Bulletproof Backpack and Inserts – Do they Work? All the FACTS!

The increasing sense of terrorism and violence around the world have made the need for new ways to protect ourselves and our family all the more prominent throughout the last years. The global market has turned the interest of the public in the direction of a new category of backpacks, with the name of bulletproof backpacks and inserts.

All the more people choose to buy such a piece of equipment, nowadays to ensure better protection against attacks that may put their life at risk. Do, however, those bulletproof backpacks and inserts really work?

How can Bulletproof Backpacks Protect Individuals?

A bulletproof backpack has a shape and size similar to a normal backpack. However, each backpack has an inner shield that is made of a synthetic fiber that provides the backpack with the necessary stopping power when a bullet tries to pass through it.

Most of these backpacks are actually comprised of a specific nylon material that is designed to surround tightly the inner surface of the backpack, protecting it from incoming bullets. The total weight of the backpack is not significantly higher compared to normal bags.

A typical bulletproof backpack normally weighs between 3 and 8 Ibs depending a lot on the level of protection it offers.

Can Bulletproof Backpacks Protect Us at All Times?

BulletBlocker NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Tactical Backpack

The material that a bulletproof backpack is made of has been designed by manufacturers to comply with Level 3A standards, established by the National Institute of Justice. That practically means that having a bulletproof backpack can efficiently protect you from most handgun bullets.

Some common guns that belong to the category mentioned above are the 9mm rounds in a 40 or 45 caliber gun.

There are also, some more expensive backpacks that promise protection against a wider variety of guns because they are lined with a polyethylene plate that complies with Level 4 standards, established by the NIJ.

Those guns are designed to stop 7.62mm rifle rounds. A backpack with a Level 4 standard can protect wearers from machine guns, as well as from assault rifles, including the AR-15 style rifle. However, it is a lot heavier, and it will cost you a lot more money.

Is the Normal Level of Protection Enough?

Most recorded shootings have occurred with the use of a normal handgun, not a rifle or any other heavy gun. This means that a backpack with a 3A standard is sufficient for almost every attack that may occur out there.

Therefore, a bulletproof backpack in this category can be a really helpful tool in protecting people, both adults and children from everyday attacks.

For example, if you are concerned that something bad may happen to you while you are walking home from your work or while your children are getting back from school, then this type of backpack can really help you.

Where will I Use a Bulletproof Backpack?

The global market on bulletproof backpacks was developed when some major attacks in schools and universities were observed. For this reason, they are mainly purchased by parents who are afraid of their children’s health. However, students are not the only ones who can benefit from such a piece of equipment.

Attacks or accidents have been observed in the workplace, as well. Particularly if you live in a state with increased levels of attacks, you may feel safer when you have such a backpack to cover your back.

People who work in public areas should also, consider the option of such a backpack. Government agency workers or people who work in dangerous positions, like bankers should also, consider a means of protection that is both legal and easy to use.

What Are Bulletproof Inserts for Backpacks?

bulletproof backpack inserts

There is a variety of inserts that can be included in a backpack and make it withstand shots from guns and pistols. They come in a big range of prices depending on the quality of the material and the type of protection they can offer users.

Bulletproof inserts are usually versatile. Therefore they can easily get transported to other backpacks or bags. They can make the backpack really protective against gunshots, and they can give the wearer protection similar to that of a police officer.

Every single panel is made of a soft body armor that weighs about 10 oz. This makes it perfectly safe and light for even small kids. The material is waterproof resistant, and it is not affected by light and humidity.

The panels can also, fit inside a backpack without much effort and convert your usual backpack into protective armor.

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Are Bulletproof Inserts Effective?

A variety of tests have been made to ensure the efficacy of different bulletproof inserts. The results are generally quite optimistic, but there is still place for improvement, particularly in terms of broad coverage against different guns and rifles.

The tests have proven that in general, an effective insert of good quality can block a bullet from entering the backpack you are wearing. Every insert has a different size and shape, but as a general rule, all the inserts are light enough and really flexible. They actually look like small cushions that add a layer of bulletproof protection to your backpack.

A lot of experiments have been made outdoors by companies in order to ensure the ballistic protection a bulletproof insert can offer to someone who chooses to buy it for his backpack.

After continuous shooting from a long distance, no serious damage was observed to the backpack. In some cases, some slight damage was recorded in items inside the backpack, like books and notebooks, but that was mainly associated with repetition of shooting.

Under normal circumstances, there will be no shooting at a certain target more than one to two times in case of an attack.

Where Can you use a Bulletproof Backpack Inserts?

A bulletproof insert is usually added in a backpack to make it extremely strong and immune to shots by usual handguns. However, a bulletproof insert can also, protect the things you store into your backpack, as well.

For example, an expensive computer will be 100% protected from any type of accident, including a strong drop on the ground. Therefore, by using an insert to equip your backpack with, you will not only protect yourself from unpleasant incidents but the content of your bag, as well.

Why is a Bulletproof Insert for Backpacks a Good Choice?

A bulletproof insert has a lot of advantages. It is flexible, light, easy to use, and it can be easily transferred to different backpacks and bags.

It usually has an anti-microbial layer that will prevent the development of any kind of fungus or nastiness on the outside of it.

Although it can add a small amount of rigidity in your back when the weather is too hot, you will typically not even notice it in your backpack.

A bulletproof insert is less expensive than a brand new bulletproof backpack, and you can also, place it in different bags depending on the one you wish to carry with you each time.

People usually find it really hard to get involved in a dangerous situation, mainly when they live in a quiet neighborhood. However, a lot of attacks have been recorded in random places, like workplaces, shops, schools, and universities.

Studies have shown that the number of those attacks has increased considerably throughout the last years. For this reason, having extra protection can be the key to surviving.

That’s the whole philosophy behind the development of bulletproof inserts. However, we should still have in mind that in some categories of the general population, like small children, there are other factors that can affect the whole incident, for example, the child’s capability to use and place the backpack appropriately.

Which Solution is Better?

A question many of us have concerns the need to buy a whole bulletproof backpack or just a bulletproof insert and apply it ourselves to the backpack of our choice. The truth is that the second solution can be more affordable and more flexible.

However, there is always the danger that a child may take the insert out of the backpack, and that will result in a fake sense of security. For this reason, particularly for younger ages, it is preferable to opt for a whole backpack.

The level of protection is also, an important factor when you have to choose between a backpack and an insert. Most backpacks offer a Level 3A protection. If you wish to have a Level 3 or 4 protection, you should probably go for an insert, particularly due to availability reasons.

In modern times, the amount of terrorist attacks or other types of assault has increased a lot. People worry about the life of themselves and their families. For this reason, the demand for an effective solution has been the aim of many companies.

Bulletproof backpacks and inserts can play an important role in the fight against unpleasant incidents or even accidental assaults. They can be a useful means of protection against gunshots, and they can be safely used by both children and adults. After all, caring about our own safety is something we should not take lightly.

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