Best Tactical and EDC Flashlights of 2018 From Regular People!

After spending three weeks reading through countless Reddit threads at a number of tactical flashlight enthusiast forums, and trying out the most recommended flashlights, the ThruNite Archer 2A V3 Tactical Flashlight is the Winner! Let me make this clear, the competition was very stiff, and it took me many hours to figure out which light was going to be in the top three. Here is our full breakdown of the best tactical and EDC flashlights of 2018 including reviews.

Top Pick – ThruNite Archer 2A V3 Tactical Flashlight

My Top pick of the best flashlight of 2018 is a high-end flashlight at a bargain price. Whats more, it shares many of the great features you find from the more expensive tactical flashlight competitors. One thing for sure, the ThruNite has the broadest range of brightness settings of any lights I’ve ever had!

The ThruNite includes a very dim mode, a useful firefly mode, and a bright setting that can illuminate the road ahead up to 500 feet away!  There is also a strobe mode in case you run into an emergency. What I noticed is that the TrueNite design makes it easy to not activate the strobe during regular use, compared to some of its competitors.

Convenient 2-button interface, tail switch and side button to control the on/off and mode choice. Compact and slim body shape made Archers are ideal for outdoor use, emergency preparedness, everyday carry, or use by first responders.

ThruNite Tactical Flashlight Features
  • The edged design stops the flashlight from rolling on flat surfaces.
  • It is durable enough to survive drops to 1.5 meters on concrete easily.
  • Water resistance of full immersion for a short time.
  • Available in Cool White or Neutral White.
  • Can stand upright on its rear.
  • Power Souce –Economic power source; Readily accessible; Powerful even on AA batteries
  • Versatile Applications as an EDC, law enforcement, security, emergency, medical services, camping, duty light, and self-defense. In my opinion, the TrueNite is a flashlight for almost everyone!
  • Constructed from the aerospace grade aluminum body with military grade Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish.

Click here for current Amazon price.

Runner-Up – Olight M2R Warrior Tactical Flashlight

The Olight M2R Warrior tactical flashlight is my second flashlight from Olight. I’ve only had this torch for a couple of weeks, and it’s already becoming my favorite flashlight from Olight, and it’s competitors.  I think Olight nailed it with this flashlight. The M2R Warrior’s output is right in the range where the High Mode (700 Lumen) is bright enough for most situations. However, if needed, you have direct access to the 1,500 Lumen Turbo Mode via that new tail button.

The user interface is the best part of the M2R Warrior. Primarily through the side switch, one click goes on, then hold to cycle through power levels. Long hold for moonlight. Double click goes to highest power (but not turbo) Tailswitch gives you turbo, or a strobe if switched to tactical mode. Three clicks for strobe.

It was tough for me to not place the Olight M2R Warrior as our runner-up. The only reason it’s not my top pick is because of the higher price point. This flashlight is nearly double the cost of the ThruNite, which however should not deter you from passing on this flashlight.

Click here for the Amazon link for all specifications and reviews, so you’re able to make an informed decision.

As you can see from the video below, someone (not me) beat the living crap out of this tactical flashlight, and it never wavered. It’s also waterproof, but make sure the magnetic tail is dry before placing it on the charger.


3 – RovyVon 550 Lumens Mini Keychain Rechargeable Flashlight

The RovyVon 550 Lumen Mini Keychain Flashlight is hands down, the absolute BEST keychain-sized flashlight I’ve ever owned! This light is a must-have for any EDC kit. I didn’t think I would ever say this about a keychain flashlight, but this could replace your typical tactical flashlight for some people.  The build is solid stainless steel and not a cheap aluminum alloy.

The big selling point for this EDC flashlight is the brightness of the light. 550 Lumens on something this small is remarkable, and yes, it will blind you if you look directly into it! Another great feature is that there’s and an actual button for the on/off and cycling through the brightness levels. One thing they did well is the fact that this button functions in a way so you won’t accidentally turn the light on in your pocket or purse and ending up with a dead battery.

There is a rubber plug in the micro USB port to protect it from dust and wet weather.  I would recommend this keychain flashlight to anyone without hesitation! Click here for the current Amazon price and to read the raving reviews for yourself. 

  • Model A2, 550 Lumens, CREE XP-G3 S5 LED. Mini Keychain rechargeable flashlight starts with low lumens mode to protect user’s eye when turning it on. Built-in smart temperature controller in the head to protect the circuit.
  • Head side switch design, no twisting back and forth needed for mode charging unlike most of the same sized flashlights. Easy to operate, four brightness settings plus strobe. Ultra-compact and exquisite unique design, portable and with a wide range of uses.
  • Built-in polymer 4.2V. 130mAh Li-ion Battery. LED in red to show low power, easy to monitor the battery capacity.
  • Stainless steel body with PVD coating (for black and rose gold, Blue), with good corrosion and scratch- resistance. IPX-65 water resistance.Multi-grooves at the body for clip mount at different positions and both directions.
  • weight: 27.6g/1oz, size: 5.1cm/2 inches, 1.3cm/0.5 inches in diameter.                   

4 – Wowtac BSS  V3 Tactical Flashlight

Number 4 on my list is the Wowtac BSS V3 Tactical Flashlight. I wrote an entire article and review about this torch explaining how good it is for the price.

After buying my fair share of ten dollar tactical flashlights, I can say that this is one of the best one I’ve owned at the 50 dollar range.  Just remember, you often get what you pay for, and that’s no different with survival gear such as this. Frankly put, at around 50 bucks, with a rechargeable battery with micro USB plugin directly on the battery, like this one, you won’t be able to beat this flashlight with any other flashlights on the market for durability, power, and function.

This tact light does sometimes go on sale so Click Here if you want to check the current price on Amazon. Read my full review and in-depth description of the Wowtact BSS V3 by clicking on this link.

I also have an emergency crank flashlight that I like so make sure to check out my emergency crank light / radio full review.

Reddit Survivalist and Flash Light Enthusiast

I made a call out on a few forums, two of which are on Reddit asking regular people like you and me what their favorite flashlight are and why.

I wanted this top tactical flashlight of 2018 to be different than all the others out there. Here are the favorite tactical flashlights from regular survivalist. This list is in no particular order since I personally have never tried any of these flashlights.

1 – Bushnell Pro High-Performance Rechargeable Flashlight (225L)

Sacomwilcox from Reddit favors the Bushnell Pro High-Performance Rechargeable Flashlight. Here is what he has to say about it.

“I currently run a Bushnell Pro 225L, it’s pretty good. Good gnurling, solid clip, good battery life, lockout switch is nice. I’ll probably stick with these until they stop making them. A neat design choice is the clip is keyed to stay in one direction and that direction lines it up in a valley between two rows of the gnurling. It will NOT slip out of a pocket, it takes a conscious action to get it out. I bet you could safely carry it in the pocket of a thin silk shirt and it would stay put.”

From what I see in the Amazon review section, it seems to be a great flashlight! The official description tells us that it has 225 Lumens of light output on high mode and features momentarily on an intelligent switch. Depress the switch half-way for momentary light; depress fully for constant light.

This Pro light also includes a pocket clip to make carrying and transport easy. Powered by one CR123A battery (battery included). Low mode: 26 lumens, 33-hour runtime, 37m beam distance *Strobe: 225 lumens, 2-hour 45-minute run time, 121m beam distance. Click here to check it out on Amazon.

2 – Streamlight 88031 ProTac 2L

VXMerlinXv from Reddit chose the Streamlight 88031 ProTac 2L as his go-to tact light. At the time of writing this article, this flashlight is an official “Amazon Choice.” The reviews are hugely in favor of it as well. Here is what “vxmerlinxv” had to say.

I’ve got two. The streamlight protac 2L which has high and low settings, and a 600 lumen kit in a surefire 6P. I understand the battery concern, but I use enough 123’s that I’ve consistently got a 12 pack I’m working through and a 12 pack in reserve. I also use a black diamond headlamp, using AAA’s like all of my family’s headlamps.

The Streamlight ProTac 2L screams EDC! Reading the rave reviews on this light tells me that most are very happy with it. Bellow, I’ve added a bit of the product description.

You can also click on this Amazon link to learn more.

Featuring C4 LED technology for extreme brightness; the ProTac 2L is impervious to shock with a 50,000-hour lifetime. Stable state power regulation provides maximum light output throughout battery life. While operating in the High mode, it offers 260 lumens and 5,600-candela peak beam intensity; on the Low mode, it provides 13 lumens and 300-candela peak beam intensity.

The ProTac 2L is powered by two 3-volt CR123A lithium batteries (included in purchase) with a shelf life of 10 years. It features a run time of 3 hours on High mode, 50 hours on Low mode, and 6 hours on Strobe.

Flashlights to Avoid at ALL COST!!!

Ok, maybe you don’t need to avoid these flashlights at all cost, but you should think twice before buying a torch such as the one in the picture; especially if you paid more than 5 dollars. Yes, I said 5 dollars!

