Could the Rage Virus From 28 Days Later Really Happen? Find Out!

I’ve been fascinated with doomsday movies for a long time. I like the ones that could actually become a reality; those are the scary ones. In this article, I will talk about one such movie and the virus that turned people into raging killers. One question, Could the Rage Virus in 28 Days Later actually happen?

Is the Rage Virus Real? No, the rage virus is not real. The rage virus is a fictional virus from the movie 28 Days Later and it’s sequels 28 Weeks Later. It does not mean, however, that a Rage Virus type pandemic could someday become a reality.

The rage virus is an infection that most people confuse with becoming a zombie, but there is almost no comparison from a zombie to an individual infected with the rage virus.

First off, someone infected with the rage virus is alive, they don’t die and reanimate and become undead like zombies.

I have read some articles that have mentioned that the rage virus from 28 days later is not as far fetch as people would like to think.

Rage Virus Real?

The rage virus, also known as “The Infection” is a fictional virus from the movie 28 Days Later, but I will explain in this article how real an infection such as this could someday ravage the world.

While they were filming the movie, there was two German Scientist that had said that it’s not very hard in today’s information age to be able to create a virus.

The two German scientists were able to create a synthetic Poliovirus. The scary part of this story is that they were able to gather all the necessary material from the internet. Click here for their complete article.

There seems to be a new fear in the western world about infectious diseases. These viruses are something people can’t see or smell, unlike an atomic blast.

Of course, a world-ending event like a nuclear war is something that could happen, but a global wide man-made pandemic is indeed not out of the realm of possibilities.

28 Days Later Rage Virus Explained

28 Weeks Later Rage Virus
28 Weeks Later Rage Virus Infection.

The rage virus is simply known as “the infection” in both 28 Days Later and its sequel, 28 Weeks Later. 

This virus is a lethal blood-borne virus that sends the infected person into a state of severe and uncontrollable anger, hence the name Rage Virus.

Two scientists were ultimately responsible for creating the Rage Virus. So, the Rage Virus was indeed man made even though it was entirely accidental. Events like this could happen in real life.

The Rage Virus was created by using the Ebola Virus as a means to transmit an inhibitor that regulated anger control issues. Now if that’s not irony, then I don’t know what is!

How Did the Rage Virus Start?

Two Cambridge scientist, fictional characters in 28 Days Later Clive and Warren were hired to try to isolate the specific neuro-chemicals that that causes anger and excessive aggression in humans.

As I mentioned above, they were attempting to develop an inhibitor that regulates and control anger issues.

After the two scientists successfully produced an inhibitor; Warren assumed that broadly delivering the inhibitor in the form of a pill or even by aerosol wouldn’t work well enough to successfully “vaccinate” the population.

Since the aerosol or pill form would not work in spreading the anger inhibitor, the two scientists came up with a horrible idea to use the Ebola Virus as a delivery system.

After two weeks, several isolated genomes in the Ebola Virus reacted to the inhibitor and created a mutation. This mutation caused the inhibitor to have the opposite effect.

Rage Virus Mutation
Genetic Mutation of the Rage Virus

Instead of repressing anger, it causes the infected person to become full of constant and uncontrollable rage, thus creating the Rage Virus.

In the movie 28 Days Later, the virus began to spread from infected chimpanzees that were being used as a test subject. The chimpanzees were released from captivity by a number of animal activist.

The activist all became infected themselves after the chimps attacked them.

Both the infected chimps and activist were now fully infected with the Rage Virus; that’s basically how the virus began to spread across Cambridge and eventually throughout Great Britain.

How Would the Rage Virus Spread?

The Rage Virus highlighted in both 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later spread through the blood and saliva and is extremely infectious to the point that just one droplet of infected fluid is sufficient to infect a host.

The Virus is typically spread through bites from the infected but can also be distributed through saliva transfer.

Other ways the Rage Virus can infect someone would be from an infected vomiting infected blood in a hosts face. Even a single drop of blood getting into someone’s eyes or mouth will infect the victim.

28 Days Later Rage Virus Symptoms

Once a host is infected it will only take between 10 to 20 seconds before they succumb to the infection. 

It also appears that the amount of time it seems to take for the Rage Virus to take over at hosts depends on the amount of the infected fluid that is directly exposed to the victim.

To give you an example, someone would almost instantly be infected if an infected vomit a few mouthfuls of fluid directly on the persons face.

If a single drop would only infect a host then it would take upwards of 20 seconds before the Rage Virus would begin to affect the victim visibly.

The host’s first symptoms of the Rage Virus would be experiencing excruciating spasms and uncontrollable twitches and convulsions.

As the virus is taking over the host, they will also begin to bleed from the eyes.

The infection will also cause capillaries to hemorrhage making the host frequently vomit blood and bleed from the eyes and nose. 

The eyes of the infected host will almost immediately turn scarlet red.

This is followed by violent and uncontrollable anger and aggressiveness coupled with the suppression of greater intelligence. From that point on the infected will seek out and brutally attack anyone they encounter.

The Rage Virus grants the infected host great quantities of grandeur and endurance, therefore, permitting them to spontaneously rampage over miles and miles of territory and overrun entire towns.

