Best 18 Skills to Learn For Surviving Post End of the World / With Videos

One thing is sure, learning how to survive after the end of the world will be a challenging task to accomplish. As time passes, more and more people will learn how to survive, and it will be detrimental that you also learn some helpful skills if you want to ensure your survival post end of the world. This article will show you the top 18 best survival skills to learn before the end of the world.

You should also learn these useful survival skills so you can become an asset for any group of survivors you hope to join. Buying survival gadgets and prepping for a disaster is a good start; But what if you need to survive long after your prepping supplies runs out?

In an actual end of the world scenario, survival skills will be the most critical asset you could have at your disposal.

Best Skills to Survive The End of the World

1 – Medical and First Aid Skills

Medical and first aid survival skills are one of the best skills to learn. These skills are even essential in your everyday life; Especially if you’re into wilderness related hobbies.

I don’t expect you to become a doctor; But learning the basics will be of great help if you ever want to become an asset to yourself or even a survivors community.

An item everyone should have in their bug out bag is a First Aid Handbook (Amazon link). These first aid guides teach you how to wrap up a simple to severe cut to saving someone from choking, be it an adult or a baby.

I’m fortunate to receive a first aid course every year through my work. You can quickly search on Google to find out where and when the next first aid course is in your area; Especially If your employer does not provide one.

Herbal medicine is also something to consider. If you’re living in a post-apocalyptic world, medicine stockpiles will be all but gone. You will have to make due with what’s on hand. If you’re lucky enough to be in a location where vegetation is growing, a lesson in herbal medicine might become a lifesaver.

Click this link (All you need to know about Fish Antibiotics) to learn more about alternative medicines through fish antibiotics. Some of these antibiotics have the same ingredients as their human counterparts. One significant difference, however, is you do not need a prescription for purchase.

2 – Learn How to Hot Wire a Car

I’ve been doing a bit of research on how to hotwire a vehicle. What I’ve quickly discovered is that learning how to hotwire a car is much simpler than I previously thought. Of course, only attempt this after the end of the world; And not before the apocalypse if you want to stay out of prison.

You should see many vehicles left abandoned by their owners in a post-apocalyptic world. You’ll undoubtedly have a large choice of cars to chose from. One thing to note is that not all vehicles can easily be hotwired. Newer vehicles have complicated security key fobs that would make it difficult to start the car without it on hand.

Older cars with fewer electronics are far easier to hotwire compared to new vehicles. Click here for a quick and easy guide on how to hotwire a car after the end of the world. 

You can also watch this short video below for a simple tutorial on how to hotwire a car.

Disclaimer: Do not use this information to steal a vehicle pre-apocalypse. I will, however, encourage you to use this information after 90% of the world’s population is dead.

3 – Learn everything you can About Situational Awareness

Situational awareness is a skill that is extremely useful in everyday life. Some people might call this skill “paranoia” but knowing your surroundings can mean the difference between life an death, especially in a post-apocalyptic environment.

As you’re learning to survive, every other survivor out there is also learning many survival skills. Think of a post-apocalyptic world as a video game. As time goes on, people become skilled in many in-depth survival skills. And you might have difficulty surviving if you don’t keep up. That’s why it’s essential to learn some of these skills before SHTF.

The formal definition of SA is broken down into three segments: perception of the elements in the environment,  comprehension of the situation, and projection of future status. Click this link for in-depth information regarding situational awareness. 

The video below sums it up correctly and also give some advice as to how to hone some of these SA skills. City Prepper does a great job at articulating what situational Awareness entails.

4 – Learning What Type of Plants you can Eat in the Wilderness

Prepping a massive stockpile of food is a great idea, but it certainly will not last forever. That’s why you need to learn what is safe and deadly regarding plant life in the wilderness.

Many plants are poisonous and can hurt your health. Learning which plants are safe to eat is essential.

One of my favorite books on this subject is “Edible Wild Plants: A North American Field Guide to Over 200 Natural Foods”. Click here to check it out on Amazon.

One aspect I love about this book is that there are no drawings like in many books. Instead, there are actual pictures of the plant itself. Pictures make it so much easier to identify the plant you’re looking at or that you want to find. It is mostly taking the guesswork out of the equation.

It’s helpful to be able to easily cross-reference the different plants by seasons, region, the location of habitat, and types. It is simple to figure out, and yet, so very comprehensive. Click here for my article on the 15 most dangerous plants in the wilderness. These are the plants you should avoid at all cost!

5 – Learning How to Become a Gray Man

Learning how to become a gray man is the art of blending into any crowds and environment. Some people would lead you to believe that you need to wear neutral gray clothing to blend in with a group; however, there’s much more to becoming a Gray Man than bland outward appearance. You also need to act the part.