Amazon sellers have sent me many of these cheap flashlights, but the kicker is, their not even THAT cheap! Some sellers on Amazon sells these flashlights for twenty dollars. Some of these flashlights are complete garbage and will break apart in your hand. Others are not as bad, but the simple fact is that for the money they charge for these flashlights, you can do better with just a bit of research. If you can find some for 5 dollars, then that might not be such a bad deal.



Thanks for checking us out and please leave us a comment below to let us know what your favorite flashlight is and why!

BEST Emergency Solar and Hand Crank Flashlight / Radio – Under $20

Having at least one emergency crank flashlight that does not require batteries is essential to have in your 72-hour emergency kit. A good hand crank flashlight or emergency solar flashlight can go a long way if you find yourself without any spare batteries. Also having an emergency crank or solar radio is essential.  In this article, we will give you the top pick of our favorite emergency flashlight that requires no batteries, and on top of that, it has a built-in emergency radio!

First off, I almost sent this solar hand crank emergency flashlight back. The reason, after charging the flashlight until full power I set it aside for a couple of days until I did a proper test of its capabilities. I picked it up after a few days, and it was DEAD! After complaining to myself, I noticed I left the radio on. My bad. Turn the radio off until you feel the click.

When looking for our favorite emergency flashlight radio combo, we had four primary considerations we were looking for.

  1. The brightness of the Solar and hand crank powered flashlight.
  2. The Battery life and how long you need to solar or hand crank the flashlight to have a sufficient run time.
  3. The Quality of the radio reception, sound, and runtime.
  4. Efficiency and ease of use of the flashlight.

Solar Crank Flashlight Brightness Level and Duration of Peak Brightness

The LED is pretty bright, it won’t help you see too far down a path, but it will help you watch your step while walking. The best part is the LEDs; they use hardly any energy, and just a few cranks will power the flashlight for minutes. This is certainly not the solar flashlight I would bring with me as my primary camping flashlight, but it serves as an excellent backup that you can depend on.

I did try the solar flashlight in a completely dark room, and it did illuminate the place enough that I had no problem. The actual focus point of the solar flashlight could be more prominent but its more than adequate when facing a survival situation.

  • Light Runtime Test – I hand cranked the flashlight for 15 seconds at a rate of 1 rotation per second, and I was able to power the LED for 8 minutes. Remember, this is an LED light and not your parent’s hand crank emergency flashlight with conventional bulbs. LED will last a long time since it uses practically no energy. One thing I was pleased about is the fact that the owners manual says that after 30 seconds of hand crank you would have about 5 minutes of light.

Battery Life while on Solar Power Only

I would call the solar feature of this emergency survival flashlight more of a “solar assist.”. What I mean by that is the small solar panel would take ages to bring the battery from dead to 100%. That doesn’t say the solar panel is entirely useless; it’s great when you’re outdoors and listening to the radio with the sun beaming on the solar panel. It might not be charging as much as your spending the energy, but it does help and its free, effortless power. The solar panel is there for emergency survival purposes only.

Emergency Survival Hand Crank Solar Radio Effectiveness

I will begin by saying that I was surprised as to how much time I could listen to the radio with just a few hand crank rotations.

  • Solar Radio Runtime Test; During my test, I concluded that a 30-minute solar charge from dead battery allowed me over 2 hours of radio. That is far better than I expected considering my skepticism of the small solar panel. A 1-minute hand crank charge from dead battery also allowed more than 2 hours of radio. I figured anything over 2 hours made the test more than sufficient for most uses.

One feature I like and one of the reasons I keep calling it an emergency survival flashlight is that you can set it to WB (for weather reports). This feature is excellent If you live in an area where you might be out of power and have a hurricane heading your way.  It also, of course, has FM, or AM.

Tuning and changing the volume is easy enough and what makes it better is that there’s even a little green light that comes on when the station is fully engaged. I like the inclusion of the green light because it makes it easy for me to tell when I’ve got the dial placed in the optimal spot for radio frequency. If you need better reception, you can extend the antenna. The sound is decent, even though I’m testing the flashlight I’m in an area that is known to have trouble with reception.

One Reason This Is Truly A Survival Flashlight Is It Turns Into a Hand Crank USB Charger

One of the main features of this being the ultimate survival hand crank flashlight is the ability to charge your phone! Yes, it’s also a hand crank USB charger for your phone. Of course, this is not as ideal as a portable power bank; but in times of crisis, this could be the thing that saves your life. Even if I might sound a bit dramatic, you still have to admit that its right!

I did read a few reviews, and some were complaining that they had trouble charging their phones with this survival flashlight. My advice if you have problems charging your phones using this flashlight would be that it’s best to turn off Wireless, Bluetooth and location service.  It also helps a great deal to completely turn off your phone while charging in emergency situations. This will help it charge faster since the phone is consuming less energy.

After following my advice, I turned off my phone at 27% capacity. I cranked for 60 seconds at 60 rotations per minute to charge the battery. Then I plugged it into my iPhone 6s. I got the phone to 28% power after waiting a few minutes of letting it charge. You might be thinking “WOW 1% WOOPY DOO!!!” My response to all of your “woopy dooz” is you only need 1% to make a phone call that could save your life. The cell phone charging feature is for emergencies and should not be used as a conventional power bank.

Is This the Best Emergency Survival Solar Crank Flashlight / Radio?

I will be sincere, If you look through my website, you will notice that there is a lack of product reviews. Out of 40 articles, while writing this one, there might be 4 or 5 product reviews. I only want to review products that I love and that I would recommend to my friends and family.

So do I think this is the best emergency survival solar crank flashlight of 2018? Yes, and No, the reason I say no is because I have not tried them all; and If you spent a lot more money you might get a better product. The reason I say yes is that I’ve tried a handful of these emergency solar crank radio flashlight and most of them are complete crap.  The fact that this radio/flashlight is under $20 at most times, and because it works as described and intended, I have to give this product a big thumbs up.


Click here for the current Amazon price on the Emergency survival Solar Crank Radio We tested.

Questions That You Might Ask Yourself About This Emergency Solar Crank Flashlight Radio Combo

Will The Ironsnow Emergency Solar Crank Radio Work If I Charge It with Solar and Use it in the evening?

One useful feature I like is that this emergency solar radio comes with a lanyard attached to it. When I go hiking or camping, I will attach the radio to the outside of my backpack and let the sun do its job. I usually have enough power to listen to the radio after Im back at the campsite. You can give it a few cranks if the power is beginning to run low.

Can it be charged with a plug-in USB charger instead of a computer?

This emergency flashlight does not come with a power block, it only comes with a USB charger, but you can certainly use one of your cell phone power blocks to charge this flashlight. That’s how I charge mine, I never charge it from my computer USB ports.

Does the rechargeable battery ever need to be replaced and can you use AA or AAA as a replacement?

No and No. The rechargeable batteries in the emergency radio are hard-wired into the device so changing them is not recommended. You also can’t use AA or AAA batteries to run this device. I figure that if you can get a few years out of this radio, at the price you pay you came out ahead. Plus, as I said before, this is more for your 72-hour emergency kit than for an everyday radio and flashlight.

Does this radio have a Tornado, hurricanes and other natural disaster warnings?

If you have this emergency solar crank radio at the NOAA (Emergency Weather Network), you will be alerted to any impending natural disasters. If you’re looking for a radio to wake you up with alerts you will need to look elsewhere, this radio can’t go off unless you are tuned in to the NOAA station.

What is the Lumen Output of this Emergency Solar Crank Flashlight?

The Lumen output is not stated in the manufacturer’s booklet. The lighting output is measured at 500 lux. The conversion from lux to lumen is a bit difficult to calculate. I can tell you that as an emergency flashlight, it is an adequate light in times of crisis. You can easily see what is in front of you but does not light up across a field very well. It is not a bright light, but when the flashlight is charged, it’s a constant light lasting hour. It’s an emergency light, and it does what its expected to do.

Can this Emergency Survival Flashlight radio combo also work in a Zombie Apocalypse?

Why else do you think I bought this light? This Emergency flashlight makes a perfect addition to my 72-hour emergency kit.


Like I’ve stated before, Im impressed with this inexpensive emergency solar crank flashlight radio combo! It works as intended and it’s something you can depend on in times of crisis. Please leave us a comment if you have this product and how you like it. If you’re looking for something more tactical, check out our top best tactical flashlight!

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Sanitary Toilet Paper Tablets / Wipes That Actually Work! Perfect BOB Item!

One question, why are these things NOT advertised?? I’ve been on numerous survival, prepping and hunting websites and I’ve NEVER heard anything about this little wonder!  Is it a peppermint? It looks like peppermint, but no, it’s a sanitary wipe that is so compressed that it looks just like a white pellet in the shape of a peppermint!

Toilet paper tablets / sanitary wipe pellet should be a key component for any types of survival kits. After looking at dozens of pre-made kits, bug out bags and 72-hour packs it seems they all lack one essential item, toilet paper. And that’s for a good reason too; it’s big and bulky, but it indeed doesn’t have to be after discovering this product!