Rage is a strain of the Ebola virus and while its psychological manifestations are more like those of Rabies; it does preserve some of the physical symptoms of Ebola-like characteristics like the red eyes, internal and external hemorrhaging and bleeding.

Primates are seemingly the only animals able of carrying the red fibers. It is undiscovered what would occur to a non-primate animal if it were exposed to the infection.

The rage virus is also blood-borne and able of infecting only primates features; which it probably maintained from the Ebola virus from where it mutated.

How the Rage Virus Spread so Fast in 28 Days Later

First, the results of the virus were considered by the media as rioting; but the citizens soon disproved them as the infected were attacking small communities and towns as well as the larger cities.

The Prime Minister declared a state of emergency eight days following the release of the infection.

Martial law was imposed, but the army barriers defending London and Manchester were overwhelmed by the infected; Causing the remainder of the panicked public that was not previously infected to try and leave the country.

This Exodus ceased fifteen days after the rage virus was released. NATO and the United Nations quarantined great Britain.

Within the next thirteen days, British society collapsed, and Great Britain was ravaged by the infected and consumed by the Rage Virus.

Aside from the few scattered survivors, the remainder of the British people were either dead, infected or had fled during the Exodus following the initial outbreak.

The infected increasingly started to die from starvation six months after the initial outbreak; nearly all of the infected in mainland England had died.

Although there was still some infected north in the mainland, especially in Scotland, who was more recently infected and had since not died of starvation.

Six Months After the Spread of the Rage Virus

At some time, months following the initial outbreak, the rage virus dispersed from mainland Britain to Shetland.

The American military quietly quarantined the island; the infection appeared to slowly fade on the island after most of the infected died.

The US Army started to repopulate London and began to decontaminate the rest of the city.

Sadly, 28 Weeks after the first outbreak, Alice Harris, an asymptomatic carrier of the rage virus was taken into the District one safe zone.

Alice reunited with her husband Don but unknowingly infected him with rage from a kiss.

After killing Alice, the infected Don went on a violent rampage in district 1, infecting or murdering anyone he came across; igniting an outbreak of the Rage Virus in the Green Zone.

As the infection expanded throughout district 1, the US Army started shooting and killing the infected; and then ultimately both infected and non-infected civilians alike.

The Air Cavalry 5 bomb district 1 in an attempt to eliminate the rage virus; but a considerable amount of infected survived firebomb and fled into London, spreading the virus throughout the city.

Andy Harris, Allison’s son, was bitten by his infected father and consequently became a carrier of the rage virus.

Like his mother, Andy and his sister Tammy then fled beyond the English Channel and into France by helicopter. They crashed in Paris just two days after the loss of district 1.

At the moment of the crash, the rage virus had already spread into mainland Europe and appeared to be in Paris

Some people, such as Alice and Andy Harris maintain a natural immunity to the manifestations of the rage virus. If the rage virus infects one of these immune people, they become a carrier of the disease but will remain immune.

Carriers are still able to infect others though as their blood and saliva always carry the virus. They will, however not show any symptoms of infection themselves except for the white outer layer of the left eyeball partially turning red.

Rage Virus Red Eyes
Rage Virus Immunity – Red Eyes

There were only two identified carriers, Alice and her son Andy. Scarlett levy assumed that a carrier’s blood could be utilized in finding a vaccine or possibly even a cure for the infection.

Sadly though, Alice was killed before any analysis could be conducted. Andy’s fate and location after the red fire extend to France are unknown.

Could the Rage Virus Happen in Real Life?

I am sure many of you reading this are wondering if such a virus could happen the way it happens in the movie. There is one major issue with the virus regarding if it could be a global catastrophe.

The one reason I think the Rage Virus as seen in 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later would not be a world-ending event is because the latent period/incubation of the Rage Virus period is way too short. Virtually there could not be any “hidden carrier” to spread the virus globally.

If everyone that has the virus turns into a raging maniac within seconds, then they could be quickly contained in one country or at least one continent.

As an example of how difficult it would be to spread worldwide is that no one with the Rage Virus would ever be able to enter a plane.

Usually when a virus is globally spread is when an infected don’t know they are infected with a contagious illness and shows no symptoms while they unknowingly infect others.

Rage Virus vs. Zombies

The Rage Virus and the undead, also known as zombies only have a very few similar characteristics. One of which is the appetite for human flesh and the transmission of their infection as a result of a bite.

The similarities end basically ends there because the people infected by the rage virus are not undead; they haven’t died yet, and when they do die, they will not reanimate due to their infection.

Another significant difference between the two is that zombies are very slow; while people infected with the Rage Virus will run after their prey and there will virtually be nothing that will be able to stop them.

So if I had a choice, I would much rather be fighting zombies than a Rage infected person!

To Conclude

I find movies like 28 Days Later interesting because it is not entirely out of the realm of possibilities like the undead waking up and becoming zombies.

A Rage Virus type infection could become a reality in the controlled environment of a laboratory. You never know what scientist are trying to uncover or create these days.

It makes me wonder if someday the world will end without our planet being destroyed by humans in the process.

Please let me know in the comment section below if you have any information I might have missed; or if you think I’m way off on this topic. I welcome all comments.

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