Think of when you were in high school, remember the dreary, average student that no one ever paid much attention? That is mostly what a Gray Man is, someone that’s forgettable and no one remembers.

To bend in you will need to adapt to the different environments. If you’re on a college campus, you will have to act and appear different than if you’re at an NRA convention. If you’re living in a post-apocalyptic future, you will need to look like you have nothing to offer, so people won’t attack you and steal everything you own.

Check out the book Gray Man: Camouflage for Crowds, Cities, and Civil Crisis”(Amazon Link)

You can also search on YouTube about the subject; there are a few very informative videos about becoming a gay man.

6 – Learn Hunting and Fishing Skills

Hunting and fishing skills will be indispensable if you’re in an area where nature is taking back the earth from the human race.

I would start by learning how to fish because of its simplicity. Find someone you know that could teach you, or click here for a comprehensive Wiki How guide to learn how to fish correctly.

One thing I would recommend if you’re in the beginner’s phase is to keep the gear you purchase simple. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to start fishing today.

The next step is learning how to hunt. I would also consider finding someone you know that can teach you how to hunt or even find a hunting/gun club in your community. Those types of clubs/groups are prevalent in some rural areas across the country; the membership fees are usually inexpensive. Click here for an excellent hunting guide.

This hunting guide is divided into six parts.

Six Parts: Researching Hunting, Preparing to Hunt, Becoming Familiar with Your Weapon, Planning for a Good Hunt, Learning About Handling Your Game and finally, Going on Your Hunt. This guide is loaded with great information for beginners, but it certainly doesn’t replace the knowledge of a seasoned hunter.

7 – Learn How to Build Your Tools

Learning the skill of making your tools could prove essential in a long-term survival situation. It’s great if you can master the art of sharpening an existing ax. That ax will eventually fail you and its not like you can buy a new one at the hardware store.

It’s not overly complicated to learn how to build tools; you need to know how to do it the right way. You don’t want the tools you make to end up being a safety hazard to you or a family member.

CLICK HERE for a step by step guide for how to build a stone Ax from a piece of wood and a chunk of rock. Bellow is an excellent video showing you how simple it can be to create a stone ax for yourself.

You should also learn how to build a spear to make hunting much easier if you’re without a gun or bullets. The best spear in my opinion to catch small animals and marine life is a split tip spear. A split tip spear is a multi-pronged spear that will help you quickly capture small animals from the forest floor or in a lake or river.

Gather yourself a small twig about an inch around. Cut the thicker end into four parts going about 12 inches down from the top. Spread the four pieces using a stick and sharpen the four tips with your knife.

9 – Learn the Basics of Carpentry

Learning the basics of carpentry could go hand in hand with making your tools and learning how to use them correctly. You might need to build a camp deep in the wilderness where you can hide from dangerous marauders threatening your livelihood.

You don’t need to be an expert at building homes but knowing the basics of calculating where the pieces should go to create a safe place to live is very important. Also, learn how to make a primitive shelter in the wilderness if you’re hiding from dangerous survivors. There are many ways to quickly build a shelter in the forest using only things you find on the forest floor.

10 – Gardening and Food Preservative Skills

Not too long ago almost everyone had a garden. Now only a small percentage of people have a garden large enough for the crop to last all winter. My parents and most generations behind them had extensive gardens. They would preserve the food so it would last all winter. It was a common practice of their everyday life, prepping for the winter.

You don’t need to have a vast garden to learn the basics. Many people living in urban areas will have soil filled rubber or plastic containers; And turn them into a small garden that fits perfectly on a deck.

Gardening is your first step in prepping. But what you do with the food is another matter altogether. If you have a significant enough food stock, you should learn how to preserve it for an extended period. So you’re able to make the food you’re growing last for an entire year.

In the past, everyone was preserving food in some fashion, but bottling was the most common practice in my area. Check out the book “The Urban Homestead” (Amazon Link). This book is an excellent guide for anyone that wants to learn the useful skills of vegetable gardening, food foraging, food preserving, and chicken keeping.

11 – Gathering and Purifying Water

Having the ability to gather and purify water is essential to ensuring your survival. There are many ways to collect water in the wilderness that you might have never thought possible. Click here for my comprehensive guide on how to gather and purify water while venturing into the wilderness.

These methods of finding and purifying water can be instrumental to ensure your survival long before the end of the world happens. You can achieve most of these methods with what you would already have with you in your bug out bag.