What would you use out of your survival kit or bug out bag if you had to go to the toilet for a number two? Gauze, bandages, leaves would work, but it’s not the best at absorbing anything! I’ve seen many people making a toilet paper holder out of an old coffee can, but that’s also very bulky while traveling by foot. It does seem the designers of many of these survival kits or bug out bags get lost in the fantasy of survival and fail to realize the one thing they use in their daily toilet breaks, or when they wipe their hands and face after a meal.

For me, I enjoy having fresh, clean wipes when I am outdoors, traveling, or even as an emergency supply in the house. I also mountain bike a lot in the wilderness and these are perfect since you only need a few drops of water to activate these toilet paper capsules / sanitary wipe pellets. At home, it is easy to keep stockpiles of clean baby wipes and toilet paper, but in that’s a different story when the goal is to travel light.

So let’s look at why these should be added to the inventory of your bug out bag, survival kit, or travel bag by looking at five ways you can use this weird but convenient toilet paper pellets!

1. Traveling Overseas With Toilet Paper Tablets

When I’m visiting in different countries, there have been numerous times when cultural and societal trends would affect the way daily hygiene is carried out. If you’ve traveled to Asian countries in the Southeast, you would be all too familiar with the situation of going to the washroom and not being able to access any toilet paper when you most need it.

A big part of that, especially in countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, is that there is no toilet paper as their infrastructure has plumbing that does not meet western standards and cannot handle the passage of toilet paper. This means that quite often, you can go to a toilet and find there is no toilet paper in sight.

There are also countries that simply do not use face cloths. I’ve traveled to Cuba recently and found that there were no facecloths in the washroom. These multi-purpose sanitary pellets are not only perfect as a toilet paper pellet, but they also make an excellent facecloth to wash your entire body. They are sturdy and durable enough while taking a shower.

The same problem occurs in restaurants and eateries where paper napkins to wipe your fingers can be as tricky to find.

This is why it pays to carry a pack of these in your travel bag, and in the worst case, if you haven’t got any water you can always spit on one since it requires such little water.

2. Toilet Paper Tablets / Sanitary Wipe Tablets In disaster Situations

It doesn’t just include bugging out that you might need these useful sanitary items, they also come in useful when you’re bugging in after any disaster. I would certainly keep a box of 500 in my prepper pantry or my emergency shelter. If your prepper pantry is small or you live in a tiny apartment, these are perfect to tuck away in a corner until you need one of these toilet paper tablets!

For my family and me, I have a box of 500 of toilet paper capsules in a cupboard and the bathroom as they take less space than toilet paper (for stockpiling) and are usable during a flood to keep yourself clean.

3. Sanitary Tablets For Your Bug Out Bag And Survival Bag

As these toilet paper pellets / sanitary wipe pellets are so compact, it makes sense to keep some in the bug out bag or survival kit. It’s certainly so much better than rolls of toilet paper or even folded pieces of toilet paper in a ziplock bag.

I keep these sanitary wipe pellets in a small cylinder match container so that they all stay in one place and don’t come into contact with water if it rains. I just pop the bottle cap and add tablespoon amount of water, and it is ready to go.

The tablets also make a great addition to any first-aid kit as they are compact when expanded, strong enough use as wound dressings and to help with cleaning minor wounds.

4. Toilet Paper Tablets As A Baby Diaper / Wipe

Since these tablets are free of chemicals, they are safe to use on a baby’s sensitive skin. If you’re in a bind, they can act as a perfect disposable and DIY baby diaper if you run out. This is a big thing for families who are caught up in floods as just like toilet paper, diapers also run out (unless you are using re-washables). But even if you’re using washable, if there’s no way to wash them due to the electrical grid being down, Re-washable diapers would become unsanitary and useless.

5. The Perfect Fire Fuel

I have used these before as fuel for a fire, you can keep it in the solid tablet form and use it as a fire bead with your lighter, or you can dry it out and use it just like you would use toilet paper as a thin tinder accelerant for the fire. Almost like using a cotton ball with petroleum jelly (vaseline) as a fire making hack, you can use these tablets. It does say on the bag and in its name that they are multi-purpose sanitary tablets right? Might as well think outside the box and use these as multipurpose as you possibly can.

A Much Bigger Option With The LightLoad Beach Tower Tablet

As I was looking further into our product, I came across something that is just as awesome! It’s called a Lightload beach towel tablet! It is mostly the same thing as the toilet paper tablet but on a much much bigger scale. The slogan is to fit a full-size beach towel in your pocket.

If you spend a lot of time in the outdoors as we do; hiking, biking and much more, then you know how significant the weight and size of your backpack is. These water absorbent Lightload beach towels weigh practically nothing and take up no space. At the size of a hockey puck but half the thickness the weight (4.5oz) of two bandannas you’ll be able to save for more important stuff like food and water. The outer packaging is waterproof and rugged and withstands lots of abuse.

These water absorbent beach towel tablets can be reused 100 times over! Its made from Lyocell, which has received numerous awards, including the “European Award for the Environment” by the European Union.” The ultimate outdoor survival towel whether you spend your holidays on a long distance hike, camping in the backcountry or just wanting to re-stock your bug out bag, a multi-purpose survival tool like this can quite literally save your life. You can also use beach towel tabs for washing, water collection, first aid, kindling, sun protecting, insulating, etc. These towels are so versatile that you can swim across the lake, with it in your pocket (in their sealed packets of course), open it up and start a fire.

Final Thoughts On The Toilet Paper Capsules And Lightload Compressed Beach Towels

Even if you’re hesitant about these things, give at least a few a try and see how they work. You’ll soon wonder why you haven’t heard of these products before.  For a lot of people, the primary concern is that once you’ve expanded the towel, it is still wet. Since using these I have found it isn’t an issue as the towelette material is quite porous and with a minute of waving the towel in the air, it’s dry.
Toilet Paper tablets are something everyone should have because the uses for these little tablets are endless!
I’m impressed and I highly recommend it! Click here for more information and price on Amazon!

You can buy a box of 12 Lightload compressed Beach Towels for less than you would expect! Certainly much cheaper than buying twelve conventional beach towels! I highly recommend this product!  Click here for more information and price from Amazon!

Please Comment if you have ever used any of these for different types of purposes! Don’t forget to share and subscribe!

Ka-Bar BK14 Becker Eskabar Neck Knife Review / Neck Knife Tips

The Neck Knife that I chose is the Ka-Bar BK14 Becker Eskabar Neck Knife!  I decided on the BK14 because I already own a Ka-Bar BK7 Becker and love it.  Click here to view current price on Amazon.

Ka-Bar BK14 Neck Knife

After choosing to once again go with a Ka-Bar product, I then had to decide if I was going to go with the BK11 or the BK14.  The reason why I chose the BK 14 because of the different reviews I read and just the fact that its evolution to the BK 11 was worth it.

The handle is smoother and will leave your hand less fatigue if you tend to use it for great lengths of time.  The BK 14 Eskabar is a collaboration kneck knife between the two companies of Ka-Bar and ESEE.  You will notice on the pictures that one side of this blade has the emblem of ESEE Knives and on the other side has the Becker Knife and Tool Logo.

ESEE In scripture on the Ka-Bar BK 14 due to cooperation.

Of course, those familiar with the ESEE Izula will want to know how these two knives compare with each other. To answer that question, the dimensions of the EsKabar and the Izula are identical from the handle, which measure 3.75” long. The EsKabar incorporates the large quillon from the Becker Necker, as well as the larger Necker blade.

The blade on the EsKabar measures 3.25” as opposed to the 2.63” blade on the Izula. The EsKabar also has a larger belly than the Izula. The difference in thickness is only 1/100th of an inch with the EsKabar being the thicker knife at 0.165”.

The Handle
The Ka-Bar BK14 Handle

The BK14 Eskabar comes in a skeletonized neck knife form, but most people either use the paracord that comes with it to wrap around the handle. You can also buy a custom set of handle scales for the BK 14, which I’m probably going to end up doing. Either that or im just going to buy an orange paracord to wrap the handle.  The flat grind is fantastic and comes sharp right out of the box.

With the thickness of the blade, you can do a little bit of chopping and splitting of small wood.  This knife is also great for small intricate carving and smaller detailed task.  It shouldn’t fatigue your finger if you hold the BK 14 with your thumb pressing on the top of the blade, I find it very comfortable but I guess it would depend on the person.

The coating of the Eskabar is the same as any other Ka-Bar Becker knives.  The surface does scuff up quickly, but that doesn’t matter to me.  If scuffing the blade is a concern to you then you can always consider the Ka-Bar BK 24 Becker.  Some people scrape a bit of coating off to make a significant fire starter companion with a Ferrocerium Rod.  The 1095 steel is reliable and also easy to resharpen.

The Sheath
Ka-Bar BK14 Sheath

The sheath is very generic, and I would suggest buying a custom-made high-quality sheath for your BK 14 Eskabar.  I find that Ka-Bar skimp out on the sheaths, they most likely do that to keep the cost of their high-end blades affordable to most people. I’m honestly okay with that.

The sheath has six large paracord lashing holes to mount it any way you want.  It also comes with screw holes if you’re going to buy a belt clip for this knife. There is a bit of rattling if you shake the blade but the retention of the sheath is excellent if you’re going to wear it around your neck, as a neck knife is intended for with its slim profile.

