How To Make A Swedish Fire Log / Canadian Candle That Works Best!

As I was watching many youtube videos about the different ways to build a campfire I came across something called a Swedish Fire Log. Some also call it a Swedish Fire Torch and even a Canadian Candle. This type of campfire is so easy to build that pretty much anyone can achieve this type of fire. In this article, I will talk about how to make a Swedish Fire Log. I will also talk about how to make a Swedish Fire Log without a chainsaw because let’s face it, most of us probably won’t carry a chainsaw with us while hiking in the deep wood.

Swedish Fire Torch Pinterest Pin
How To Make a Swedish Fire Log. Pinterest Pin.

Swedish Fire Torch History

Before I dive into how to make a Swedish Fire Log I wanted to find out what was the actual Swedish Fire Log history. The Swedish Torch (Schwedenfackel) is an amazing pre-technological invention that has helped many people survive by radiating a great amount of heat and also using it as a stovetop for cooking food. A Swedish fire torch produces an efficient burn compared to traditional campfires.

Many consider its name comes during the 30 Year War, which began in 1618 and raged on till 1648. Throughout the war, firewood was challenging to find and hard to haul. It made sense that the soldiers were searching for strategies to conserve timber.

How To Make A Swedish Fire Torch

To get a self-contained interior fire with a built-in stovetop, the Swedish Fire Torch cannot be defeated. All you will need is one log along with a chainsaw.

The attractiveness of the torch is that as soon as you light it, you can virtually forget it. The log will gradually burn off the inside out. The cuts throughout the log supply natural air flow which will keep your flame ventilated.

Ensure at least one end of this log is cut flat so that it is going to stand up directly on its own end. Take your chainsaw to make three crisscrossing cuts around 3/4 of the way through.

It is possible to begin your torch when lighting a small fire on top that will eventually burn into the log. Kerosene or lighter fluid placed in the middle of this log will even help get it moving.

Watch the video below to learn how to make a Swedish Fire Torch.

How To Make A Canadian Candle?

Just in case you didn’t already know, a Canadian Candle is the same thing as a Swedish Fire Torch. I looked online, and I couldnt find any information as to where the name “Canadian Candle” came from. I also was wondering if it has the same origin story as the Sweedish Fire Log.

The story is most likely lost in the history book somewhere in a library. Please let me know if any of you finds this information. Send me the resource and I would gladly credit you in an update to this article.

Swedish Fire Log Without A Chainsaw

You don’t necessarily need a chainsaw to make a Swedish Fire Log, an Axe or hand saw will do just fine. My favorite and by far the easiest way to build this type of fire is to split the log into two criss-cross leading to four equal size peace. Now you will need to slice about an inch from top to bottom on each piece of wood on the interior giving space in the middle for some tinder. When placing the four parts of the log back together, you will now have a hole in the middle to fill with kindling.

Grab some twigs to make a rope to hold the Swedish Fire Log together. What I like to use best is an uncoiled metal coat hanger. By using a metal coat hanger, you will prevent whats holding the fire log together when burning.

Watch the video below to see what I’m talking about and for a complete tutorial on how to make a Swedish Fire Log without a chainsaw.

Advantages of a Swedish Fire Torch

  1. When there is an infinite number of ways of making a campfire, the Fire Log provides some distinct benefits, particularly for cooking.
  2. Efficient Usage of Wood, by carefully arranging the timber from one log, the Fire Log generates a directional fire that burns from the interior.
  3. Based upon the size of the surface of your log, the surface may quickly sit a water pot or cast iron skillet.
  4. Fast, Usable Flame — Since the fires of a traditional campfire are tough to control, it’s generally better to wait till it burns down to embers prior to cooking. The Swedish Fire Torch concentrates on the aftermath of the flame, letting you cook over a concentrated flame within 20 minutes.
  5. Keeps Fire Safely off the ground — In spite of wood that is dry, it can be tricky to generate a traditional campfire once the ground is wet or covered in snow. The Swedish Fire Log method retains up the fire off the ground preventing water and moisture to affect the intensity of the flame.
  6. Self Feeding / Self Ventilating — Unlike many campfires that require occasional tending, the Fire Log is totally self-sufficient once correctly lit. As embers burn the very top, they drop down into the log, burning from top to bottom. Air is drawn through the slits on each side giving the fire a sufficient amount of oxygen for a proper burn.

Using The Canadian Fire as a Cooktop

Swedish Fire Log as Cooktop
Swedish Fire Log’s Flat Cooktop Surface.

The top of the Canadian Fire makes an excellent cooktop due to its flat surface. The picture above is self-explanatory as to how easy it is to have a pot securely sitting on its flat surface.

Being able to lift up the fire log makes for a mobile kitchen if you’re using it exclusively for cooking. You can then make a second fire log for heat and light and of course for making smores!

Swedish Fire Log
Swedish Fire Log for sale from Amazon. (Picture from Alibaba.)

Swedish Fire Log For Sale

Did you know that there are some Swedish Fire Log for sale on Amazon? You can now have one of this awesome campfire contraption delivered directly to your door with just a click of a button!

They are actually selling a lot of these fire torch, but there are some that are better than others by looking at their respected buyer reviews. If you don’t own either a chainsaw or an axe and if you don’t have access to a forest then this might be your ticket to burning a Swedish Fire Log in your backyard.

The Swedish Fire Log for sale on Amazon that I would recommend is from OneLogFire (Amazon Link) and is pretty affordable compared to some of its competitors.


The Swedish Fire Log / Canadian Candle makes an impressive and efficient fire that almost anyone can achieve. Let me know if you have more information that might be missing from this article or even a better way to make one of these fires.





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