Written And Youtube Video Reviews, Advertising, Giveaways and Guest Posts

Are you the owner of a company that makes products that are useful to survivalist and Preppers?  Do you sell things such as food for long-term storage, survival gear or other products that foster self-sufficiency?

Team Hack Life Would Like to Work With You

There are several ways to work with Team Hack Life and to get your products out there to those in the prepping and survivalist community.  Before we tell you how we can work together, here is a little bit of information about our audience.

Our audience is about 50% men and 50% women, equally divided.

Readers of Team Hack Life are a loyal bunch.  They return daily to read new articles and interact with each other via comments and feedback.  They are focused on preparing for the unexpected, be it a natural, man-made, or economic disaster.  And above all, they seek to embrace a stylish, yet sustainable and frugal lifestyle by embracing the tenets of thoughtful preparation.

There are many ways for you to reach the Team Hack Life audience.  You can purchase a sponsorship ad or request a product review and sponsor a giveaway.

Or, if you have something else in mind, you can contact me with a creative idea of your own.

Advertising on Team Hack Life

We presently accept ads that are 300 px x 250 px in size.  These ads are in the Team Hack Life side widget which appears on every page on the website.  Ads are rotated once a month when the bottom ad moves to the top of the stack.

We also have some caveats when it comes to ads on Team Hack Life.

Payment for ads is by PayPal subscription which means that ads are set up as recurring until canceled.  A minimum ad period of one months is required.

We do not have the time or interest to chase payments.  Payments must be made on or before the start of the advertising period.  No payment means no ad.

The advertising rates on Team Hack Life are reasonable, and the ads are designed to be displayed with each article and post page, day in, day out.

Reviews, Youtube Video reviews and Giveaways

Team Hack Life is open to receiving proposals of products to review (minimum value $50) with a subsequent giveaway. Reviews and Giveaways are a great way to garner interest and excitement for your product, but there are a few rules and caveats.

We must be allowed to review your product in an open and honest manner.  The review will represent our own opinion and will describe the suitability of the product for Team Hack Life readers interested in family preparedness and self-sufficiency.

Reviews will range in length from one or two paragraphs (mini-review) to a full post.  This nature and scope of the review will be at our discretion and is dependent upon the item itself and scheduling constraints.

We will do monthly review giveaways to our loyal readers and YouTube subscribers to thank them for they’re support.  The last thing We want to do is be perceived as someone who will put up a review in order to get free stuff.  As it stands, We purchase many products out of my own funds for review purposes.

The minimum value of the review and giveaway item is $50 although we will occasionally make an exception, especially if you are an advertiser.  Please contact me to work out the details.

If, after we have tried your product, We feel it is not suitable for this website, we will let you know.  In that case, we will not post a review.

Reviews for advertiser and sponsor products will be given a priority on the editorial calendar.

Important:  It will take from two weeks to three months to get your review and giveaway scheduled.

Guest Posts

The content of Team Hack Life is 100% original except when we curate quality articles from other responsible and credible authors in the Prepping and Survival niche.

On the other hand, if you have a well-researched article you would like to submit for curated content purposes, please forward it to me for evaluation along with any related photographs.

Getting Started

Does this sound good to you?  If so, please contact via email, and we can get the ball rolling.