Philosophy of Use

The philosophy of use for the BK14 Eskabar is a small EDC blade, and it’s also great to have with you on camping and hiking trips.  The BK14 Eskabar is an excellent companion blade if you also have a Ka-Bar BK7 to do all the small detail work like preparing shavings for kindling or even food preparation.


Any knife can be forced into being used in a tactical role.  The BK14 Eskabar has a more prominent belly, and its design is more for EDC Bush-use.  This knife is not going to pierce very well, and it’s not going to be the best at skinning an animal, you can certainly make do in a bind but its just not made for that in my opinion.

If you want a tactical knife, then you might want to go with something with a better piercer.  I will have a review of an urban tactical EDC neck knife whenever I make a decision on which one I’m going to buy.

I love this knife and Im certainly recommending it as a great neck knife to have with you in the wilderness.  You can even make a small survival kit out of the sheath by adding a little compartment for a ferrocerium rod and some other small items.  You can make something great by using a bit of imagination.

This particular neck knife is for wilderness use vs. being a knife I would carry on my person when I’m out in the world in an urban environment.  That is, however, my opinion, some do buy this knife for urban EDC, it’s all in whatever you’re personal preference is of course. Click here to view current BK14 price on Amazon.

The BK14 Neck Knife handle wraped in paracord.

What Exactly Is a Neck Knife?

A neck knife is small to a mid-sized knife that you can wear on a lanyard or chain around your neck. The neck knife provides you with a blade that’s always on your person and that you can use for multiple survival purposes.  A significant number of people also use a neck knife as a form of protection, without it being noticeable to those around you.  Your neck knife would appear to be a simple necklace to most people but would provide you with a greater sense of security when you’re out and about.

Should Your Neck Knife Sheath be leather or Kydex?

The type of sheath is something that is a matter of personal preference. I find that for neck knife sheaths that has a downward facing tip, they can be either leather or Kydex. If you’re going to carry a neck knife that the tip is facing up, it should be Kydex. The reason for that is because with Kydex you will get better retention of the knife. Kydex is also going to eliminate any worries about your sheath retaining moisture that could be damaging to the blade long term.

Are The Sheaths Similar In Sound While Ejecting?

There are also the differences in the sound they make while ejecting and injecting the neck knife back into the sheath. The leather sheet is going to be almost silent when you extract it from the sheath. The Kydex sheet on the other hand with make a sliding noise that’s loud enough to hear if you don’t want anyone or anything alerted to your presence.

You will also hear a clicking sound when you place the blade back into the Kydex sheath. That’s something to take into account because if you want a sheath that is ultra silent and wouldn’t tip anyone off on your location, the leather sheath is the way to go. If you don’t care about sound all that much, then you can go with either sheath.

Is it Hard to Access a Tip Down Neck Knife?

Nope, it’s not. Some people avoid the tip down neck knives altogether because they seem to think they won’t be able to quickly or easily access the blade when needed. Here’s a trick you all of you that’s scared of the tip down neck knife, flip the sheath upside down. That’s right, All you need to do is grab the sheath and quickly flip it upside down and pull the knife out. Easy Peasy right?

Practice, Practice, Practice

Some would say that a neck knife isn’t a perfect self-defense weapon because you don’t have a consistent draw stroke. Think of a gun on your belt; a gun will always be in the same spot so your draw stroke will never change after you find the best way to draw your weapon.

It’s a little bit different with a neck knife because the knife won’t always be in the same spot because it will swing from side to side on your chest if you’re moving around too much when attacked. You can remedy this by merely practicing and having a method to compensate the movement of your neck knife and finding a way to draw it from the same location even if you’’re unbalanced.

Is there a choking hazard with a neck knife?

Nope, there isn’t. First of all, you will most likely be wearing your neck knife underneath your shirt thus reducing not only the visibility of your neck knife but also the choking hazard. Also, if you attach your neck knife around your neck with either a ball chain or double fisherman’s knot, your lanyard will stretch if someone pulls it in hopes of chocking you.

Is there only one way to carry a neck knife?

Don’t believe all the internet hype until you’ve tried wearing a neck knife yourself by applying logic to your carry style. Yes, most will merely carry their neck knife around their neck but if you don’t like that notion, you can buy or make a more extended lanyard and wear it around your neck and one arm horizontally in the small of the back.


I hope this Ka-Bar BK14 Review was of help to you and that you found the general neck knife tips helpful. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think of this knife or any other neck knife you may have purchased.  Share this review with anyone you think would benefit from it. 

Survival Kit for Teens and College Kids / Best School Survival Kit

Here is an example of a great starter survival kit for teens attending high school.  I designed this kit for Teenagers between the age of 13 to 17, but even college kids could also find great benefit in a package like this.  Of course, any adults could also make use of a kit like this to keep at work, so even if your passed your college years, keep reading.  You will notice that I did not include a knife because most, if not all schools in North America would prohibit students from entering the school with such a thing.  If you’re in college or working, you can include a knife if you feel it necessary.

I wanted to make a survival kit that was small enough to fit in a backpack easily, or it’s side pockets.  This kit is full of useful tools that you can have with you and forget about until the day comes when you need them.

You never know when you would need such a survival kit but the unfortunate fact is that things like a school lockdown are becoming more of a reality across the globe.  The lockdowns could be the result of a fake bomb threat, natural disasters like a tornado or Earthquake and one of the worst case scenario would indeed be an active shooter situation.


1- MTM Survivor Dry Box

I chose the MTM Survivor Dry Box because of its rugged construction that the design for use in extreme conditions. Its sized for school backpacks and gear bags.  It has a built in O-Ring seal to make it water resistant and closes firmly using three tight latches.  You can either buy them in orange or forest green.  I chose the orange due to its high visibility so you can easily find it when you need it. The hinges will allow the lid to fold back a full 180 degrees to make it easy for you to fill it up with your gear.  Click here to see Amazon’s current pricing.


2- First Aid Supplies

You don’t need much regarding first aid supplies in a particular kit like this, but there are a couple of things that could be of use for you in an emergency situation.

I would suggest that you have a few bandaids with antibiotic medication directly on the pad.  If you cut yourself, you’re reducing your chances of getting an infection with band-aids of this type. This way you won’t have to waste space by carrying a small bottle of Neosporin antibiotic in your survival box.

Small packs of a headache and pain medication are also recommended.  Individually sealed packets of Tylenol or Advil would undoubtedly do the trick.  Some alcohol cleaning and disinfecting wipes would also not be a bad idea to carry with you.

Click here to purchase these items on Amazon.


3- Koala Lifestyle / World’s Loudest Survival Whistle

People who purchased this whistle all agree that their ears were still ringing a day after using it.  This whistle is extremely loud at over 125 decibels. In fact, it’s the most piercing whistle in the world. Although it is not ultrasonic, like a dog training whistle, it entirely works as an animal deterrent. No person or animal wants to be subjected to this noise!

It’s the perfect pal when you go on an adventure, or when you send your kids to school alone. A blow in this whistle will attract all the attention you need to increase your chances of being rescued.  Click here to check current price on Amazon.


4- Sunsect Insect Repellent + Sunscreen

If you go on a field trip and forget your sunscreen or bug repellent, it could quickly become a day ruiner!

When you combine insect repellent and sunscreen together, they will deactivate each other by up to 50%. However, that is not the case for Sunsect.  Sunsect is a patented insect repellent + sunscreen combination product that provides lasting protection against biting insects and damaging sun rays.

Personally,  like these sunscreen and bug repellant packs because you get the two in one benefits in a compact and almost weightless package.  Click Here to see the current price on Amazon.

5- Orange Tic Tacs

A little bit of sugar goes a long way if you’re stuck somewhere for a bit longer than you had anticipated.  I also like the idea of tic tacs because you can distribute some to other people if you’re not alone in the chaos.  You can put different types of candy in there if tic tacs aren’t for you.  Another thing you can do with tics tacs is a trail for someone to find you if you’re in hiding or lost.  Orange tic tacs would be perfect for making a path, but you could also use white tic tacs if you’re in the wilderness since they would be easy to spot on the forest surface.


6- Memo Pad + Crayon

A memo pad can come in handy if you need to write the description of a person committing a crime.  It’s also an excellent tool to have if you or someone else is administering CPR.  While administering CPR, it’s beneficial to record the time and a few other details about the victim’s condition; this will significantly help the paramedics treat the victim when they arrive at the scene.  Having a crayon instead of a pen can also be beneficial since the pen could dry up while a pencil won’t.  Also, if you’re trapped outside in the cold, a pen will not work, making it, and the memo pad useless.


7- Zanflare F2S LED Flashlight

A flashlight is a pretty self-explanatory item to have with you.  You can use it when its dark to find your way, but you can also use it to signal someone if you’re trapped under some rubble caused by a natural disaster.  I would recommend purchasing one that uses double or triple A batteries since they are far more accessible than other types in the unfortunate event that your cells are dead.

I recommend the Zanflare F2S Led Flashlight because of its impact and water resistant features.  Make sure you purchase one that has emergency strobe capabilities.

