doomsday anxiety tip is all about using your senses; and when you sense that you’re losing control. Most people usually feel anxious when their losing control. Doing these things might bring your brain back down to reality.

8 – Read a Book

Reading a self-help book can help you cope with anxiety.

The book I’m reading at the time of writing this article is “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos” by Jordan Peterson. I’ve never been much into self-help books, but this one is a bit different. 

It’s currently the number one selling a book on, and for a good reason, its well written and most of it makes perfect sense.

You might think that reading a self-help book about anxiety wouldn’t help you, but all I can say is try it. If you feel like you can’t talk to anyone about your anxiety, then a self-help book is the answer.

The reason for that is because by reading something about your particular anxiety you will realize that you’re not alone. You will also realize that someone out there understands you and could be able to help you through a book.

I find that reading, in general, can take my mind off of things and so-called self-help books that relate to anxiety does an excellent job of easing the mind.

I listen to a lot of audiobooks due to my busy schedule and I find it very helpful in all aspects of reading and learning. Give it a shot and try Audible by Amazon for a 2 FREE book trial. (Aff link.)

9 – Find a Distraction

Finding a distraction is a perfect thing to get your mind off of your worries and focus on something else. My best distraction is writing and watching TV.

With Netflix, you can binge-watch almost anything you want. That would be the best place to start if you wish some distraction.

Another good distraction and something that might ease your mind are to talk to a friend. Not necessarily about any problems you may have, have a conversation so you can think of something else and not what’s bothering you at the time.

I’m still trying to find a how to stop worrying about the end of the world documentary on Netflix. Let me know if you find one.

Escape plane in case of a panic attack.

10 – Have an Escape Plan

Have an escape plan when you go out in case you become anxious and need to leave. You probably won’t have to use this one but knowing of a way out of a situation will help you not to have a panic attack.

Feeling trapped will only heighten your panic attack, and you don’t need another reason to feel anxious. An escape plan is a good tip for anyone, not just for preventing panic attacks but for your safety.

If something terrible and unforeseen happens at least, you’ll know how to escape and have better chances of making it out alive.

11 – Reverse Psychology

Have you ever thought of trying out some reverse phycology on yourself when you have a panic attack? I know, it sounds crazy but let me explain.

When you feel a panic attack, or you know your anxiety level is going to begin rising, your natural reaction would be to try to stop it, right? I say you should let it happen.

Embrace your panic attack instead of trying to run from it; you will soon find out that by not trying to avoid your anxiety you will get through it far quicker than when you try to fight it off. Reverse phycology can be enacted in many ways on how to stop worrying about the end of the world.

Click here for a WIKI HOW tutorial on how to better use reverse phycology.

12 – A Good Night’s Sleep is a Great Anxiety Cure!

A good night sleep will help ease your worries about the future.

Try and have a good night’s sleep, I know, easier said than done if you’re lying in bed worrying about the future.

I once heard a therapist say;

“When a client comes into my office suffering from anxiety or depression, I tell them, ‘Go home and commit to getting eight hours of sleep every night this week. When you wake, make your bed. Then come to see me in a week, and we’ll talk.”

What he means by that is when you’re sleeping, the body heals itself. You’re not only repairing your body, but you’re also healing your mind. It’s almost like pushing a reset button. It works exceptionally well with kids and with their mood swings as I’m sure you know if you have children.

Click on the link for a full article on 50 Life Hacks For a Better Night Sleep. These sleep hacks work, and most of them are very easy to do before going to bed. It’s simple; sleep is essential for all things “survival.”

You should also visit the National Sleep Foundation website for much useful literature.

13 – Every Situation Is Different

Some of you might have triggers that pave the way for a panic attack to happen. Tell yourself that every situation is different from the last and try to focus on those small differences while your anxiety is elevating.

Even if its just something as simple as the weather, focus on it; and tell your brain that it’s not the same and that you can get through the situation without panicking.

Might sound a bit odd but it might also work at alleviating your panic attack and put you in a better place.

14 – Fidget Spinner

Buy yourself a fidget spinner. Spin it. Watch it spin. Focus of the spinning and having the fidget spinner balance on the tip of your finger. That’s all, it’s that simple.

Pilar Trelles, MD, a psychiatrist at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City. She had this to say about fidget spinner when she was asked if fidget spinners help people cope with anxiety.

“Yes, fidget spinners can help folks cope with higher-than-average energy levels, anxiety, or extreme sensitivity to certain environments. For example, explains Dr. Trelles, “when someone is hypersensitive to the environment they might bite their nails, pull out their cuticles, or pinch their skin.” Fidget spinners offer a less harmful way to expend that nervous energy.”.

Click here for more in-depth information and the full article about fidget spinners and anxiety

15 – Have No Fear

My final doomsday anxiety tip is “don’t fear your anxiety.” Train your mind to have no fear of your anxiety and to not worry about having a panic attack. Most of your panic comes merely from the fear of having a panic attack. Just let the panic attack happen, and you will notice that the level of your anxiety will decrease.

The length of time your panic attack last will also slowly decrease as you train your mind not to fear what’s coming.

I will finish off my list of doomsday anxiety tips with this quote.

“At the end of the day, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. If you stop fearing anxiety, it will have no reason to exist anymore.”

I understand that this might sound impossible but I’ve been there, and now I don’t fear it and its almost entirely gone for me. It took a long while, but as I trained my mind in a different aspect of anxiety, I have so much more control over my panic attacks.

Remember, you are in control of your mind and body. As soon as you fully believe that fact,  you will be on the right path to having an anxiety free life.

Panic Button

First off I want to say that I’ve never tried this product. I saw someone talk about it a while back on a YouTube video and remembered the name of this remedy.

The product I’m talking about is “Newton Labs Homeopathics Remedy Panic Button 1oz Liquid” (Amazon Link). It’s inexpensive and supposedly work for some people. The FDA does not test homeopathic remedies so do your research to find out if it’s the right thing for your condition.

  • Formulated for symptoms associated with extreme or sudden panics such as anxiety, tension, stress or fear.
  • Directions: Ages 12 and up, take six drops or pellets by mouth (ages 0 to 11, give three drops or pellets) as needed or as directed by a health professional. Under age 2, crush/dissolve pellets in purified water. Sensitive persons begin with one drop or pellet and gradually increase to full dose.


Fearing the future is a normal human habit but what is not normal is fearing a doomsday scenario to the point where it begins controlling your life.

I hope some of these doomsday anxiety tips can be of help to you or someone you know. Learning how to stop worrying about the end of the world is easier said than done but it can happen. let me know in the comment section if you think of something I might have missed in my list.

CLICK HERE for a great resource If you or someone you know is suffering from any type of anxiety or depression

Thanks for reading and please share with anyone that would benefit from this information.

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