12 – Self Defense

Being able to defend yourself and your family from people who would take other survivors belongs by force would certainly prove life-saving. Sure, you could always carry a gun but what about the day you run out of bullets?

You may also want to defend yourself in a way, so you don’t raise any suspicion from nearby groups. Everyone close would hear a gunshot, but they might not hear you break someone’s neck in self-defense.

When it comes to protecting your family from desperate individuals all bets are off. Remember, this is in a post-apocalyptic environment, and some people would turn into complete savages when starving to death. You don’t need to have a black belt in martial arts but knowing how to get out of a situation where someone has a knife at your throat would be useful.

Click on the video below for a small tutorial on how to be able to survive a knife to throat scenario. There were many videos to chose from regarding a knife to throat attack. The reason I picked this particular video is that they go into a few details at the beginning about the situation and not just the self-defense aspect.

13 – Learning How to Make Soap

Sanitation is critical due to infections and the lack of medicine after doomsday occurs. A simple cut can be a death sentence if you’re always dirty. You need to stay as clean as possible and also be able to safely clean wounds as they occur.

Making soap is not as complicated as one might think. And the best thing about this is that your soap won’t be full of chemicals and perfumes that might be hazardous to your health.

The video below will show you how to make soap using things you would only find in the wilderness. There are other great videos out there about how to make soap, but most of them incorporate stuff like olive oil and household items. If you’re trying to survive after the end of the world, their won’t be any “household items” left before too long.

14 – How To Use a Survival Paracord

Paracords are easy to acquire and have hundreds of uses when you know how to take advantage of them. You might not think a paracord would be as useful as a survival knife, duct tape or a good multi-tool but it can be just as useful if you know how to use it properly.

You need to know how to make a strong paracord knot. After you’ve mastered how to make a knot, you can dive into these 101 useful ways to put a paracord to good use. The video below is quick and to the point. It’s packed with loads of information on how to properly use a paracord for your everyday survival.

15 – Fire Making Skills

Of course, fire making skills should be on the top of the list, my bad; This one slipped my mind since its so obvious.

There are many ways to build a fire and to keep it going. I’m not fond of the stick rub method since I’ve never really been able to achieve this in a reasonable amount of time. My favorite way to build a fire is by using a ferrocerium rod. You should buy one right now; you won’t regret it after watching the funny video below from Alfey Aesthetics.

A Ferrocerium rod is inexpensive, and even if the world ends, you’ll still be able to find something similar to create sparks. I guess when all else fail you can use a rock.

16 – Dental Hygiene Skills

Let’s say you bug out in the wild and you forgot to pack yourself a toothbrush and toothpaste; You’ll need to find a way to keep up with your dental hygiene to avoid infection. I remember watching the movie “Castaway” where Tom Hank’s character had to pluck out one of his infected teeth. One word, OUCH!

First, find the twig of a non-poisonous and fibrous tree and use that to scrape off food left on your teeth. You’ll need to sharpen the tip of the twig, so you’re able to clean in-between your teeth properly.

After some time you won’t be able to find mouthwash anymore so you’ll have to make your own. Boil the bark of any tree with tannic acid. You can quickly gather this in oak trees, birch trees, and aspen to name a few.

The result will be a good substitute for mouthwash long after the end of the world. Also, chewing on a chunk of tree sap will help get the gunk out of your back teeth.

17 – Learn How to Tie a Bowline

Being able to tie a bowline will be critical if you ever need to lift an excessive amount of weight. Remember, the things we use these days to lift heavy object requires either electricity or petroleum of some sort. These are all things that will be lacking after the end of the world.

I remembered a long time ago; we learned how to tie a bowline in the boy scouts. The instructor had us memorize a story about a rabbit.

“The rabbit comes up out of his hole, goes around the tree and gets scared and goes back down his hole.”

What that means is you have to make a loop near one end of the rope. Then pass the other end of the rope up through that loop and move that end behind and around the upper part of the first and then pass it back down through the loop.

Of course, it will be much easier to understand by watching the video below?

18 – How to Find Your Way Without a Compass or GPS

Chances are you will have a compass with you while trekking a desolate post-apocalyptic wasteland. Chances are nil that you’ll be able to use a workable GPS. That is why learning how to find your way without a compass or GPS is essential and more accessible than you might think.

Click here for my complete guide on how to navigate using only the sun, shadows and moon. Of course, you’ll need a stick or two, but that should not be hard to find in the wild.


So there you have it, my list of the top 18 best skills to learn to survive a post-apocalyptic world scenario. Let me know in the comment section below if I’m missing any crucial skills. Im sure I forgot at least one or two. Don’t forget to share this article and check out other great pieces on my ever expanding website.

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