Click Here for the Zanflare Flashlight current Amazon price.


8- Ultra Compact Anker Astro E1 Power Bank

These days almost every teen carries a cell phone and other types of electronic gadgets. If you’re stuck somewhere during a crisis, you might have to call 911 and stay on the phone with them until help arrives.  A power bank could be a lifesaver if your phone is dead or at low battery.

This ultra-compact 6700mah Anker Astro E1 is perfect for this type of teen survival box due to its small size, and it has the ability to charge an iPhone twice fully.

Click Here to check the current Amazon Pricing.

 9- Tiny Thumb Drive

You never know when you would need to copy documents at school and be in need of a thumb drive, in case you forget or lose the one you initially had.  You can buy these thumb drives for next to nothing, and they are the size of a quarter.  Click here to view Amazons current Prices.


 10- Ear Protection

A pair of earbud ear protection could go a long way If you or someone in your group is having a panic attack and are in need of some quiet time to calm down.  They are weightless and cost next to nothing so it might as well be in your teen survival box.




11- Photo of a Loved One

Looking at something as simple as a family photo or a photo of your lover can sometimes give you the will to survive if you’re in a chaotic situation. You should place a picture of a loved one in your teen survival kit so you have something to look at while you wait for emergency responders to arrive or just to give you hope that everything will be ok.

Ok, maybe keep the photo out of your box if it looks anything like this one!


12- Energy Bars

You should at least keep one energy bar in your survival box at all time. An Energy bar will not take much space and could prove useful if you’re stuck somewhere with no food for an extended period.  Find a product that has a long shelf life, and that is high in calories.  My personal favorite is the Cliff Bars “Sierra Trail Mix.”  They’re an excellent source of protein and fiber; it also contains 8G of fat.  Click on this Amazon Link to check current Amazon pricing.



13- Cash

Carrying cash in your school survival kit is another easy fix in case you misplace your wallet or if something more serious happens.  Twenty dollars should be sufficient to buy what you need for the short term until help arrives or until you get home.  A possible scenario that you would need cash is if there’s a massive power outage and only cash is accepted until power is restored.  No electronics like interact and credit card machine will work in the event of a blackout.


So here you have it, a teen survival kit that you can be proud of, and that certainly won’t break the bank!  I have to admit that it took me a long time to even build my first survival kit due to procrastination but then I finally decided to do it and im happy I did.  Its to give you and your child peace of mind in case something happens.

A famous saying I like is “Better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it.”  That is the ultimate saying in my opinion for any survival kit or prepping scenarios.


We are a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to at no extra cost to you.  Please support our site by clicking on our Affiliate links if you’re interested in the products we review and suggest. The fees I end up making is enough for beer money but not enough for a pony.

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16 Fire Survival Hacks – How to Start a Fire

15 Coolest Survival Gadgets on Amazon You Need to Buy

I’ve heard of many cool survival gadgets that have been on the market lately, but most of them are from kick starter campaigns.  Kick starters are fantastic because it brings great product ideas to reality, however, sometimes it makes it hard to buy these gadgets because of their high cost and their limited availability.  You also don’t know if the company will still be around after a year; so your warranty could end up being worthless.  All that said, I’ve compiled a Top fifteen list of the coolest survival gadgets on Amazon.


#1- Survival Kit Paracord Grenade


It’s a freaking entire survival kit on a carabiner clip, wrapped in paracord! How much cooler could that be?  The 550 Paracord is 45 ft. Long accompanied by a 2 ft. Long safety orange thin paracord.  There’s also a compass, LED Flashlight, Multi tool pocket knife and a dog tag signaling mirror.  It comes with a few fire starting material such as a fling fire starter rod, flint striker, six waterproof matches and two stormproof matches and some jute twine.  Fishing supplies are also included with 30ft of 12lb test fishing line, four fishing hooks, and four split shot weights.  There are two bobby pins, two butterfly sutures, p38 can opener and a compressed towel tablet you can also make use of.

Granted, this kit is not perfect, but it makes an excellent gift for someone that wants a small survival kit in their car that is compact and looks great.  It is also something you can quickly take with you on a short hike by clipping it on your backpack or belt.

Click here to claim a FREE Survival Kit Grenade! Valued at $25

#2- Leatherman – Tread Bracelet, The Travel-Friendly Wearable Multitool

Anytime, anywhere. The functionality of a Leatherman tool is with you everywhere, even on a Plane! Their engineers designed multiple tools in each 17-4 stainless steel bracelet link.   They are valuable survival tools like Allen wrenches, screwdrivers and box wrench available at a moment’s notice. Adjustable to accommodate any wrist size and fully customizable with the links you need most, the Leatherman Tread is as stylish as it is functional. The unmodified Tread measures 8.56″ in length when closed and can be adjusted by 0.5″ or 1″ increments to fit.  Watch the video below to see how this cool gadget works! Click here to see current pricing on Amazon.


#3- UCO Stormproof Match Kit

Uco Stormproof Match Kit includes 25 windproof and waterproof matches, three strikers and a match case that can hold up to 40 matches.  These matches are 100% waterproof and will light and burn for 15 seconds, even in the most powerful winds.   UCO Stormproof Matches can survive being dropped in a puddle or dirt while burning and will relight as long as there is phosphorous remaining (the orange section).  Watch the video below to see all these examples.  This set of stormproof matches is an excellent bargain on Amazon for less than 10 dollars!                                              Click here to see current pricing on Amazon


#4- SOG MacV Tool Multi-Tool



#5- Sawyer Mini Water Filter

The Sawyer Mini Water Filter is a second generation filter that is the lightest and most versatile personal filtration system from Sawyer.  The Sawyer Mini filter is perfect for everything from camping with the kids to traveling abroad where tap and bottled water cannot be trusted.

The main reason for choosing this personal water filter over the Lifestraw is the fact that the Sawyer can filter up to 100 000 gallons of water and the Lifestraw can only filter 1000 gallons.  There are differences between the two filters, but most survivalist would choose the Sawyer Mini Water Filter over the Lifestraw.


#6- Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger

There’s a simple reason why this product is the number one selling portable solar panel on, it works! It’s evident by reading through some of the reviews that it does what it’s supposed to do and at an affordable price compared to some of the competition.

The Anker 21W solar charger delivers the fastest possible charging speed up to 2.4 amps per port or 3 amps overall under direct sunlight. 21 watt SunPower solar array is 21.5-23.5% efficient, providing enough power to charge two devices simultaneously!  This solar charger is made from Industrial-strength PET polymer faced solar panels sewn into a rugged polyester canvas offer weather-resistant outdoor durability.  It’s also highly portable at (11.1 × 6.3in folded or 26.4 × 11.1in opened), and stainless-steel eye-holes on each corner allow secure attachment to backpacks, trees, or tents. Lightweight (14.7 oz) and ultra-thin design (1.1in folded or 0.2in opened) make it ideal for long treks. Click here to check current pricing on Amazon.

#7- Power Practical Sparkr

Having fire and light isn’t a problem with the Sparkr, no matter the elements.  Regular old butane lighters are riddled with problems, and they don’t work well in the wind or wet conditions, and they can run out of fuel without any warning. The Sparkr’s high-intensity plasma lighter creates an electrical arc, rather than a flame.  The electrical arc works in the wind, rain, and snow. The large 3,350 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion cell keeps it sparking for hundreds of uses.

Chances are, if you’re in need of a flame, you could also use a light. Not only is it a handy lighter, but this flashlight packs 400 lumens at its brightest setting, so you’re never left in the dark. The torch has a high, medium, and low setting to adjust to your needs.  This product is also an “Amazon’s Choice” product. Click here to check current pricing on Amazon.



#8- The Muncher – Titanium

The Muncher is the world’s most functional titanium multi utensil. The Muncher packs a punch with ten functionalities. Made from aerospace grade titanium, the Muncher weighs just 0.8 ounces / 22 grams. The ideal companion on any trip where weight and space are a consideration. The Muncher’s versatility makes it a must for every adventurer and traveler, be it camping in your backyard to backpacking around the world. Functions are Spork, Serrated butter knife, bottle opener, peeler, firestarter, Cord cutter, Pry-bar, boxcutter, flathead screwdriver.

#9- FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multitool (C1)

The FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multitool is a heavy Duty Shovel, Sharp Axe Blade, Serrated Saw Edge, Hammer and a Paracord! Fivejoy Military Folding Shovel’s got all the must haves for surviving in the outdoors covered. Conveniently dig trenches with this versatile multifunctional tool with a hidden rescue knife and saw, emergency whistle, fire starter (magnesium rod), bottle opener, and more! This thing is surprisingly lightweight (only 1.2lbs), and amazingly compact, this is an essential gadget to add to your outdoor first aid survival kit/ gear. This foldable entrenching tool will comfortably fit in your backpack or the trunk of your vehicle. Dig your car tires out of snow, mud, or ice, or use the shovel head like a glass breaker in an emergency. Attach the included carrying case to your belt for convenient access while on the trail or hunt.

The FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multitool is virtually indestructible.  Forged from heat-treated High-Quality SOLID Carbon Steel (Blade and Knife) and Aerospace Grade Aluminum (Knife), for maximum strength and lifetime durability. Rust, water, and fracture resistant.  It also has a unique lock adjustment unlike any other shovels out there!  You can adjust the shovel angle with its special screw locking device, making it simple to alternate functions and positions. Spade can be used 40°, 90° or 180° angle as hook, hoe or shovel.  Click here to check current pricing on Amazon.

#10- 18 in 1 Multitool by MKRI|Credit Card

The MKRI Credit Card Multitool is cost-effective and straightforward.  This 18 in 1 credit card multitool is the perfect way to keep yourself prepared both for daily tasks, repairs, and projects as well as unexpected emergencies. Thanks to its super slim profile, it can neatly fit onto your key ring or in your wallet with your other credit cards, leaving more room in your pockets for other important stuff.

This thing is highly functional with 18 removable tools including a bottle opener, toothpick, tweezers, ruler, small and large slotted screwdriver, a compass, a magnifier, a position wrench and a serrated pocket knife with a razor-sharp steel blade that cuts through tough materials with ease. All housed in a rugged, ABS plastic card to give you an edge in an emergency.  It truly makes for an EDC (Every Day Carry) tool that would benefit just about anyone.



This item has to be one of the coolest things you can buy when it comes to compact survival gadgets!  It’s an ax that fits in your wallet!  The Survco Credit Card Ax fits in your wallet and transforms into a Tomahawk, Ax, Knife, Scraper, Skinner, Shovel, Arrow, Spear, and Atlatl. You can also use this tool as a Saw, Seatbelt Cutter, Bottle Opener, Water Valve Wrench, and Gas Valve Wrench. Also, has a Nail Puller, 1/4″ Socket, 3/8″ Socket, 7/16″ Wrench and Flat Head Screw Driver!!  70% of Amazon Reviewers give this Credit Card Ax a 5 Star Rating!  Click here to check current pricing on Amazon.



#12- AutoXscape Vehicle-mounted Lifesaving Flashlight / Window Breaker / Seatbelt Cutter

Ingenious design meets engineering excellence. This high-powered flashlight (with a vivid SOS/strobe mode) integrates two escape tools, vital in desperate situations, into its handle: a seatbelt cutter and double window-punch glass breakers. AutoXscape is a life-saving tool you want close by when roadside emergencies turn extreme.  Click here to check current pricing on Amazon.

#13- Gerber Bear Grylls Tinderbox

Yes, It looks like a cheese grater but its much more than that! The Bear Grills Tinderbox, at 3 ounces, is capable of initiating the fire in even the most demanding scenarios. With a high grip rubber exterior and oblong shape for easy maintenance in the palm, this revolutionary tool possesses a grater-like steel cutting surface that creates fine tinder when applied to wood. The Tinderbox works as well with wet wood as with dry, because the grating surface shaves merely off the moist outer layers to expose the dry interior. After shaving wood into the Tinderbox, the cutter opens to allow easy removal of the tinder that’s been created. At the point of prepping to build a fire, empty the dry tinder contents of the Tinderbox onto the desired surface of collected items to be burned.

Do NOT start a fire in the Tinderbox. Place the plastic cover over the cutting surface when not in use to protect a pocket or gear bag. The Tinderbox’s attached magnifying glass can be used for a spark to ignite the gathered tinder if matches are wet, or worse, unavailable. An emergency signaling mirror is located on the bottom of the Tinderbox because even getting a fire started doesn’t equate to finding an escape route.

#14- SAS Tactical Survival Bow

The SAS Tactical Survival Bow is by far one of the best survival bows out there.  Here is a snippet of one of the reviews from Amazon on the SAS Tactical Survival Bow by an archery expert. Click on the video below for more information.

“5 stars by far. My personal first Longbow, but not first bow in general. I shoot Competition Compound, and I do know my stuff about quality bows fairly well. I have shot 600$ Bear recurves and longbows before so let me explain. This bow will outlast those by far. Also, this bow does not stack nearly as much as most in this price range, and above.  A big game changer is being able to shoot vanes, unlike its closet Rival the PGU that shoots off a shelve and cannot. Another thing better about this is Bow is its ability to fold and store takedown arrows inside the riser.  It fits in almost all backpacks because it folds into 21 inches.”  Click here to check current pricing on Amazon.

#15- Leatherman – Surge Multitool

The Leatherman Surge Multitool is one of their largest multitools, and it’s a real powerhouse. Built with their largest pliers and longest multitool blades!  The Surge is equipped with 21 tools, including knives, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, an electrical crimper, a wire stripper, scissors, bottle and can openers, files, a saw with blade exchanger, an awl, and a ruler.  Sometimes you only have one hand to spare, and the Leatherman Surge Multitool only requires one hand to open and use all the tools, even the ones that aren’t accessible from the outside. And with all-locking features, you can use it with confidence.  Click on the video below and learn why this tool is so popular and one of the best selling multitool on  Click here to check current pricing on Amazon.

There You have it 15 of the Coolest Survival Gadgets Available On Amazon.  Please leave a comment below if you agree or disagree with our list or if you have any other questions.

We are a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Please support our site by clicking on our Affiliate link if interested in the products we suggest. Enough for beer money but not enough for a pony.

BEST Survival Knife Review / Ka-Bar BK7 Becker Under $100

BEST Survival Knife Review / Ka-Bar BK7 Becker Under $100

The Ka-bar BK7 Becker is the Jack of all trade of survival knives due to its size and weight makes it a good middle ground between carrying a knife and an axe.  We saw many reviews about this knife and all were overwhelmingly positive; so we decided to buy one for ourselves and let me tell you, we weren’t disappointed! Click Here to directly go to Amazon to check out the Ka-Bar BK7 Becker!

This knife is extremely sharp and will work wonder if you need tinder shavings off a piece of birch bark.  The quality of the Ka-Bar BK7 combat utility knife is awe-inspiring the moment you grab it in your hand. This isn’t a “novelty” knife or a gimmick.  It is a perfect blend of utility, durability, and affordability!

Ka-Bar BK-7 In a Nutshell

Many reviewers are undoubtedly correct that you won’t find a better knife under $200.  Even if you chose to spend more money, you will probably not be getting a better blade than this one!  I was reading Ka-Bar’s product philosophy, and it’s apparent that they invest in excellent engineering skills and pour a lot of money into producing the highest quality blade!  At roughly $75 (USD), the Ka-Bar BK7 doesn’t have fancy customizable parts or accessories; and this is the reason it’s able to keep cost down by merely making an outstanding tool and keeping it basic.

The Ka-Bar BK7 Simple Design

Designed specifically for soldiers and adventurers who need a sturdy yet lightweight combat knife, the Ka-Bar Becker BK7 all-purpose utility knife is built to stand up to hard use. The knife blade is made of 1095 Cro-Van steel, an easy-to-sharpen carbon steel that keeps its edge well. The Swiss-made Grivory handle, meanwhile, is constructed of a glass-fiber-filled nylon for added strength.  It also has an impressive coating, thicker and much more substantial than I had expected.  With an occasional thin coat of lubricant, I’m confident this blade will resist moisture and corrosion very well.

There’s no question that the substantial heft, long edge, excellent balance, and sharp piercing tip will make this knife very efficient as a defensive weapon if the need arises.  The thumb ramp on the blade is also unexpectedly convenient. It does not interfere with any standard grip or use of the knife, yet it provides a stable, comfortable spot to park your thumb which also seems to allow a little extra leverage during repetitive slicing.

Many blades have jimping on the spine for enhanced grip, but when slicing into anything that offers resistance, you still have to tighten your grip and exert noticeable pressure with the thumb in a way that eventually fatigues the palm muscles. The BK7’s thumb ramp permits a little extra leverage and, though hard to describe, kind of lets you lock out your thumb to transfer more force from the wrist/forearm muscles (i.e., with less exertion of the thumb or palm).  It feels like it may translate into noticeably less fatigue from your grip over time.

The Handle

The factory-equipped handles are made from “Grivory” which appears to be a high-density plastic or nylon. It’s very smooth in texture, so the grip is a bit more slippery than I would normally wish for on a knife; especially at this size and sharpness.  Other reviewers have noted, that the slippery grip can be remedied by scuffing/etching them with sandpaper or wrapping them with grip tape. However, despite the slippery texture, the shape and contour of the handles fit my hand so perfectly that any firm grip simply will not slip.

The only real danger here is if you relaxed your grip, stopped paying attention to what you’re doing without re-sheathing it;  and then dropped the knife in a way that could injure yourself or someone else (most likely by dropping it on a foot). When I ordered this knife, I had expected to need a set of replacement handles right away, but now I’m not sure. The factory grips seem quite nice, and for some of you, that would find their smoothness deeply disconcerting are probably over-thinking the problem. A wrap of electrical tape could fix you right up.

The Sheath

Some reviewers on Youtube had made some rather negative comments about the sheath, I expected the Ka-Bar BK7 to come matted with a flimsy strip of plastic or cheap velcro.  Thankfully, that is not the case whatsoever.  I don’t find the sheath nearly as terrible as others have suggested, considering the low price point and high quality of the blade.

The sheath is made of good quality ballistic nylon with double-stitched piping around the external edges. The upper belt loop has a quick attach/remove feature that allows it to open with velcro and a single snap.  This makes it so you don’t have to remove your belt to attach the sheath.  When secured shut, I am confident it will stay shut and cling securely to my belt.  At the lower end, the sheath has a smaller sewn loop as well as two rivets–either of which will retain a strap to secure it the tip end to your thigh or a pack to prevent it from flapping or wiggling freely.

The Small Sheath Inside the Outer Pouch will not Accommodate the BK14 or BK11!

The small sheath inside the outer pouch is for the BK13 Remora knife. There is a plastic sheath inside the pouch where the BK13 goes, then there is room inside the pouch for other supplies or even a Leatherman or other multi-tool. The BK13 used to be included with the BK7, but that was when the BK13 was made in Taiwan. Now, the BK13 is made in Olean, NY and is purchased separately. I’m fine with that, as I’d rather have a US-made knife, even though Ka-Bar’s Taiwanese made knives are still great quality for the price. The BK13 is available on Amazon for around $23-27 dollars, so it’s not an expensive addition if you’d like to pick one up separately to have an additional knife for detail work.

Will The Ka-Bar Becker BK7’s Blade Rust?

Any knife will have issues with moisture. Of course the only part you would need to worry about rusting, would be the blade. If you strip the coating off the knife as many people have done, then you have more areas to worry about.  Keep the knife oiled and dry when possible, and it will serve you much.

What is the warranty on this knife? Is it covered for life?

The limited lifetime warranty is covered by Ka-bar company and warrants the knife against manufacturer defects in materials and artistry for the life of the original purchaser.  The warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse abuse and normal wear of the knife.  Having that said, from what I know & heard, Ka-bar has exceptional customer service, and I personally wouldn’t put too much worry on any future warranty issues.

How to Make Sure You’re Not Buying a Fake Knock Off Ka-Bar BK7 Knife?

The Knife will have Ka-Bar Logo and “USA”  stamped into the metal.  In the box, there should be official literature from Ka-Bar; about the knife and history of the company. The blade will also be a full tang knife, it does not mean much but a quality that does separate itself.

Does the knife rattle around in the sheath at all?

Mine rattles a little, but only if I hold the sheath in my hand and give it a good shake. If you’re wearing it on a backpack or a belt, it shouldn’t rattle, even if you’re running.  Other reviewers have however said that it does rattle a bit more than they would like; If that’s the case, boil some water and place the flat part of the sheath under pocket in the water till it gets soft.  After a few minutes, carefully take the sheat out of the water and lay it on a flat surface.  Pressing down on the sheat for a few minutes with a towel should fix your rattle issues.

Is the spine of the knife 90 degrees, for easy use of a fire steel and shaving tinder?

Yes, it is. However, the black coating on these knives will not work on a fire steel. You will need to strip off the coating from the blade. This can be done by using Jasco Paint and Epoxy remover spray.  Use caution with these types of products since it’s an acid and has corrosive elements.  If you decide to do this, wear gloves and put the knife on something that will allow the Jassco to do its thing.  It will eat the epoxy right off the blade no problem.  I love the knife, but it does not work well for sparks, I’ve tried it.  What it does have on the sheath is a nice pouch where you could keep a Ferrocerium Rod, and storm proof matches.

To Conclude

This is one heck of an impressive knife. I consider the Ka-Bar BK7 to be comparable in quality to RAT and ESEE knives.  The BK7 is, however, significantly more affordable because Ka-Bar doesn’t include handle and sheath upgrades in the up-front cost. I’ve had this knife now for over a year and I’ve beaten on it harder than just about any tool I’ve ever owned!  It just keeps going, and going!

It excels at most bushcraft chores.  From fine tasks like feather sticks all the way up to hard-abuse tasks like chopping through a limb as a make-shift axe or batoning through 5″ diameter logs to make kindling.  And after all this time, the black coating has held on like a champ.  I can’t believe how durable that coating is, and unless you’re going to customize your knife, I would recommend you leave it in place because it does a superb job protecting the metal from corrosion.

If you want an excellent all-around knife for wilderness survival, hiking, and camping, you can’t go wrong with this one. Highly recommended!

Click HERE for the current price on Amazon.

Sanitary Toilet Paper Tablets / Wipes That Actually Work! Perfect BOB Item!

Ka-Bar BK14 Becker Eskabar Neck Knife Review / Neck Knife Tips

11 Best Tinder For Fire Starting – Natural Tinder Sources (Video Tutorials)

40 Most Important Items to have In a Fallout Shelter to Keep you Alive!

Here are 40 most important items in a fallout shelter to keep you alive.  They are separated by 8 essential groups of Items to have with you when SHTF. Please leave a comment if you know of more things that you personally find useful.

Click here for DIY project information on how to build a Survival bunker – Videos

1 – Stock Up On Food, Medical Supplies, and personal hygiene Items

Everyone should have an emergency food stock hidden away somewhere safe.  This emergency food supply should last you at least 72 hours or until help arrives.  It could also happen that support doesn’t come, due to the destabilizing geopolitical climate.  In this case,  you might need to extend your rations to last you two weeks and beyond.

Make sure to stock a good stainless steel pocket knife if you need to open bags or cans.  You might even need it for a multitude of purposes after you make it back on the surface.

We can purchase premade emergency food supply kits from Amazon.  You can also go the DIY route by following our complete emergency food supply guide by clicking HERE.

Medical Supplies

It’s also recommended to have some medical supplies such as a first aid kit for your survival shelter.  You might need to wash your wounds quickly and bandage yourself if you’ve been exposed to high doses of radiations while making your way to safety.  There are many First Aid Kits to choose from on Amazon.  We recommend the kit from Be Smart Get Prepared.  Buy a first aid kit that can accommodate up to 100 people.  You might think it’s too much but remember, you don’t know how long you will have to stay in your basement or shelter.  When its safe to finally come out, you don’t know how long it will be until things get back to normal.

First Aid Instruction Booklet

Find a first aid instruction booklet (Amazon Link) and learn how to bandage wounds, administer CPR, treat burns and treat shock.  You can purchase them online or by contacting your local red cross.

Prescription Medications

If you’re on prescription medications, you should keep a small stock of your daily required medicines to store in your shelter.  This way you won’t have to come out of your fallout shelter looking for your prescriptions and risk exposing yourself to more radiation.


Keep a stock of multivitamins in your fallout shelter. It could be a while until you can resume your usual eating habits.  Proper multivitamins will mitigate the lack of vitamins in your system.  Your body uses vitamins for a range of metabolic processes ranging from digestion to proper nerve function.  A few inexpensive bottles of vitamins is all that’s required.

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene items might not be an essential thing to have tucked away in your fallout shelter; but if you and your family are there for any length of time, you’ll want your everyday items.  Soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and a few rolls of toilet paper should suffice.

These items are things that we all take for granted, but you will certainly recognize its importance when you have to live without them for an extended period, especially the toilet paper.

Sanitary Wipe In Tablet Form
Multi-Purpose Wipes Just Add Water for fallout shelter.

These things are unreal in its practicality and usefulness! I even wrote an entire review for this product because I was so impressed and also why more people aren’t talking about these sanitary wipes! They are the size and shape of a peppermint and all you do is expose it to a few drops of water and you’ve got yourself a strong, durable wipe to wash your hands and face with.

You could even wash yourself entirely with one of these wipes. There are so many other ways you could use these for other than a fallout shelter. I have some in my backpack when I’m hiking and I also always have some in my car if I need to wipe something clean.

Click here for more information and pricing from Amazon!

Powdered Lime and Bucket

Powdered Lime and a bucket will be your toilet If you don’t have a functioning septic system to accommodate your fallout shelter.  The bucket is obviously your toilet bowl, and after you’ve done your business, you can proceed by pouring some powdered lime in the bucket.  That will prevent the toxic foul smell caused by the content in the bucket.

Emergency preparative Kit

You can build your own emergency kit, or you can directly buy one that’s already packed with an abundance of useful items. If you chose to build one yourself, you would need a flashlight and batteries, plastic sheeting and duck tape, dust mask and a wrench to shut off utilities such as gas and water.

Click here for a 4 Person Premium Survival Kit with 72-Hours of Emergency Preparedness Supplies from Amazon.

2 – Crank up the radio

A crank radio functions similarly to conventional hand-powered generators. These generators produce power by using a magnet and a coil of conductive wire. By wrapping the coil of wire around the magnet and spinning it, creating a current of electricity; Voila, a fully functional radio. It’s imperative to inform yourself during these crises.  Having a crank radio won’t leave you to rely on electricity or possible corroded batteries.

American Red Cross Crank Radio for Emergency Preparedness.

The American Red Cross FRX3 (Amazon Link) is one of the best crank radio geared explicitly for all types of emergency. The FRX3 is a preparedness radio with AM/FM, all seven NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather band stations and the “Alert” system.

When the “Alert” function is on, the radio will automatically broadcast emergency event information.  The alert system will also give you weather alerts for your areas such as hurricanes, tornadoes and severe storms.

Also, remember your radio needs to be stored in a nested Faraday cage to prevent damage from EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse).  Wrap the radio in multiple layers of plastic and aluminum foil, and/or place it in a metal tin with a tight-fitting lid.

3 – Radiation Detectors

NukAlertTM nuclear radiation detector / monitor (keychain attachable) alarm

Before making your way to the outside world from the safety of your radioactive fallout shelter, you will want to have a radiation detector.  These machines make it possible to detect if there is still a high amount of residual radiation lingering around.

Radiation detectors could be the difference between life and a slow painful death if you’re torn between staying put in your shelter or making your way to the nearest safe zone.

Mazur Instruments PRM-9000 Geiger Counter and Nuclear Radiation Contamination Detector and Monitor.

There are radiation detectors that are even small enough to fit on your keychain such as the NukAlertTM nuclear radiation detector / monitor (keychain attachable) alarm from Amazon.  These devices are useful if you live close to a nuclear power reactor.  If a hazardous meltdown was to occur then your radiation detector immediately warn you that there are radioactive ionizing particles that began to form in the air surrounding you.

You can also buy more advanced detectors that will tell you exactly how many rems are in the air or on surrounding objects.   They are probably worth a look because the prices on these devices have gone down considerably in the past few years making it affordable for anyone to have one in their household.

Click here for a more advance radiation detector from Amazon.

Kearny fallout meter

A Kearny Fallout Meter is designed in such a way that someone with normal mechanical ability would be able to construct one. You can build it before or during a nuclear attack if you never got around to buying a proper radiation meter. Follow this link for a free PDF detailing step by step on how to build one.   Also, follow the link below for some of the best information on nuclear attacks and fallout shelters; it also has instructions on how to build a Kearny Fallout meter.

4 – KI Potassium Iodide Tablets

Iodide Tablets (Amazon Link) can be a lifesaver if you find yourself exposed to nuclear radiation fallout.  This explanation of what these pills are is directly from the CDC website. “KI (potassium iodide) is a salt of stable (not radioactive) iodine that can help block radioactive iodine from being absorbed by the thyroid gland, thus protecting this gland from radiation injury.  The thyroid gland is the part of the body that is most sensitive to radioactive iodine.

People should take KI (potassium iodide) only on the advice of public health or emergency management officials. There are health risks associated with taking KI. KI (potassium iodide) does not keep radioactive iodine from entering the body and cannot reverse the health effects caused by radioactive iodine once the thyroid is damaged.

    • KI (potassium iodide) only protects the thyroid, not other parts of the body, from radioactive iodine.

Iodide tablets cannot protect the body from radioactive elements other than radioactive iodine—if radioactive iodine is not present, taking KI is not protective and could cause harm.   Table salt and foods rich in iodine do not contain enough iodine to block radioactive iodine from getting into your thyroid gland.

Do not use table salt or food as a substitute for KI.  Do not use dietary supplements that contain iodine in place of KI (potassium iodide). They can be harmful and non-efficacious. Only use products that are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).” That statement is directly from the CDC; we should all take what they say above anyone else online claiming to be a so-called survival expert.

How Iodide tablet works and Who Should Take Them

Potassium iodide will block radioactive iodine from entering your thyroid.

Potassium iodide will block radioactive iodine from entering your thyroid.  If you take one of these tablets, the stable iodine gets absorbed by the thyroid and when full, can’t consume more.  That means, if you expose yourself to radioactive iodine after flooding your thyroid with these pills, your thyroid will reject the radioactive iodine for 24 hours.

Adults over the age of 40 years of age should avoid taking iodide unless told to by the public health organization or any other emergency broadcast;  as they are less at risk of getting thyroid cancer and more at risk of having allergic reactions and adverse side effect.  Pregnant and breastfeeding women are the people with the highest priority to receive a recommended dose of iodide tablets since the fetus and infant are more susceptible to having thyroid cancer when they get older.

Infants and children are also a priority because they are too at a high risk of developing cancer.  Young adults from the ages of 18 to 24 are the least at risk but should take the recommended dose if there are enough pills.

women, breastfeeding Iodide pills can be purchased very inexpensively through Amazon.  You should always buy more then one box because you don’t know how much you and your family will need and if you’re also helping other people, one box could be empty before you know it. Most Iodide tablet pills have a shelf life of around five years so make sure to change them out before they expire.

5 – Heating Source

Kerosene heater for emergency fallout shelter.

The average person can only survive 3 hours in dangerous weather condition. If you live somewhere in a colder climate, then you should already have some form of heat source stocked away in your Nuclear radioactive fallout shelter.

A portable heater should already be an Item you obtained because you certainly do not want to be looking for sources of heat after a nuclear detonation, or when the fallout is on its way to your location.  We recommend a high-quality, kerosene-fuelled appliance available through Amazon or your nearest hardware store.

These types of heating sources seem to offer the most satisfactory features.  Do not use any gasoline or other volatile liquids because they are far too hazardous for use in confined spaces.

6 – Sleeping Bags and Blankets

Sleeping bags and blankets for emergency fallout shelter.

If you live somewhere cold, It’s important to stay warm. If you don’t have a generator or a good source of heat; you will have to rely on sleeping bags and blankets to keep you and your family warm; while you wait in your emergency fallout shelter.

We also recommend buying portable bedding in case you need to bring them with you if you need to change location. Sometimes you can only bring the bare minimum of supplies.  Good camping bedding gear will do the trick.  You can easily find good quality ones at a reasonable price from Amazon.

7 – Buy a Generator

Generator for emergency nuclear fallout shelter.

A hand-cranked or a more advanced electric generator can be the difference between freezing to death in pitch black chaos or drinking a hot cup of coffee while you wait in your emergency fallout shelter until the chaos outside subside.

Though they can be a bit expensive, it could give you endless options for heating, cooking, lighting.  A generator could power your entire subterranean fallout shelter.

You can either go with a gas powered inverter portable generator (Amazon aff. Link) or a more traditional type of portable gas-powered generator from Amazon.  Either one will do in an emergency situation.  One significant difference between the two is the price; typically inverter generators tend to be more expensive.

With an inverter generator, the engine connects to an efficient alternator, which produces AC electricity, just like a conventional generator. A rectifier is then used to convert the AC power to DC. Capacitors are then used to smooth it out to a certain degree.

8 – Hazmat Suit

Hazmat suit for nuclear fallout.

It’s imperative to point out that a hazmat suit will NOT protect you against radiation fallout in the first days of a major catastrophe.  A hazmat suit will protect you from the radioactively contaminated particles and object outside.

You will encounter these particles when its time to leave your shelter.  Everything outdoors will be highly radioactive. The suits will prevent any contaminated objects from coming in direct contact with the skin.

Hazmat suit for nuclear fallout.

There are different kinds of hazmat suits for different types of environmental protections.  Some suits will even protect you against a dirty bomb when you’re in the evacuation process.  The demron full bodysuit with radiation shielding technology would work well for such an event.

Click here for Lakeland ChemMax 4 TES Level B Taped Seam Encapsulated Suit for Amazon price.


Notable Mentions

Some Items are not the most important to keep in your fallout shelter, but they are items you will be happy to have with you.  Most of these were given to us by some Reddit survival and prepping followers.  We appreciate their contribution.

Board Games and Decks of Cards

Board games and cards are nice to have to keep people entertained while being stuck in a fallout shelter for an extended period.  If you’re inside one those shelters or simply in your basement, boredom tends to make your mind race and make people anxious.  It’s better to stay calm and collected while in these crisis scenarios to prevent making irreversible mistakes.

Indoor Plants

On your way to your fallout shelter, think of bringing some Indoor plants with you.  Plants can act as a natural air freshener since the air in your shelter could become stale rather quickly.   Various plants can also help with mental health issues that can arise in times of crisis. Also, sprouts, microgreens, vegetables, and herbs are all great ideas to keep things fresh.


It certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a few books in your fallout shelter to keep your mind occupied.  After you finish reading some of your survival guides, store them in your shelter so you can re-read things that you might have missed that could help you survive.

If you have an eBook, keep your survival guides loaded in the memory so you always have them with you.  EBooks are capable of storing thousands of books to make it useful after the end of the world.

Click here for DIY project information on how to build a bunker – Videos

Final Tips – Keep The Prepping to Yourself

It might be logical to keep your emergency shelter, and prepping to yourself;  unless you want a horde of people looking for help when chaos erupts.  Tell only the people that you want with you in times of crisis.  Doing this will assure you have enough food, water, and medical supplies to last for the required amount of time.

You should start prepping now before any happens.  We live in a world where there are reports of a new terrorist attack on a weekly basis.  It’s not outside the realm of possibility that someday a terrorist would get their hands on a nuclear device; and turn a large city into dust.  By preparing yourself, you will ingress your chances of survival significantly.

People often say there’s no point in preparing for such an attack because no one would survive.  That assumption is false.  There are survivors from the Hiroshima nuclear explosion that lived a long and healthy life well into their nighties; And with these important Items in a Fallout Shelter, you will have a much better chance of surviving.